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Itchy Poopzkid

Discovering Itchy Poopzkid: A Journey Through Their Music Career
When we hear the name Itchy Poopzkid, some of us might scratch our heads wondering who they are. However, this German punk rock band has been around since 2001, and they have released numerous albums and EPs that are worth discovering. In this blog post, we will explore Itchy Poopzkid's musical biography, their best songs, their musical genre, and their famous concerts.
Itchy Poopzkid was founded in Eislingen, Germany, by three school friends: Sebastian Sibbi Hafner (vocals, guitars), Daniel Panzer Friedl (drums), and Thorsten Quaddel Hartz (bass). Inspired by bands like Blink-182, Green Day, and NOFX, they started practicing in their parents' garage and playing local shows. In 2004, they released their first album, Heart to Believe, and soon gained a loyal fan base within the German punk rock scene. They went on to release six more albums, including Ports & Chords (2010), Six (2015), and Guess Who's Back on the Streets (2020).
One of Itchy Poopzkid's strengths is their ability to write catchy and energetic songs that stick in your head for days. Some of their best songs include The Living, Why Still Bother, Say No, Dancing in the Sun and We Say So. These songs showcase their knack for combining fast-paced guitar riffs, sing-along choruses, and relatable lyrics about love, friendship, and youth. They also have prepared some unique music videos, check out their channel on Youtube!
The band's musical genre is best described as pop punk or melodic punk rock, with influences from both American and European punk rock scenes. Their songs are characterized by fast tempos, distorted guitars, and driving drums, but also by melody and harmony. Itchy Poopzkid's music can appeal to fans of punk rock, pop rock, alternative rock, and emo, as they incorporate elements from all of these genres in their music. Itchy Poopzkid's ability to mix the old with the new, with modern pop punk also showing on songs like The Lottery and Leftrightwrong.
Itchy Poopzkid is a band best experienced live. Over the years, they have played countless shows and concerts in Germany and abroad, sharing the stage with bands like Sum 41, Yellowcard, and Fall Out Boy. Their live shows are known for being high-energy, dynamic, and interactive, with the crowd singing along and jumping to their songs. One of their famous concerts have been their Hometown Show - The Movie. Recorded in Stuttgart, the concert showcased how engaged and full of energy Itchy Poopzkid's concerts can be, with fans ranging from kids to old school rockers.
As a fan favorite, Itchy Poopzkid has earned a lot of critical acclaim in the German and international punk rock scene. Music journalists praise them for their catchy melodies, passionate performances, and their ability to connect with their fans. What sets Itchy Poopzkid apart from the rest of the punk rock bands is their contagious energy, pure guitar solos, and fast-paced punk rock melodies. This magical combination has brought a refreshing spark to the genre and has earned them a huge following of music listeners who look beyond the stage, but to unparalleled music quality.
Itchy Poopzkid is a band that deserves recognition and appreciation. Their songs reflect their passion for music, their punk rock roots, and their desire to connect with their fans. Their music is catchy, energetic, and fun, but also meaningful and relatable. Whether you are a hardcore punk rocker or a casual music listener, you will find something to appreciate in Itchy Poopzkid's music. So, don’t scratch your head any longer and give their music a listen – you won't regret it.


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Messkirch, Germany
1 - Silence Is Killing Me
2 - Say No
3 - You Don't Bring Me Down
4 - Lyrically Happy
5 - Better Off Alone
6 - Against The Wall
7 - Take Me Back
8 - Why Still Bother
9 - Big Shot
10 - I Will Always Go On Missing You
11 - Leftrightwrong
12 - Kante
13 - Destination Inside
14 - Personality
15 - Final Breakdown
16 - Through The Window
17 - Me On Monday
18 - Yesterday Night
19 - Drop The Bomb
20 - Try Try Try
21 - Breathing
22 - The Living
23 - The Flavor Of The Night
24 - 21 Years
25 - Pretty Me
26 - Give It A Try
27 - Hate Inc.
28 - Drogenfrau
29 - Down Down Down
30 - The Lottery
31 - Learn To Drown
32 - Last Goodbye
33 - Like It
34 - Another Song The Dj's Hate
35 - Stuck In A Daze
36 - Say Hello
37 - Crazy Eyes
38 - Where Is The Happiness
39 - Watch Us Come Undone
40 - As Long As I Got Chords
41 - Mute Somebody
42 - You Don't Bring Me Down
43 - And I'll Walk Away
44 - Dancing In The Sun
45 - Please Don't
46 - Said You'd Be There
47 - Back To '82
48 - It's Tricky
49 - Never Be The Same (the Sane)
50 - Another Song The Dj's Hate
51 - Is It On
2020: Ja Als Ob
2015: Six


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Messkirch, Germany
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