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Bart B More


Bart B More - Musical Biography, Best Songs, and Critic
Bart B More, the Amsterdam-based electronic music producer and DJ, burst onto the music scene in 2007 with his hit single So It Goes. His music, which combines elements of house, techno, and electro, has since gained a loyal following, with fans drawn to his infectious beats and creative soundscapes. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Bart B More's musical biography, explore his best songs, discuss his musical genre, and touch on some of his most famous concerts.
Bart B More's musical journey began in the early 2000s when he was introduced to the world of electronic music. He started experimenting with music production and DJing, drawing inspiration from a range of genres, including disco, house, techno, and electro. In 2007, he released his breakthrough single So It Goes, which quickly gained traction and paved the way for his future success.
Over the years, Bart B More has released many outstanding tracks, but some of his best include Brap, Make Some Noise, The Box, and Chimera. These songs showcase his innovative style and unique approach to dance music, incorporating throbbing basslines, distorted synths, and intricate percussion. Whether you're on the dancefloor or nodding your head to the beat, Bart B More's music is guaranteed to get you moving.
In terms of musical genre, Bart B More is known for blending elements of house, techno, and electro to create a sound that's both distinctive and versatile. He has also experimented with other genres, such as Dutch house and progressive trance, showcasing his dynamic range as a producer. But no matter what style of music he's working with, Bart B More always manages to inject his signature sound, making his tracks instantly recognizable.
Bart B More's live performances are also a must-see, with his high-energy DJ sets captivating audiences around the world. Some of his most famous concerts include his appearances at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and Creamfields, where he has wowed crowds with his musical prowess and charismatic stage presence. His ability to connect with fans on a personal level and keep them dancing all night long is a testament to his talent as a performer and a testament to his love for music.
While Bart B More's music has received widespread acclaim, not all critics have been kind. Some have criticized his style as being too simplistic or repetitive, with certain tracks lacking the depth and complexity that others in the electronic music scene possess. However, the majority of fans and music enthusiasts agree that Bart B More's unique brand of dance music is a refreshing addition to the genre, with its infectious beats and innovative soundscapes setting him apart from the rest.
Bart B More is an electronic music producer and DJ who has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His innovative approach to dance music, paired with his charismatic stage presence and dynamic range as a producer, has earned him a loyal fanbase and worldwide acclaim. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the electronic music scene, Bart B More's music is sure to captivate and inspire, leaving you dancing and moving to the beat.

Exploring Bart B More's Musical Biography - From Beginning to Fame

Within the music industry, Bart B More has solidified himself as a highly respected artist, DJ, and producer. He has gained countless fans who adore his distinctive sound and complex style, but where did Bart B More start his musical journey? In this blog post, we will dive into his musical biography, from his beginnings to his most famous songs and albums. You'll get a glimpse into the artist's life, style, and influences that have led him to become one of the most loved and talented artists in the industry.

Early Days and Influences:

Bart Van Der Meer, popularly known as Bart B More, grew up in Haarlem, a small town located in the Netherlands. His fascination with music began at an early age, inspired by his parents' diverse musical collection, ranging from classical music to rock and roll. During his teenage days, Bart decided to experiment with music production, and it was during this time he developed his unique style, incorporating diverse elements of funk, electro, and hip-hop into his music.

Rise to Fame:

Bart B More gained international recognition in the late 2000s through his remixes and collaborations with a wide range of talented artists. His dynamic sound and innovative style were particularly inclined towards the electro house genre, gaining him a loyal fan base that continues to grow. He also found success in producing exciting official remixes for famous artists such as Moby, Tiga, and Boys Noize.

Iconic Tracks:

Bart B More has a vast discography of hits, and it's hard to pick just a few standouts. Nevertheless, some essential tracks that helped cement his position as a producer and DJ include So It Goes, Brap, and Nobody Cries Tonight. His tracks are distinctively energetic and marked by a high tempo beat, infectious rhythms, and a pulsating bassline.


Bart B More has released several albums, including The Remixes and Eclectic Dance Music, which have received critical acclaim from both fans and music critics. His ability to blend different styles and genres with his electro house foundation has made his albums unique and exciting.

Bart B More's career is a true testament to hard work, dedication, and a passion for music. From his humble beginnings experimenting with diverse genres to his rise as an iconic producer and DJ, he has carved out a unique space in the music industry. His infectious and energetic tracks continue to define the electro house sound, with each song crafted to perfection. As we wrap up this post, we hope you've gained some insight into the life and music of Bart B More and are inspired to explore more of his work.
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1 - Brap
2 - So It Goes
3 - Whieep
4 - Shake
5 - Traction
6 - Romane
7 - Traction (club Mix)
8 - Jack
9 - Bounce
10 - Napoleon
11 - Saga
12 - Killing It
13 - Cowbell (nom De Strip Edit)
14 - Superzoom
15 - The Street
16 - House Ain't Giving Up
17 - Lights Out
18 - Round & Round
19 - Throwback
20 - Brap - Original Mix
21 - Can't Handle This
22 - Libre