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Built to Spill

Built to Spill are an American indie rock band based in Boise, Idaho, United States. The band has released eight full-length albums. Built to Spill brings musical masterworks to your ears. With soaring vocals and unique chord progressions, they craft songs that find a home in your heart. Best Songs is soulful yet catchy, infused with remembered refrains you'll hum between plays. Whether you're gently swaying or mesmorized by the sound, Built to Spill is sure to capture your spirit. Close your eyes--powerfully rendered tunes and deeply felt melodies await. Built to Spill brings musical masterworks to your ears. With soaring vocals and unique chord progressions, they craft songs that find a home in your heart. "Best Songs" is soulful yet catchy, infused with remembered refrains you'll hum between plays. Whether you're gently swaying or mesmorized by the sound, Built to Spill is sure to capture your spirit. Close your eyes--powerfully rendered tunes and deeply felt melodies await.
The Musical Biography of Built to Spill: Best Songs, Genre, Famous Concerts, and Critic Reviews
If you're someone who loves alternative rock, Built to Spill is a band you cannot ignore. This Boise, Idaho-based band has been creating music since the early '90s and has a substantial place in the rock music industry. Throughout their career, they have released several albums that feature meaningful and poetic lyrics, blended with guitar-heavy melodies. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the unique musical biography of Built to Spill - covering their best songs, music genre, and the most famous concerts. We will also look into what the critics have to say about this iconic band.
Built to Spill came into existence in 1992 when Doug Martsch, the band's frontman, came up with the idea to form a band. The band went through several changes in their lineup over the years. But Doug Martsch remained the only constant member, making him the face of the iconic band. Known for his songwriting and exceptional guitar skills, Doug Martsch's inspiration for his music comes from a wide range of sources, including old blues records and punk rock.
Over the years, Built to Spill's sound has evolved, beginning with its first album Ultimate Alternative Wavers, released in 1993. But, it was their second album There's Nothing Wrong With Love, that catapulted them to the mainstream. The album featured some of their finest tracks, such as Car, Big Dipper, and Twin Falls. Built to Spill's music genre is best described as post-grunge, alternative rock, and indie rock, with a few pop influences.
Among their vast catalog, songs like Carry the Zero, You Were Right, The Plan, and Living Zoo are some of the gems that Built to Spill fans hold dear. Carry the Zero, for instance, features a mesmerizing guitar solo that glides along smoothly with the melody, leaving you craving more.
Built to Spill's concerts have impressed critics and fans alike. The sound of their live performances is nothing less than magical, as they recreate their recorded music with precision and energy. One such concert was when Built to Spill performed at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. It was more than three hours of heartfelt, dynamic music that left fans in a state of awe. The concert featured some of their most iconic songs, like You Were Right and Car, which left the audience wanting more.
When it comes to critic reviews, Built to Spill's music is always appreciated for its poetic and thought-provoking lyrics and its intricate guitar work. According to NPR, Built to Spill is one of the most inventive and unique bands to come out of the Northwest. Martsch's music always has one foot firmly planted in the genre's past while having another foot explore new musical terrain.
Built to Spill has come a long way since they first appeared on the alternative rock music scene. The band's unique sound and consistent evolution have been celebrated by their fans and reviewers alike. Whether it's their poetic and thought-provoking lyrics or their mesmerizing guitar melodies, Built to Spill has something for everyone. As the band continues to create music and perform year after year, it's safe to say that they will always hold a place in the hearts of music listeners.


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A Critical Look at Built to Spill: Why the Band is Not as Great as You Think

Do you like Built to Spill? If so, prepare for a small rant, because I'm about to dish out some serious criticism (with a comedic twist!). Whatever your opinion of the music artist might be - whether you love them or hate them - it's hard to deny their impact in the alternative rock scene. But while Built to Spill may have garnered acclaim and adoration from fans all over the world, there are some concerning aspects that many listeners tend to overlook every time they listen! So buckle up as I go through each issue with this particular band.

Built to Spill is an American indie rock band that has gained a cult following among music enthusiasts. And hey, I get it - the band has a unique sound with amazing guitar riffs and lyrics that seem to speak to our angsty teenage selves. But, I have to be honest here - after years of listening to Built to Spill, I can't help but feel underwhelmed. So, in this blog post, I'm going to explore the reasons why Built to Spill is not as great as everyone makes them out to be.

1. Lack of Creativity

One of the significant issues with Built to Spill is their inability to evolve musically. Sure, their first album Ultimate Alternative Wavers had some songs that became instant classics, such as Big Dipper and Car. However, as the years went by, Built to Spill became complacent, rehashing familiar chord progressions and guitar riffs. While the band has released eight studio albums, they all sound remarkably similar with little to no experimentation.

2. Tedious Song Structures

Another aspect of Built to Spill's music that gets repetitive is their song structures. Most Built to Spill songs start with a guitar or bass riff, followed by the verse, chorus, verse, chorus, and then ends with a guitar solo. Rinse and repeat. While this formula may have worked for their earlier music, it has become tiresome and predictable.

