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Bauhaus has been one of the most distinguished and iconic career music artists in history! Their wide catalog of moody, unique pop alternative songs can capture the attention of any listener. As a result, some of their best songs are still particularly memorable today – from their jangly “Kick In The Eye” to the gripping “Slice Of Life” to the introspective “Beloved.” The undeniable influence of Bauhaus's blend of dark and upbeat melody is still admired by listeners today, and this extended cover shows many artists of past and present being inspired by Bauhaus.



Bauhaus: A Critical Look at the '80s Band That Changed Music

If you've ever listened to Bauhaus, you know that their music is anything but boring - and we mean that in the most LOL-worthy way possible! From spiked hair to braggadocious lyrics, it's definitely safe to say that this artist is one of a kind... and while there are plenty of unique qualities about them that we can certainly appreciate, today we have unfortunately come here not to praise Bauhaus but rather critique him. So gear up your ears because they're in for quite the rollercoaster ride!

Bauhaus is one of the most iconic bands to come out of the 1980s. Their music was ahead of its time, combining punk, goth, and new wave music into a unique sound that still resonates with fans today. However, while Bauhaus was undeniably innovative for their time, it's time to take a critical look at the band. From problematic lyrics to questionable behavior, there are a few things we need to discuss about this iconic group.

First, let's talk about Bauhaus's viral hit, Bela Lugosi's Dead. While it's a great song, there's an underlying problem with the lyrics. In the song, Peter Murphy sings about Bela Lugosi, the Hungarian-American actor famous for playing Dracula in the 1930s. However, the lyrics have an almost fetishistic quality to them, with lines like Undead undead undead, and Bela Lugosi's dead, the bats have left the bell tower. While the song was meant to be a tribute to Lugosi, it unfortunately comes off as glorifying death and creepy behavior.

Moving on, let's look at the image that Bauhaus presented to their fans. The band was known for their dark, gothic aesthetic, with members sporting spiked hair, black clothing, and excessive makeup. While this was all part of their image, it's worth noting that their style wasn't exactly inclusive. Bauhaus was a predominantly white, male band, and their style didn't leave much room for those who didn't fit into their narrow aesthetic. It's important for artists to be aware of how their image can affect their fans, and Bauhaus missed the mark in this regard.

Another issue with Bauhaus is the way they treated their fans. While many bands go out of their way to show their fans appreciation, Bauhaus was known for being distant and even hostile towards their fans at times. During their farewell tour in 2006, Peter Murphy kicked a fan in the face after they threw a bouquet of flowers on stage. While it's understandable that musicians can get frustrated with their fans at times, it's never okay to resort to violence.

Lastly, let's talk about the legacy that Bauhaus has left behind. While their music is undeniably influential, it's important to look at the impact they've had on music and culture as a whole. Unfortunately, Bauhaus's legacy isn't entirely positive. Their glorification of death, along with their exclusionary image, left a negative impact on the music scene for years to come. It's important to remember that artists have a responsibility to their fans and to the culture they create within, and Bauhaus didn't always live up to that responsibility.

In the end, Bauhaus was a band that undeniably changed music. But as we've seen, their impact wasn't entirely positive. From problematic lyrics to exclusionary imagery, there are issues that we need to talk about when discussing this iconic group. As music fans, it's important to be critical of the artists we love, and to hold them accountable for their actions. Only then can we create a truly inclusive culture that celebrates music in all its forms.
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1 - Svefn-G-Englar
2 - Departure
3 - Bela Lugosi's Dead
4 - She's In Parties
5 - Dark Entries
6 - In the Flat Field
7 - Double Dare
8 - Telegram Sam
9 - Stigmata Martyr
10 - Ziggy Stardust
11 - Silent Hedges
12 - Hollow Hills
13 - Spirit
14 - Crowds
15 - Third Uncle
16 - St. Vitus Dance
17 - Mask
18 - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
19 - She's In Parties
20 - The Passion Of Lovers
21 - Kick In The Eye
22 - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
23 - Dancing
24 - Dive
25 - Hair Of The Dog
26 - Slice Of Life
27 - The Sanity Assassin
28 - Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores
29 - In Fear Of Fear
30 - Small Talk Stinks
31 - Nerves
32 - Burning From The Inside
33 - God In An Alcove
34 - Lagartija Nick
35 - Swing The Heartache
36 - Antonin Artaud
37 - King Volcano
38 - She's In Parties (extended Mix)
39 - Scopes
40 - Spy In The Cab
41 - In The Night
42 - Honeymoon Croon
43 - Kingdom's Coming
44 - Untitled
45 - The Three Shadows-3
46 - The Spy In The Cab
47 - Hope
48 - The Three Shadows-2
49 - Bela Lugosi's Dead (official Version)