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The Complex Talents of Logic: An Exploration of the Rapper's Life and Hit Songs
For anyone interested in music with depth and substance, Logic is a must-listen artist. With a career spanning over ten years, the rapper has graced us with several hit songs and albums, tackling societal issues and mental health. Yet, not much about his life is known beyond his music. In this article, we will dive into the life of this enigmatic rapper and analyze his best works. From his humble beginnings to his accolades and iconic concerts, we will explore every aspect of Logic.
Growing up in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Logic's family life was hard. Born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, he witnessed his siblings' drug addiction, his father's alcoholism, and his mother's struggle with mental illness. Despite this, he found comfort in music, writing his first song at age 13. As a teenager, Logic was homeless and turned to selling drugs, but after narrowly avoiding jail time, he pursued music full-time, eventually getting signed to Def Jam Recordings.
Logic's music has always been about his struggles, his mental health battles, and his message of hope. His breakthrough mixtape, Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever, showcased not just his lyrical abilities but also his genuine approach to life. In 2017, his studio album, Everybody, achieved commercial success with its theme of racial and social identity, featuring collaborations like Killer Mike and Juicy J.
Logic's music genre is generally categorized as hip-hop, but he incorporates various styles and elements in his songs. He is known for his unique sampling of 70s and 80s hits, his fast-paced flows, and his intricate lyricism. Additionally, Logic sometimes sings and incorporates pop, rock, and jazz elements into his music, making his artistry genre-fluid.
It is hard to choose Logic's best songs as almost every song has a powerful message. However, there are some which stand out as fan-favorites. 1-800-273-8255 is a song that has saved countless lives with its message of hope and suicide prevention. Gang Related is another fan-favorite, displaying Logic's quick-witted bars and his personal life deals. Another iconic song is Homicide featuring Eminem, which got significant airplay for the artists' rapid-fire styles.
Logic has featured in some notable concerts such as the 2019 Grammy Awards after earning a nomination, performing alongside One Republic's Ryan Tedder. He also headlined several events, including his 2016 The Incredible World Tour, which spanned across North America, Europe, and Australia, grossing over 40 million dollars in revenue.
In conclusion, Logic is an artist who has beautiful layers to him. He is not a surface-level rapper but an artist with a heart for his fans and the world. His music's thoughtfulness, his expressiveness, and his open nature are what make him cherished by so many people. As he steps out of the limelight to care for his family, we will undoubtedly miss his presence in the music industry. But we appreciate the life-changing, thought-provoking, and inspiring music leave us in Legacy.


1 - Wrist
2 - We Get High
3 - Inception
4 - All I Do
5 - Tic Tac Toe
6 - Take It Back
7 - Black Spiderman Ft. Damian Lemar Hudson
8 - Everybody
9 - Flexicution
10 - Young Jesus Ft. Big Lenbo
11 - 1-800-273-8255 Ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid
12 - The Return
13 - Man Of The Year (prod. No I.d.)
14 - Contra
15 - Ballin (ft. Castro) (prod. Arthur Mcarthur)
16 - 44 More
17 - & Marshmello - Everyday
18 - Everybody Dies
19 - 5 Hooks
20 - Growing Pains Iii
21 - No Pressure Intro
22 - Intro
23 - Super Mario World
24 - Im Gone
25 - Ballin
26 - Dadbod
27 - Metropolis
28 - I Am The Greatest
29 - Overnight
30 - Open Mic\\aquarius Iii
31 - Midnight
32 - Indica Badu
33 - Man I Is
34 - Celebration
35 - Driving Ms Daisy
36 - Soul Food Ii
37 - Bounce
38 - Gp4
39 - Like Woah
40 - Lord Willin'
41 - Till The End
42 - Hit My Line
43 - Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
44 - Buried Alive
45 - Alright
46 - Nikki
47 - Soul Food
48 - 44 Bars
49 - Fade Away
50 - Perfect
51 - Under Pressure
52 - Gang Related
53 - Homicide (feat. Eminem)
54 - Homicide
55 - Keanu Reeves
56 - Self Medication Ft. Seth Macfarlane, Redman & Statik Selektah