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Goran Bregovic

Goran Bregovi? (Serbian Cyrillic: ????? ????????, pronounced [???ran br??????it?], born 22 March 1950) is a musician and one of the most internationally known modern musicians and composers of the Balkans.
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Recently added songs of Goran Bregovic:
Polizia Molto Arabbiata
Mesecina / Moonlight

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2023-06-14 h: 20:30
Noches del Botánico
Madrid, Spain



Understanding Goran Bregovic: The Enigmatic and Captivating Musical Genius of Southeast Europe

Goran Bregovic is one of the most inspiring musical talents to have come out of South Eastern Europe in recent times. He has captivated audiences with his unconventional style, blurring stylistic and geographical boundaries. His unique blend of traditional folk melodies and avant-garde rock music often generates mixed reactions among critics but regardless of opinion, he remains a fascinating artist. Goran Bregovic continues to create beguiling sonic landscapes that beckon listeners from all over the world and draws them into different eras and cultures. In this blog post we review both the critical as well as positive reactions to Goran’s music, exploring what makes him so captivating for some yet troublesome for others.

In the world of contemporary music, few names evoke such disparate yet passionate reactions as Goran Bregovic, the Balkan musical icon who has won legions of admirers and spawned a critical debate on the meaning of musical fusion. From his early days as a guitarist for the rock band Bijelo Dugme to his iconic soundtracks for Emir Kusturica films, Bregovic has consistently challenged the boundaries of what we think of as traditional or modern, East or West, classical or world music. In this blog post, we delve into the world of Goran Bregovic, exploring his unique musical style, his impact on the Balkan music scene, and the various interpretations of his music.

Bregovic's musical inspiration stems from his roots in the Balkan region, and his music features a mix of traditional and avant-garde elements. His masterful use of brass, strings, and percussion instruments creates a rich, layered sound that is both passionate and melancholic, evocative of the Balkan's turbulent history and its vibrant cultural heritage. His unique blend of sounds often generates mixed reactions among critics, with some seeing it as a commercialization of traditional music and others viewing it as a radical reimagining of folk melodies. One thing is certain, however: Bregovic's music ignites strong feelings in his listeners and continues to challenge our preconceptions and expectations of what Balkan music should be.

While critics may debate the validity of Bregovic's music, his cultural influence is indisputable. His compositions have been performed on stages around the world, transcending the language and cultural barriers that can limit other musicians' reach. In Serbia, his music is often associated with the country's rich cultural heritage and served as a source of solace during the turbulent 1990s. In the rest of the world, his music has been both celebrated and criticized for the way in which it blends different cultural elements. Whatever one's opinion, it is clear that Bregovic has become one of the most significant musical figures of Southeastern Europe in recent years.

At the heart of Bregovic's music is a search for meaning and identity in a rapidly changing world. His compositions delve into the complexities of identity, heritage, and displacement, themes that resonate deeply with both his Balkan audience and international fans. In his famous Balkan Soundtrack, Bregovic uses a mix of traditional Balkan instruments and contemporary Western elements, creating an eclectic and captivating soundtrack that spans different eras and cultures. This fusion of styles has brought Bregovic under scrutiny from critics who argue that he creates a shallow, commercialized version of Balkan music. However, it is this very fusion of styles that has allowed Bregovic to reach such a wide audience, drawing in fans from around the world who are searching for a connection to a culture different from their own.

Goran Bregovic's music continues to inspire and challenge us, encouraging us to engage with different cultural and musical traditions. His blend of traditional Balkan melodies and contemporary rock and roll elements may not appeal to all tastes, but his impact on the Balkan and world music scene is undeniable. His soundscapes are a testament to the power of music to connect us across different cultures and languages, reflecting a world that is simultaneously global and diverse. If you are looking for an artist to explore the complexities of cultural fusion, or simply want to discover some new sounds, Goran Bregovic is definitely worth a listen.
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1 - Kalasnjikov
2 - Talijanska
3 - Ederlezi
4 - Tango
5 - Dreams
6 - Death
7 - 7/8 & 11/8
8 - Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci)
9 - Kustino Oro
10 - Underground Tango
11 - Borino oro
12 - Old Home Movie
13 - Ausencia
14 - Gas Gas
15 - Cajesukarije Cocek
16 - Gypsy Reggae
17 - Sheva
18 - Glavna Tema
19 - Mesecina
20 - La Nuit
21 - 7/8 & 11/8
22 - Scena Pojavljivanja Majke
23 - War
24 - Lullaby
25 - Scena Perhanove Pogibije
26 - In The Deathcar
27 - Sex
28 - Maki Maki
29 - Tv Screen
30 - Hop Hop Hop
31 - Gunpowder
32 - The Belly Button Of The World
33 - Wedding Cocek
34 - Ya Ya (ringe Ringe Raja)
35 - Aven Ivenda
36 - Cocktail Molotov
37 - Get The Money
38 - Venzinatiko
39 - Mesecina / Moonlight
40 - Polizia Molto Arabbiata


2023-06-14 h: 20:30
Noches del Botánico
Madrid, Spain
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Huxley's Neue Welt
Berlin, Germany
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Stadtpark Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
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Jazz à Vienne
Vienne, France
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2023-07-14 h: 21:00
Castello Sforzesco
Milan, Italy
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2023-07-20 h: 21:30
Giardini Estensi - Area Fontana
Varese, Italy
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2023-07-21 h: 20:00
Het Concertgebouw
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2023-07-27 h: 20:30
Poble Espanyol
Barcelona, Spain
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2023-08-05 h: 21:00
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Piazzale Rocca Maggiore
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Festival di Majano
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2023-09-15 h: 12:00
La Base 217
Paris, France
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2023-12-12 h: 20:00
Leipzig, Germany
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