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Have you heard of the artist Beach Slang? Their sound is truly distinctive and undeniably worth a listen. They're making musical history, creating a new genre of their own and almost singlehandedly redefining how we'll understand rock music in years to come. Their discography is full of standout singles, too. From punk anthems like ‘Too Late To Die Young’ to massive album cuts like ‘Bam Rang Rang’, there's something for everyone here. And the creations don't stop at the albums either. Every time people line up to see a live show, it feels like the boundaries are being pushed further: that it's tearing up whatever notion we had about raucous, unpolished chorus solos -- Beach Slang takes all that and stretches it into something new, every time.
Ocean Waves and Punk Rock: A Look into Beach Slang’s Musical Journey
One of the most exhilarating things about music is how it can transport us to different places and times with just a few beats and chords. If you’re a fan of punk rock and loud, passionate performances, then you might have come across the band Beach Slang. Formed in 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the band has been creating fantastic music that combines nostalgia with a punk rock spirit. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Beach Slang’s musical biography, their genre, best songs, and notable performances that have made them stand out in the music industry.
Beach Slang features James Snyder on vocals and guitar, Ed McNulty on bass, and JP Flexner on drums. The band's music is a fusion of punk rock, indie, and emo-pop. Their lyrics often delve into themes of love, memories, and heartbreaks, which resonate with listeners. The band's debut album, ‘The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us' received acclaim from critics and audiences alike. It spawned hit singles such as Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas and Atom Bomb.
One of Beach Slang’s most popular songs is Punk or Lust, which has earned them a reputation for their niche punk rock sound. It features Snyder’s anthemic singing, McNulty's melodic basslines, and Flexner's solid drumming. The song perfectly encapsulates what Beach Slang is all about - emotive lyrics, fast-paced music, and a punk-rock sensibility. Another fan favorite is Young & Alive, which has a catchy chorus that will keep you humming all day. It is an ode to youth and what it means to feel alive and free.
Beach Slang is known for their energetic, high-octane performances. Their concerts are nothing short of epic, and fans have cited them as one of the best live bands of their time. One of their most famous performances was at the 2015 Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain. They played a raucous set that left the audience begging for more. Snyder’s stage presence, combined with McNulty and Flexner's killer rhythm section, is what makes Beach Slang stand out from the crowd.
Critics have praised Beach Slang's music for its energy, sincerity, and overall punk rock spirit. However, some have also criticized the band for being too derivative of punk-rock's early sounds. Despite this, Beach Slang remains a beloved band for many music fans who yearn for the good old days of punk rock. They have built a dedicated following that appreciates their raw, unapologetic approach to music.
If you're looking for a band that captures the essence of punk rock while still managing to sound fresh and relevant, then Beach Slang is a band you definitely need to check out. Their music is an invitation to reminisce and feel alive, all while enjoying the thrill of punk rock. Their live performances will leave you breathless, and their sincerity will leave you wanting more. Although some may criticize their music, they remain a beloved band because they embody the punk-rock spirit that we all hold so dear. Whether you're an old-school punk or a newbie to the genre, Beach Slang has something for everyone.
1 - All Fuzzed Out
2 - Kids
3 - American Girls And French Kisses
4 - Get Lost
5 - Punk Or Lust
6 - Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
7 - Dirty Cigarettes
8 - Throwaways
9 - Noisy Heaven
10 - Young & Alive
11 - Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
12 - Punks In A Disco Bar
13 - Too Late To Die Young
14 - Ride The Wild Haze
15 - Filthy Luck
16 - I Break Guitars
17 - Porno Love
18 - Hard Luck Kid
19 - Dirty Lights
20 - Atom Bomb
21 - We Are Nothing
22 - Art Damage
23 - Wasted Daze Of Youth
24 - Warpaint
25 - Bam Rang Rang
26 - Tommy In The 80s
27 - Aaa