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Armand Van Helden

Armand Van Helden is an extremely successful music artist. He has enjoyed a prolific career, with countless charting singles and hit albums to his name. His hits range from collaborations with some of the biggest names in modern dance music, to more general pop fare. But many of Armand Van Helden's best songs are his beloved classic hits such as 'You don't know me' and 'MyMyMy'. These songs remain iconic treasures to this day and show just how talented he is!



Armand Van Helden: Innovation, Autotune and Scepticism

If you’ve ever said to yourself “Gee, I wonder what would happen if Armand Van Helden and a household blender had a baby?” then congratulations! You’re in good company. Those of us familiar with the prolific house music producer know that his sound is as energetic and unpredictable as an out-of-control appliance - it's noisy, chaotic, and utterly chaotic hours of fun. That being said, while our friend may have created some iconic tracks in his heyday, there are definitely a few critical areas where the artist falls short. From shying away from any innovation to abusing autotune beyond repair - here's why one should view Armand Van Helden through an appropriately (if not hilariously) skeptical lens.

If you’re a fan of house music, then you’ve probably heard of Armand Van Helden. Known for his energetic and unpredictable sound, the prolific producer has created some iconic tracks in his heyday. But, as with most artists, there are areas where Van Helden falls short. In this blog, we explore why one should view Armand Van Helden through an appropriately sceptical lens. From shying away from any innovation to abusing autotune beyond repair, let's dive in.

Armand Van Helden is known for blending elements of house, funk, and hip hop into his productions. However, despite his early brilliance, he has become somewhat predictable over the years. Many of his recent tracks sound the same, and it seems as though he's shying away from any innovation. While sticking to your sound is commendable, the repetitive nature of his work suggests a lack of growth or experimentation. It feels like he's stuck in a creative rut, hoping to ride on the coattails of previous hits.

Another criticism of Armand Van Helden is his misuse of autotune. While it can be a useful tool for correcting pitch issues, he seems to use it to an excessive degree. In some instances, it's almost as if he's not even trying to sing. The over-reliance on autotune diminishes any emotional connection one can have with the music. It's almost as if we're listening to a robot, not a human being. By relying so heavily on a tool intended for small corrections, it's as if he's masking his weaknesses instead of working to improve them.

Armand Van Helden's music is undoubtedly fun, but it's not for everyone. His chaotic sound can be a turnoff for many listeners who prefer a more refined approach to their music. While his music can certainly get people dancing, it risks feeling too fabricated and gimmicky. This aesthetic may be appealing to some, but it lacks depth and substance. A great dance track can be both fun and emotional, but Armand Van Helden's recent work has been overwhelmingly one-dimensional.

One of the most significant criticisms of Van Helden is his lack of engagement with his audience. With the rise of social media and direct communication with fans, artists have the ability to connect with their audiences on a much deeper level. However, Armand Van Helden seems to be indifferent to connecting with his listeners. His social media posts are sporadic, and he doesn't engage with fans as much as one would hope. This lack of communication makes his already impersonal music feel even more distant.

In conclusion, while Armand Van Helden has undoubtedly left a significant impact on the house music scene, it's essential to view him through a sceptical lens. His lack of innovation, misuse of autotune, and one-dimensional music may turn off some listeners. When it comes to music, engagement with your audience is crucial, and Van Helden's apparent indifference to connecting with fans is a significant shortcoming. Ultimately, it's up to each listener to decide if Armand Van Helden's style is worth their attention.
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1 - Full Moon
2 - U Don't Know Me
3 - The Funk Phenomena
4 - My My My
5 - I Want Your Soul
6 - NYC Beat
7 - Into Your Eyes
8 - Hear My Name
9 - When the Lights Go Down
10 - Flowerz
11 - Koochy
12 - Necessary Evil
13 - Bonkers (Doorly Remix)
14 - Je T'aime
15 - Ultrafunkula
16 - You Don't Know Me
17 - U Don't Know Me
18 - Wings
19 - You Don't Know Me (feat. Duane Harden) - Radio Edit
20 - I Want Your Soul (radio Edit)
21 - I Want Your Soul (fake Blood Remix)
22 - My My My (radio Edit)
23 - Nyc Beat (mstrkrft Remix)
24 - When The Lights Go Down (trophy Twins Digital Dub Remix)
25 - Je T'aime
26 - The Boogie Monster
27 - A Track Called Jack
28 - Witch Doktor
29 - I Want Your Soul - Radio Edit
30 - Sugar
31 - Alienz
32 - My My My - Radio Edit
33 - Hear My Name (original Club Mix)
34 - I Want Your Soul (tv Rock Remix)
35 - Je T'aime (feat. Nicole Roux)
36 - Sugar (paper Faces Remix)
37 - Give Me Your Loving ( Feat. Lorne )
38 - Wings (i Won't Let You Down)
39 - Wings (i Won't Let You Down) (club Mix)
40 - The Fire
41 - Bass Power
42 - I Need A Painkiller