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Dem 2 is a dynamic duo that has been making their mark on musical history. Their sound, influenced by their diverse backgrounds, fuses together garage, hip-hop and beats, reflective of an uncompromising production landscape. Hitting it big with the 10 chart topping U.K. hits in 2007, these two put themselves on the map! They have released several albums with unique elements from all corners of the music family tree. Additionally, they've cultivated an impressive canon of singles throughout their musical career; many of which have become iconic like Don't Worry and American Boy.
Dem 2: The Tale of a Genre-Defying Music Sensation
In the world of music, there are artists who create music and those who defy genres, embrace the unknown and make magic. Dem 2 was one such artist, whose music transcended boundaries and captured the hearts of fans worldwide. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Dem 2's musical biography, their best songs, their unique music genre and some of their famous concerts and a critical take on their work.
Dem 2 was a British musical duo that was formed in 1997 by Spencer Edwards and Dean Marriott. They started their musical journey by experimenting with garage, two-step and UK garage genres. They rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s, joining the ranks of other UK Garage pioneers such as MJ Cole, Artful Dodger, and Shanks & Bigfoot. Their unique blend of dark and soulful sounds caught the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide, and their music influenced a new wave of artists such as Disclosure and Naughty Boy.
One of their most iconic songs is 'Destiny.' Released in 1999, it reached number 39 in the UK Singles Chart. The song had soulful vocals, a pounding bassline, and a hypnotic beat, which still retains its charm today. 'Baby You're So Sexy' was another chart-topping single in 2000, once again showcasing the duo's harmony of vocals and beats. Both tracks showcased the unique sound that Dem 2 brought to the music industry.
The music Dem 2 created cannot be confined to a particular genre. They blended various genres, from Jazz to Garage and 2-step, creating their unique blend of sound that transcended boundaries. Their music was experimental and free-flowing, with elements of soulful beats and haunting melodies. They often collaborated with other artists, pushing the boundaries of music into the unknown.
One famous concert where they performed was at the Ministry of Sound in London back in 2000. They had a reputation of electrifying the audience with their sets and creating a magical experience. It's safe to say that their UK garage sound was very well-received, and they paved the way for other artists to experiment with different sounds.
A critical take on their music would be the fact that Dem 2 was ahead of their time, and their sound was, at times, too experimental for the masses to fully appreciate. The blend of different genres, while innovative, made categorizing their music a challenge and made it tough for them to break into the mainstream charts. Nonetheless, their artistry and contribution to the UK Garage scene were undeniable.
In conclusion, Dem 2 was a pioneering duo that influenced the UK Garage music scene. Their music was experimental, genre-defying, and hypnotic. Their ability to blend different sounds and create a unique musical experience has made them an inspiration to many artists. Their music is a testament to the fact that pushing boundaries is essential in the world of music, and their influence on garage and two-step music is still present today. Dem 2's musical biography, their best songs, their unique music genre, and their well-known concerts are all a testament to the impact they had on the music industry.
1 - Destiny
2 - Destiny (Rhythm Masters Remix)
3 - Destiny (New Horizons Remix)
4 - Holding
5 - Deep Deep Again
6 - Destiny (sleepless)
7 - Destiny (original Mix)
8 - Broke My Heart
9 - Baby (you're So Sexy) (vocal Mix)
10 - Luv's Hard
11 - Bad Girl
12 - Luv's Hard In Destiny's Bed
13 - Da Keep
14 - Desire '99
15 - Northern Lights (deep As Fuk Mix)
16 - All I Know (original Mix)