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Del Shannon

Del Shannon (born Charles Weedon Westover, December 30, 1934 – February 8, 1990) was an American rock and roll singer-songwriter who is best known for his 1961 No.



The Del Shannon Legacy: Unpacking the Criticisms and Celebrating His Brilliance

Ah, Del Shannon. He may be best remembered for his signature song Runaway and its recognisable intro chords - but there's so much more to Del Shannon than just a rock-and-roll classic. On one hand, critics of 60s music chalk up most of his songs as generic pop rockers that often conform to standard guitar-driven tropes; on the other hand, passionate fans revere him as an underrated titan of thoughtful lyrics and musical composition. So which is it? Let's take a closer look at the music legacy of Del Shannon in this blog post: unpacking all the something critic and something good about him!

Ah, Del Shannon – the man with the unforgettable voice and earworm of a hit song, Runaway. Despite its classic status, it seems that Runaway has overshadowed the rest of Shannon's discography, leaving many wondering if he deserves more recognition. Criticism from some quarters has reduced him to generic pop rockers that don't push any musical boundaries, while on the other hand, his fans consider him an underrated and underappreciated musician. In this blog post, we're going to take a closer look at the legacy of Del Shannon, unpacking both the negative and positive critiques of his music.

Del Shannon's career trajectory was much like any other late 50s-early 60s rock and roll artist. As one of the first wave of rockers to fuse pop with rock & roll, he had his biggest hit with “Runaway,” but he had several other significant hits, such as Hats Off to Larry and Little Town Flirt. Critics often note these tracks as being fairly formulaic and generic pop-rock, lacking any standout elements. In that sense, it's easy to see how Shannon was often regarded as just another rock act that blended in with a sea of guitar-driven bands, rather than pushing the boundaries of pop music.

However, Shannon's fans argue that his music was much deeper than just simple pop rock. They point to the motifs and themes in his songwriting, including loneliness, heartbreak, and searching for meaning, as evidence of his musical prowess and depth. Although critics might view his work as being formulaic, his fans might suggest that this consistency represents Shannon’s artistic vision, and that he should be regarded as a master of the pop-rock art form.

One area of Del Shannon's music that gets positive feedback from both critics and fans is his distinctive voice. With its unique timbre that could shift easily between a baritone and falsetto, Shannon's voice was one of the standout elements that made him stand out from his contemporaries. His voice could evoke great emotion, sell a song and made him the perfect frontman for his music. Shannon's singing style was more complex than most, too: he would often employ sharp shifts in pitch and tone, with a kind of raw edginess that made him memorable.

Moreover, Shannon's unique sense of phrasing and arrangement also added to his musical identity. He was always experimenting with distinctive sounds and layering vocal harmonies in his songs. His approach to chord progressions was also different from the norm, preferring minor keys and complex, unconventional melodies alongside lyrics that dealt with serious issues. All of these elements display a level of musical understanding that can only come from a highly skilled songwriter.

Ultimately, Del Shannon's legacy is one of both positive and negative criticisms. His detractors may claim that his work was overly formulaic and generic, but in a sense, his commitment to a particular style made him one of the masters of the pop-rock genre. As a result, he has become increasingly appreciated in recent years both by classic rock listeners and modern indie artists. Without the sound he helped to create, many of today's bands might not exist. Therefore, it's right to celebrate Del Shannon’s complete discography, beyond just his one big hit song. If you haven't given Del Shannon a second listen lately, now's the time to give him the attention he deserves.
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1 - Runaway
2 - Out Of Time
3 - I Can't Fool Around Anymore
4 - Jody
5 - Hats off to Larry
6 - Little Town Flirt
7 - So Long Baby
8 - Cry Myself to Sleep
9 - From Me to You
10 - Handy Man
11 - Runaround Sue
12 - Stranger in Town
13 - Kelly
14 - Do You Wanna Dance
15 - Hey Little Girl
16 - Two Kinds of Teardrops
17 - Needles And Pins
18 - I Go To Pieces
19 - Keep Searchin' (we'll Follow The Sun)
20 - The Swiss Maid
21 - Runaway - Rerecorded
22 - Hey! Little Girl
23 - Runaway - 2004 Remastered Version
24 - Runaway - Single Version
25 - That's The Way Love Is
26 - Why Don't You Tell Him
27 - I Wake Up Crying
28 - Sue's Gotta Be Mine
29 - Runaway '67
30 - Two Silhouettes
31 - Sea Of Love
32 - The Answer To Everything
33 - His Latest Flame
34 - Misery
35 - Ginny In The Mirror
36 - Wide Wide World
37 - Hey Baby
38 - The Prom
39 - Dream Baby
40 - Keep Searching
41 - I'll Always Love You
42 - Lies
43 - Walk Away
44 - You Never Talked About Me
45 - Gemini (pilooski Edit)