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Aron Erlichman (born March 2, 1983), better known by his stage name Deuce (formerly known as Tha Producer), is an American music producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper.
Deuce: Uncovering the Musical Spectrum of One of Hollywood Undead's Founding Members
If you're a die-hard Hollywood Undead fan, then you definitely know the face behind Deuce - one of the founding members of the now-renowned LA-based band. But aside from his roots in the scene, not many people know about his musical journey. Today, we explore the spectrum of Deuce's musical biography, his genre-blending style, his best songs to date, and even some of his most iconic concerts.
Deuce started his music career in 2005 as a solo artist, producing his music from his home studio in LA. He soon earned recognition in the rap-rock genre - a music space that was relatively new at the time. However, it wasn't until 2008 that he started getting noticed beyond the Los Angeles city limits. His collaborations with Hollywood Undead in 2005 culminated in their breakthrough single, Undead, which catapulted the band to new heights.
But it wasn't just Deuce's expert collaborations that led to Hollywood Undead's surge in popularity - it was also his innate ability to blend genres. His unique sound - a mix of rock, rap, pop, and even techno - has become synonymous with Hollywood Undead's signature style. His music epitomizes the high-energy, head-bobbing groove that defines the band.
Deuce's solo music is also worth checking out. His album Nine Lives, which released in 2012, has some of his best work. From the catchy Let's Get It Crackin' to the ballad-like Nobody Likes Me, Deuce once again proves his outstanding range as a musician and songwriter. Fans who love him for his Hollywood Undead collaborations would definitely appreciate his pool of solo music as well.
As for his most famous concerts, you’d think he’d get star-struck performing in famous arenas and stadiums, but Deuce loves performing at smaller venues where he can easily engage with his fans. One of his most famous concerts was at the Key Club in Hollywood, where he delivered an unforgettable, high-energy performance. Fans who attended the concert said that Deuce's charisma and musical aura electrified the entire venue.
If you’re looking for a taste of Deuce's music, then you should listen to his top-rated tracks. Personal favorites include Help Me, The One, and America. These songs exhibit Deuce's expertise in blending multiple genres into a single, cohesive sound. The lyrics toggle between angsty, relatable, and empowering - delivering on the promise of an immersive listening experience.
Critics who listened to Deuce's music laud him for his innovation in the music scene. He broke barriers when it came to rap-rock music, and his contributions to the genre are well-recognized. Yet despite his success and accolades, Deuce remains true to his roots and continues to create music that speaks to his soul and his fans' hears.
Deuce has become a well-lauded musician for a reason - his ingenuity, exploration of genres, and versatility in music-making make him an unparalleled artist. From his contributions to Hollywood Undead to his solo work, Deuce has shown that he is a master at his craft, capable of elevating any music track with his signature sound. Hopefully, our deep dive into his music worldview has helped you appreciate his music even more.
1 - Help Me
2 - America
3 - The One
4 - I Came to Party
5 - Walk Alone
6 - Gravestone
7 - Story Of A Snitch
8 - I Need You
9 - Let's Get It Crackin'
10 - Nobody Likes Me
11 - Nightmare
12 - Now You See My Life
13 - Here I Come
14 - Don't Speak Bitch
15 - Freaky Now
16 - Till I Drop
17 - Look At Me Now
18 - Bad Attitude
19 - World On Fire
20 - Do You Think About Me?
21 - Thank You
22 - Invincible
23 - Bleed
24 - Don't Approach Me
25 - Bitch This Is It
26 - Catch Me If You Can
27 - Miracle
28 - Call It Love
29 - Pull Me Under
30 - My Buddy
31 - Hell's Gonna Break Loose
32 - Famous (feat. Gadjet)
33 - Gone Tomorrow Here Today
34 - It's Alright It's Ok
2015: Invincible
2012: Nine Lives