3. Uneven Storytelling

Doug Martsch, the founder, and lead singer of Built to Spill is known for his unique lyrical style. He infuses his lyrics with poetry and metaphor, which has made him a cult figure among Built to Spill fans. However, while his lyrics can be insightful and relatable, more often than not, they are inscrutable and hard to follow. Furthermore, his lyrics can be uneven, with some songs being exceptional, while others are forgettable and lack substance.

4. Overhyped Live Performances

4. Overhyped Live Performances

Built to Spill's live performances are the stuff of legend. The band has been known to play long sets with improvisations, encore after encore, and Doug Martsch's guitar solos are a sight to behold. However, in recent years, their live performances have become lackluster, with Doug's guitar solos getting longer and longer, and the band's improvisation becoming chaotic and unfocused.

5. Limited Musical Range

Built to Spill has a distinctive sound that sets them apart from other indie rock bands. Still, unfortunately, this sound has become their defining feature, stifling innovation and experimentation. While they have dabbled in different musical genres, such as country and folk, they never truly committed to exploring outside their comfort zone. As a result, their music has become predictable and boring.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that this is not an attack on Built to Spill, but rather an honest assessment of their music. Yes, they have contributed to the alternative rock scene, and some of their songs are genuinely fantastic. However, their lack of musical creativity, monotonous song structures, confusing lyrics, and overhyped live shows, have made them less enjoyable to listen to over time. As a fan of Built to Spill, I hope that they can take these criticisms constructively and turn them into catalysts for a new and exciting chapter in their music career.
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The Musical Journey of Built to Spill

If you’re a music lover, then you’ve most likely heard of Built to Spill. Known for their indie rock sound that’s both raw and melodic, their music has captivated audiences for over two decades. Under the guidance of lead singer and guitarist Doug Martsch, Built to Spill has produced some of the most unforgettable music of our generation. In this article, we’ll take a glimpse into their musical journey, from their beginnings to their most famous albums and songs.

Founded in 1992 in Boise, Idaho, Built to Spill was initially envisioned as a solo project by Doug Martsch. However, as the band experimented with different sounds and instruments, their lineup began to evolve, eventually settling on a three-piece format. One of the most significant factors that have differentiated Built to Spill from their peers is their ability to push the boundaries of convention while maintaining their indie rock roots.

Starting with their debut album ‘Ultimate Alternative Wavers’ in 1993, Built to Spill quickly gained broader recognition with their second album, ‘There’s Nothing Wrong with Love.’ It was their third album, ‘Perfect from Now On,’ released in 1997, that cemented the band’s reputation and success in the indie rock community, thanks in part to its ingenious guitar work and Martsch’s exceptional songwriting.

Throughout the years, Built to Spill has released several albums that have achieved critical acclaim while retaining the band’s distinctive sound. Their 1999 album ‘Keep it Like a Secret’ is regarded as a genre classic, with unforgettable tracks like Carry the Zero and You Were Right. Fans worldwide hailed the album as a masterpiece, cementing Built to Spill’s place in the canon of indie rock.

Built to Spill’s musical style is best described as a blend of classic and indie rock. They’re renowned for their high-energy live performances, dominated by Martsch’s guitar wizardry and impassioned voice. Their music has been likened to that of acclaimed bands like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., and Sonic Youth, but Built to Spill has ultimately carved out a sonic identity that’s distinctly their own.

In conclusion, Built to Spill has left an enduring imprint on the indie rock landscape. Their music is unique, captivating, and always intriguing to listen to. The band has been heralded as influential in underground music circles, with many groups following in their footsteps. Built to Spill’s musical journey has been and continues to be an exciting one, as they challenge themselves with new sounds and projects. If you haven’t discovered Built to Spill yet, we highly recommend you do; their music is an experience not to be missed.
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1 - Rearrange
2 - Girl
3 - Part 2
4 - Carry the Zero
5 - Liar
6 - The Plan
7 - Goin' Against Your Mind
8 - Center of the Universe
9 - I Would Hurt a Fly
10 - Else
11 - Randy Described Eternity
12 - Sidewalk
13 - Car
14 - You Were Right
15 - Bad Light
16 - Time Trap
17 - Big Dipper
18 - Strange
19 - Broken Chairs
20 - Traces
21 - Stop the Show
22 - Conventional Wisdom
23 - Distopian Dream Girl
24 - Twin Falls
25 - In The Morning
26 - Reasons
27 - Temporarily Blind
28 - Velvet Waltz
29 - Kicked It In The Sun
30 - Fling
31 - Cleo
32 - Saturday
33 - Wherever You Go
34 - The Weather
35 - Stab
36 - Made-up Dreams
37 - Out Of Site
38 - Some
39 - The Source
40 - In Your Mind
41 - Gone
42 - The Wait
43 - Mess With Time
44 - Israel's Song
45 - Just A Habit
46 - Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
47 - Happiness
48 - Alarmed
49 - The Host
50 - Trimmed And Burning
51 - Life's A Dream


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