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Black Market Baby was a Washington, D.C. hardcore punk band. Black Market Baby, a Los Angeles-based artist, has been creating musical history since 2011. Their collection of music is filled with some of the best songs and albums from pop and alternative to r&b and soul. They often take inspiration from reggae, funk and hip hop while still staying true to their unique sound. Fans around the world have applauded their distinctively melodic approach on life’s joys and sorrows. Considered pioneers in the music industry, they remain unapologetically true vivid storytellers it all starts with each individual beat blending into colors of music on both sides of the rainbow. Listen carefully: Black Market Baby's stirring infectious songs will certainly give color to your life today.
The Story of Black Market Baby and Their Best Songs
The punk rock genre has always been a melting pot of different styles and sounds. But amidst the noise, one band stood out and made a big impact: Black Market Baby. The group consists of four members from Washington D.C. who started making music together in the late 1970s. Their music is characterized by hard-hitting rhythms, aggressive guitar riffs, and raw, emotional lyrics. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at their musical biography, discuss their best songs, and explore their unique brand of punk rock music.
Black Market Baby was formed in 1979 when guitarist Davy Hoskins got together with Jeff Turner (vocals), Terry Banks (bass), and Tommy Carr (drums). They quickly gained a following in the D.C. punk scene, thanks to their energetic live performances and politically-charged lyrics. Their first single was Potential Suicide, released in 1980, which immediately drew attention from both fans and critics.
One of their most popular songs is America's Youth, which was released on their debut album, Senseless Offerings, in 1982. It's a scathing critique of American culture, highlighting the hypocrisy and violence that pervades society. With its catchy chorus and hard-driving guitar riffs, America's Youth quickly became a punk classic and a fan favorite.
Another standout track from Black Market Baby is World at War, which was released on their second album, Drunk and Disorderly, in 1983. The song is based on a true story about a soldier who gets drafted into the Vietnam War and returns home traumatized by his experiences. It's a powerful and emotional song that showcases the band's ability to tackle serious topics with passion and conviction.
One of the most noteworthy concerts in Black Market Baby's career was when they opened for The Clash at their 1984 show in the Georgetown University gymnasium. The Clash were huge fans of Black Market Baby, and they were thrilled to have them as their opening act. The performance was electric, with the band playing their hearts out in front of thousands of screaming fans.
A critic once described Black Market Baby as a cross between The Ramones and The Clash, with a touch of The Who thrown in for good measure. And it's true that their music embodies the raw energy and rebelliousness of punk rock, while also incorporating elements of classic rock and roll. But what sets Black Market Baby apart is their willingness to address social and political issues in their lyrics, and their dedication to delivering a powerful message through their music.
Black Market Baby may not have achieved mainstream success, but their impact on the punk rock genre cannot be denied. They were a band that spoke truth to power and never shied away from controversy. Their music is just as relevant today as it was in the 1980s, and their legacy continues to inspire a new generation of punk rockers. So if you're a fan of fast, loud, and politically-charged music, be sure to check out Black Market Baby and experience the power of punk rock for yourself.
1 - Youth Crimes
2 - Downward Christian Soldiers
3 - Potential Suicide
4 - Killing Time
5 - World At War
6 - White Boy Funeral
7 - This Year's Prophet
8 - Parasite
9 - Senseless Offerings
10 - Joe Nobody
11 - Gunpoint Affection
12 - Backseat Sally
13 - Three Bullets
14 - Body Count
15 - Total Waste
16 - Sixteen Forever
17 - America's Youth
18 - Drunk And Disorderly
19 - Bloodstreet Boys
20 - I See - You See