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The Bomfunk MC's were a Finnish breakbeat hip hop group that was active between 1998 and 2005. The group's front man was the Finnish rapper B.
The Musical Journey of Bomfunk Mc's: A Look Back at the Band's Best Songs, Genre, and Concerts
Bomfunk Mc's is a Finnish electro-hop group that rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Known for their signature sound and energetic live performances, the band has captured the hearts of music lovers all over the world. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the band's musical journey, exploring their best songs, genre, famous concerts, and critics' reviews.
Musical Biography of Bomfunk Mc's
Bomfunk Mc's was formed in 1997 by DJ Gismo and rapper B.O. Dubb. Later, they joined forces with producer Raymond Ebanks and MC's HP and Mr. Lordi. The group released their debut album, In Stereo, in 1999, which was a commercial success, peaking at number one on the Finnish Albums Chart. The album was a mixture of hip hop, electro, and techno music, which became their unique sound. Their second album, Burnin' Sneakers (2002) also topped the Finnish Albums Chart and reached the top ten in many other countries.
Best Songs
Bomfunk Mc's had a string of hit songs that topped the charts all around the world. One of their most popular songs was Freestyler, which was a massive hit worldwide and peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart in 2000. The song's catchy beat, rap verses and hook was a perfect combination that made it a timeless classic. Uprocking Beats, Super Electric, and B-Boys and Fly Girls are some of their other popular songs that the fans loved and still enjoy listening to.
Music Genre
The band's sound is a mixture of electro-hop and techno music with a touch of hip-hop and rap. They're also known for incorporating live instrumentation into their music, especially the guitar and bass. This combination of electronic and live instruments created an unusual sound that became the hallmark of the band.
Famous Concerts
Bomfunk Mc's is widely recognized for their high-energy live performances. They have performed at various major festivals and events across the globe, including MTV's Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. They even had the opportunity to share the stage with the legendary Michael Jackson for his HIStory World Tour in Helsinki, Finland, in June 1997.
The band's music was widely praised by critics. They were lauded for their creative sound that combined different genres of music and their ability to make catchy and memorable songs. Although the group was not a critical favorite, their sound was way ahead of its time, and their music still holds up today.
Bomfunk Mc's is a band that left an undeniable mark in music history. They introduced a new sound and pushed the boundaries of what could be achieved in music. Their music united fans around the world, and their live performances were something special to behold. From the signature sound of Freestyler to the energetic performance that wowed the audience at Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour, the group made a significant contribution to music. Even though they were only active for a short period, their music still lives on and continues to inspire young people all over the world.
1 - Super Electric
2 - Live Your Life
3 - Freestyler
4 - Rock, Rocking Tha Spot
5 - Uprocking Beats
6 - Other Emcee's
7 - Stir Up the Bass
8 - In Stereo
9 - Fashion Styley
10 - Rocking, Just to Make Ya Move
11 - B-Boys & Flygirls
12 - Spoken Word
13 - Something going on
14 - Hypnotic
15 - Back To Back
16 - Kingstep
17 - Reverse Psychology
18 - Track Star
19 - Sky's the Limit
20 - Other Emcee's
21 - Freestyler - Radio Edit
22 - B-boys & Flygirls
23 - Turn It Up
24 - B-boys & Fly Girls - Radio Edit
25 - Put Ya Hands Up
26 - We R Atomic
27 - No Way In Hell
28 - Freak It On
29 - Ladies & Fellas
30 - Steady Rockin'
31 - B-boys And Flygirls
32 - Rockin' With The Best
33 - 1,2,3,4
34 - Irresistible
35 - Foxy Lady
36 - Throw 1 Back At Cha
37 - Where's The Party At
38 - Mosquito
39 - Funky Things
1999: In Stereo