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Desirée Annette Weeks (born 30 November 1968), stage name Des'ree -d??sri?-, is a British R&B recording artist who rose to popularity during the 1990s.

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Why Des'ree's Soulful Music Should be on Your Playlist

If you are someone who has minimal knowledge about the melodious genre of soul music, it’s time to tune in to some Des'ree. Music fans have been listening and singing along to her songs since 1992, with hits such as “Kissing You” and more recently “You Gotta Be”. She has had a successful career overall; however, there is one thing that many people have criticized her for - she tends to be a little too safe when it comes to lyrical content. Nonetheless, we cannot deny how catchy her tunes are - they get stuck in our heads from the very first listen!

If you're a fan of soulful music, then Des'ree should be on your radar. With her smooth vocals and catchy tunes, she has been entertaining fans since 1992. However, some music critics have pointed out that Des'ree plays it safe when it comes to her lyrical content. Despite that, her music is still loved by many. In this blog post, we'll take a look at why Des'ree's music should be on every music listener's playlist.

1. Catchy Tunes - The first reason to add Des'ree's music to your playlist is because of her catchy tunes. Her songs are almost always upbeat and have a melody that sticks in your mind long after you've heard them. Tracks like You Gotta Be and Kissing You are perfect examples of this. They are some of the most popular songs of her career and continue to be fan favorites today.

2. Memorable Lyrics - Even though some critics have pointed out that Des'ree plays it safe with her lyrics, there are still some memorable lines in her songs. You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser from You Gotta Be is a classic example. The message in her lyrics is often one of positivity and self-confidence, which is refreshing to hear in today's music scene.

3. Timeless Sound - Des'ree's music has a timeless sound to it. Even though her career spans nearly three decades, her sound remains fresh and relevant. Her music can be enjoyed by young and old listeners alike. It's a testament to her skill as a songwriter and performer that her music still resonates today.

4. Versatility - Des'ree's music is versatile. Her songs can fit into multiple genres of music, such as pop, R&B, and of course, soul. She has collaborated with artists from different genres and still managed to make memorable music. This is another reason why her music should be on your playlist – it's a great mix of different music styles.

5. Legacy - Finally, Des'ree's music has left a lasting impact on the music scene. Her career has spanned nearly three decades, and during that time, she has delivered countless hits. Her music is still being discovered by new generations of listeners, and that's a testament to her talent as a musician.

So there you have it – five reasons why Des'ree's music should be on your playlist. Her catchy tunes, memorable lyrics, timeless sound, versatility, and lasting legacy make her a worthy addition to any music listener's collection. Her music continues to be enjoyed by listeners all over the world, and we're sure that you'll enjoy it too. So go ahead, add Des'ree to your playlist, and let her catchy beats and smooth vocals be the soundtrack of your life.
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33 - It's Okay - Stargate Radio Edit