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Eddy Grant

Edmond Montague Eddy Grant (born 5 March 1948) is a Guyanese British musician. The Allmusic journalist Jo-Ann Greene noted: Eddy Grant stands among an elite group of artists as one who has not just merely moved successfully across the musical spectrum, but has actually been at the forefront of genres and even created one of his own.
Let’s Talk About the Legendary Eddy Grant and His Best Songs and Musical Journey
Eddy Grant is a name that has carved an indelible mark on the music industry, with his unique and gripping music, style, and sound. He is a Guyanese-British musician, singer-songwriter, and producer whose contributions to modern music are nothing but phenomenal. He has been in the music industry since the 60s, and his music has evolved over time, taking us through different eras, hits, and famous concerts. In this blog post, we’ll dive into his musical biography, his best songs, genre, and famous events that solidified his music career. So, grab a cozy seat, fasten your seatbelt, and let’s explore the works and life of Eddy Grant.
Eddy Grant’s music genre spans across reggae, rock, and pop hits, making him an artist that cuts across different genres and appeals to different people. Grant is an artist who works with his emotions and life experiences, reflecting them in his music through his distinctive voice and catchy melodies. Some of his famous hits include Electric Avenue, Got to Be in Your Life, and Living on the Frontline, which topped the charts across the world.
Grant’s musical journey started as a teenager who played his guitar, merging blues, soul, R&B, and rock n roll genres. Alongside his brother, he formed the ‘Equals,’ which produced their first billboard hit, ‘Baby Come back.’ Eddy Grant continued with his solo career, and in 1982, his ‘Electric Avenue’ became an instant chart-topper in the USA, UK, and Europe, selling millions of copies worldwide. To date, Grant's contribution to the music industry has not gone unnoticed, as his music still inspires and moves numerous music listeners around the world.
One of the most notable concerts that Eddy Grant performed was at the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute, held in 1988 at Wembley Stadium. The tribute consisted of multiple bands and artists from different genres and nationalities, but Grant’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal. His energy, stage presence, and emotive voice left the crowd wanting more. It was a concert that cemented him as a legendary artist in the music industry.
Another notable event in Eddy Grant's life was his establishment of Ice Records in 1979, a London-based record label that produced numerous groundbreaking albums for reggae, calypso, and soca music. Eddy spent much of his time recording music for artists and producing his music, making him a well-respected name in the industry who contributed immensely in popularizing Caribbean music in Europe.
In closing, Eddy Grant's music journey is one that has been filled with hard work, dedication, and an enduring passion for music. His timeless records and chart-topping hits are still listened and danced to around the world. We cannot forget his tremendous contributions to the music industry, his exceptional stage performances, and his ability to inspire and evoke emotions through his music. Eddy Grant will always be remembered as a legend and an unforgettable music icon in the history of the music industry.
Eddy Grant’s music is more than just a sound; it is a reflection of his personality, life experiences and emotions that resonate with millions of people worldwide. His music will forever be a classic and a testament to his talents and passion for making music. In this blog post, we have explored his musical journey, genre, best songs, and some of his significant events, remembering his legacy. As a music lover, Eddy Grant's songs should be on your playlist, as they will take you through an emotional and uplifting musical journey. So, what are you waiting for? Add some Eddy Grant to your playlist today and enjoy the timeless, heartfelt and iconic music he created!



The Enduring Relevance of Eddy Grant: A Look at the Criticism

Edy Grant is an artist whose career has spanned well over four decades, from the early days of his career with The Equals in 1968 all the way up to his recent shows in 2017. From bubblegum pop smashes like “Baby Come Back” to classic reggae-rock fusion jams like “Electric Avenue” and “Living on the Frontline,” Eddy Grant has a huge back-catalogue that evokes many different moods and emotions. But what do critics really think of him? And what makes Eddy Grant so special and unique as an artist? We'll take a look at some of this criticism, both good and bad, to see why he's still relevant after all these years and why fans keep coming back for more.

