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Aqua has been one of the hottest musical acts for years, and their career isn't going anywhere! Their songs have always been amongst the best in the industry, showing off their crazy talent from day one. They make every kind of rocking track out there. Whether it's an energetic club jam or an emotionally charged ballad, Aqua clearly know what they're doing!



Aqua's Questionable Fashion Choices - A Look Back at the Band's Unique Style

When it comes to Aqua, the Scandinavian pop-band of the 90s, we can all agree they gave us some enduringly memorable hits - from Barbie Girl to Doctor Jones. But despite these classics (which many of us have undoubtedly had trapped in our heads for decades at this point!), there is one critique that's as sticky and relentless as those catchy melodies: their questionable fashion choices! From outrageous leotards paired with sequined capes to fluorescent beachwear, it seems like no matter how hard we try not to stare, inevitably our eyes are drawn directly back again. So whether you’re laughing out loud or cringing internally over these 'style disasters', let's take a closer look into what made this band so unique…

When we think of Aqua, the Danish-Norwegian pop band known for their hits such as “Barbie Girl” and “Doctor Jones”, we immediately think of their infectious beats and catchy tunes. However, we can't help but remember their questionable fashion choices from the 90s that still have us scratching our heads today. From neon spandex to animal print leotards, Aqua's fashion sense has always been a topic of conversation. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Aqua's unique style and why it's still a source of inspiration and admiration to many.

The 90s were a time when fashion was experimental, and Aqua was no exception. The band was known for their flamboyant and playful aesthetic, which reflected their music. They often wore colourful and bold outfits that matched their songs' upbeat and playful nature. Their style was a mix of kitsch and glamour, which made them stand out from other bands at the time. From Lene's pink feathered boa and cartoon-printed dresses to Rene's sequined jackets and colourful vests, the band's fashion sense was always a conversation starter.

Another reason why Aqua's fashion sense was so unique was because they weren't afraid to take risks. They embraced the 'anything goes' attitude of the 90s and incorporated it into their fashion choices. The band didn't shy away from bold patterns, fluorescent colours, and unconventional accessories. They also had a penchant for wearing matching outfits, which emphasised their unity as a band. Aqua's style was imaginative, playful, and fearless - an attitude that still inspires many to this day.

Despite Aqua's fashion sense being criticised at the time, it's important to remember that the band's style was a product of its time. The 90s were a time when fashion was experimental, and Aqua's style reflected that. It was a time of platform shoes, oversized denim jackets, and neon everything. Aqua's fashion sense wasn't meant to be taken seriously - it was a part of their playful and carefree attitude towards life.

In conclusion, Aqua's fashion choices may have been considered questionable at the time, but looking back, they were unique and daring. The band's flamboyant and imaginative aesthetic perfectly matched their playful and upbeat music. Aqua's fashion sense was playful, bold, and fearless, and it remains an inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts today. While some may cringe at their outfits, we can't deny the impact Aqua had on 90s fashion and pop culture. So let's raise a glass to Aqua and their unforgettable style!
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1 - Barbie Girl
2 - Doctor Jones
3 - My Oh My
4 - Turn Back Time
5 - Lollipop (Candyman)
6 - Roses Are Red
7 - Cartoon Heroes
8 - Around The World
9 - My Mamma Said
10 - Brighter Than Sunshine
11 - Easier To Lie
12 - Good Times Gonna Come
13 - Falling Out Of Love
14 - Happy Boys & Girls
15 - Good Morning Sunshine
16 - Heat Of The Night
17 - Calling You
18 - Be A Man
19 - Halloween
20 - Roses Are Red - Original Version
21 - We Belong To The Sea
22 - Freaky Friday
23 - Back To The 80's
24 - Candyman
25 - Bumble Bees
26 - Dr. Jones
27 - Cuba Libre
28 - Cartoon Heroes - Radio Edit
29 - Goodbye To The Circus
30 - An Apple A Day
31 - Back From Mars
32 - Back To The 80´s
33 - Good Guys
34 - How R U Doin?
35 - Live Fast Die Young
36 - Playmate To Jesus
37 - Like A Robot
38 - Lollipop
39 - Dirty Little Pop Song
40 - Viva Las Vegas
41 - Kill Myself
42 - No Party Patrol
43 - Sucker For A Superstar
44 - Barbie Girl - Radio Edit
45 - Barbie Girl (extended Mix)
46 - Barbie Girl 2k23