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Linea 77: A Band That Defines the Punk Rock Genre
Have you ever heard about Linea 77? Well, if you're a punk rock lover, then this widely known Italian band should be on your playlist. With their intense energy, hard-hitting sound, and raw lyrics, Linea 77 has been a staple of the punk rock scene since their formation in the early 1990s. But, what sets them apart from other punk rock bands? Let's dive into their musical biography, best songs, music genre, and famous concerts, and find out why Linea 77 is an exceptional band.
Linea 77 started off as a punk rock band in Turin, Italy, in 1993. The band consists of five members who go by the names of Nitto (vocals), Dade (guitar), Chinaski (guitar), Pou (bass), and Tozzo (drums). In their early years, they released two albums with a notable influence of Green Day's pop-punk style. However, the band matured quickly and changed their music style, shifting towards hardcore punk and metal sounds.
Their third album Too Much Happiness Makes Kids Paranoid, released in 2000, was the first where they experimented with electronic elements and rap influences. The album, followed by Ketchup Suicide and Numb, showcases the band's evolution and diversity of sound.
The band's most famous songs were 66 and Fantasma from their album Numb, which gained tremendous success in Italy and the United States, together with their live performances. Linea 77 is well-known for their incredible live shows, where they perform with an intense energy and a connection with the crowd.
Linea 77 is often categorized as a punk rock band due to their punk roots, but their music style encompasses diverse genres like metal, hardcore punk, and alternative rock. Their music lyrics are in Italian and focus on social and political issues, while their sound is hard-hitting and their energy is contagious.
One of Linea 77's most famous concerts was at the 2004 Heineken Jammin' Festival in Imola, Italy, where they played alongside bands like Incubus, Metallica, and Muse. They were also part of the famous lineup of the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, where they had an incredible performance and conquered new audiences.
Critics have praised Linea 77's music for being bold and distinct, with strong lyrics, powerful riffs, and an unmatched level of energy in their live shows. The band has paved its way into the punk rock scene and has established itself as one of the most unique and influential bands in Italy.
In conclusion, Linea 77 is a well-known Italian punk rock band that has successfully incorporated different sounds and styles into their music. Their high-energy performances, socially-conscious lyrics, and unique sound make them a must-listen for any music lover. Linea 77 has created its identity in the music industry and has proven to be much more than just another punk rock band. If you have not yet listened to their music, you're missing out on some of the best punk rock sounds out there. Give them a listen and join the bandwagon of Linea 77 fans.
1 - Sogni Risplendono
2 - Fantasma
3 - Il Mostro
4 - Vertigine
5 - Inno all'odio
6 - Il veleno
7 - Moka
8 - Ketchup Suicide
9 - Third Moon
10 - Evoluzione
11 - Sempre Meglio
12 - Meat
13 - Mi Vida
14 - Penelope
15 - Grotesque
16 - Charon
17 - Venus
18 - Touch
19 - Insane Lovers
20 - Warhol
21 - Ants
22 - La Nuova Musica Italiana
23 - Ft EnIgma - Divide Et Impera
24 - L'involuzione Della Specie
25 - La Musica E' Finita
26 - Ft. Subsonica - 66 (diabolus In Musica)
27 - Ak77 Ft. Salmo, Slait
28 - Ak77 (feat. Salmo & Dj Slait)
29 - Sangue Nero Ft. Ensi
30 - Ft. Tiziano Ferro - Sogni Risplendono