Eddy Grant is a legendary musician, songwriter and producer whose music continues to connect with fans to this day. With a discography spanning over four decades, Eddy's music has evolved and morphed over time, blending different genres and styles to create a sound that's uniquely his own. From the soaring pop riffs of Gimme Hope Jo'Anna to the slower, more introspective melodies of I Don't Wanna Dance, Eddy Grant's music is a testament to the power of rock, reggae and soul. However, like any musician, he has faced his share of criticism. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what critics have to say about him, both good and bad, to understand what sets him apart from other artists in the same genre and why he's still relevant today.

Eddy's music has always had a distinct Jamaican flavor to it, but he's also known for blending that tone with rock and pop elements. In the early days of his career, he was part of the band The Equals, which had several hit singles, including Baby Come Back. However, after he went solo, some critics felt that his sound became too polished and commercialized. They thought he had strayed too far from his roots and lost some of the raw energy and edge that had made him so appealing in the first place. One critic described his later work as soulless and sterile, and said that he had lost touch completely with the hard-hitting reggae and rock sounds that marked his early career.

However, many other critics have praised Eddy's versatility and willingness to experiment with different styles and sounds. They have noted his ability to create catchy, upbeat hits as well as slower, more introspective songs that showcase his mellower side. The same critic who called his later work soulless also had positive things to say about him, describing him as a consummate showman who always puts on a great live performance. Others have praised his political activism, particularly his involvement in anti-apartheid causes.

One thing that sets Eddy Grant apart from other artists is his ability to fuse different genres together seamlessly. His music ranges from fast-paced reggae to more contemplative ballads, and he's never afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles. He's also known for incorporating political and social commentary into his lyrics, something that has made him a controversial but relevant figure in the music industry. Critics have noted that his music speaks to universal themes like love, loss, and struggle in a way that's accessible and relatable to listeners all over the world.

Another reason why Eddy Grant is still relevant today is his dedication to preserving his legacy through reissues and remasters of his older material. This has allowed younger generations to discover and appreciate his work, even if they weren't alive when his music was first released. It also helps to keep his music alive and relevant, reminding fans of what made him such an important figure in the first place.

Eddy Grant may be a divisive figure in the music industry, but there is no denying the impact he has had on generations of listeners. From his early days as part of The Equals to his current status as a respected elder statesman of rock and reggae, his music has always been a reflection of his unique vision and perspective. Whether he is exploring social and political issues or simply crafting catchy pop hits, Eddy Grant's music has always been engaging, exciting, and deeply personal. So, why is he still relevant after all these years? Perhaps it's because he has managed to evolve and change with the times while still remaining true to his roots. Or maybe it's because his music speaks to universal themes that are timeless and universal. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: Eddy Grant is a musical icon who continues to inspire and excite his fans even after all these years.
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1 - Electric Avenue
2 - Gimme Hope Jo'anna
3 - I Don't Wanna Dance
4 - Do You Feel My Love
5 - Walking On Sunshine
6 - Baby Come Back
7 - Living On The Frontline
8 - War Party
9 - Romancing The Stone
10 - Hello Africa
11 - Killer on the Rampage
12 - Dance Party
13 - Neighbour Neighbour
14 - Gimme Hope Jo'anna
15 - Can't Get Enough Of You
16 - Say I Love You
17 - Till I Can't Take Love No More
18 - Till I Can't Take No More
19 - Put A Hold On It
20 - Latin Love Affair
21 - Nobody's Got Time
22 - Electric Avenue (ringbang Remix)
23 - California Style
24 - Harmless Piece Of Fun
25 - I Love You, Yes I Love You
26 - Ten Out Of Ten
27 - It's All In You
28 - Drop Baby Drop
29 - Gotta Be Positive
30 - Funky Rock 'n' Roll
31 - Welcome To La Tigre
32 - It's Our Time
33 - Symphony For Michael Opus 2
34 - My Turn To Love You