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All-4-One is an American male R&B-pop group best known for their cover hit single I Swear from their self-titled 1994 debut album.


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All-4-One: More Than Meets the Eye

With the release of Brothers, their twelfth album in February 2021, All-4-One continues to defy expectations as a music artist. Their vocal harmonies and upbeat melodies have resonated with listeners since their now iconic Grammy award winning hit single “I Swear” was released in 1994. As die-hard fans continue to stay tuned for upcoming releases like “The Very Best Of… All-4-One 25th Anniversary Edition” due this summer, it is undeniably clear that this group has staying power within the industry. However, even something so beloved can come with criticisms—and while some may criticize their slow output of new material or claim they have strayed from classic R&B hits, anyone who takes the time to listen knows there is more than meets the eye when it comes to All-4-One.

All-4-One has been on the music scene for over 25 years, and their latest album, Brothers, was released in February 2021. Known for their beautiful vocal harmonies and upbeat melodies, this group has won over the hearts of fans across the globe. All-4-One has proven their staying power in a music industry that is constantly changing. However, with their long career comes the inevitable criticism. Some say that they have strayed from classic R&B hits, or that they haven't produced new material quickly enough. But if you take the time to listen, you'll discover that All-4-One is much more than their hits from the '90s.

One reason All-4-One has remained relevant over the years is their dedication to their craft. They are a group of talented musicians who take their job seriously. In interviews, they speak passionately about the music they create and the role it plays in their lives. Each member brings unique personality and talent to the table, and together, they create something special. Their hard work and dedication to their music make them stand out in an industry that is often fast-paced and commercialized.

All-4-One has also challenged themselves musically throughout their careers. While their sound is rooted in classic R&B, they have experimented with different genres over the years. For example, their album And the Music Speaks features a mix of soul, pop, and even Latin-inspired tracks. More recently, Brothers showcases a range of sounds, blending their classic style with more modern production techniques. By allowing themselves to explore new sounds, All-4-One has expanded their fan base and remained fresh and exciting.

Another reason All-4-One is more than meets the eye is their love for collaborations. Over the years, they have worked with a range of artists from different genres, including country star John Michael Montgomery, R&B group Color Me Badd, and even the cast of High School Musical. They understand that music is universal and can bring people from different walks of life together. Their collaborations show that they are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and make something new and exciting.

Finally, All-4-One's lyrics and messages have always been meaningful and relatable. From I Swear to I can love you like that, their hits have always been about love and romance. But they've also tackled more serious topics over the years, such as bullying and overcoming adversity. They've used their platform to spread positivity and hope through their music. This has endeared them to fans across the globe, and is part of the reason they have such a loyal following.

All-4-One is more than just a '90s R&B group. They are talented musicians, collaborators, and ambassadors of hope and positivity. Their music has resonated with fans for over 25 years, and they continue to challenge themselves to evolve and stay relevant. From their classic hits to their latest album Brothers, All-4-One proves that they are anything but a one-hit wonder. Fans can look forward to their upcoming 25th-anniversary album, The Very Best Of… All-4-One 25th Anniversary Edition, due to be released this summer.
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1 - I Swear
2 - So Much In Love
3 - These Arms
4 - I'm Your Man
5 - Regret
6 - Perfect
7 - Breathless
8 - Tapestry
9 - I Turn To You
10 - Say What You Want To
11 - (she's Got) Skillz
12 - Key To Your Heart
13 - When I Needed An Angel
14 - Beautiful As You
15 - My Child
16 - Not Ready For Goodbye
17 - A Better Man
18 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
19 - Christmas To Me
20 - Oh Girl
21 - Down To The Last Drop
22 - I'm Your Man
23 - Here If You're Ready
24 - I Luv That Girl
25 - The Bomb
26 - Without You
27 - The First Noel
28 - Something About You
29 - Someone Who Lives In Your Heart
30 - I'm Sorry
31 - Christmas With My Baby
32 - Giving You My Heart Forever
33 - I Swear (radio Edit)
34 - Frosty The Snowman Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
35 - I Can Love You Like That
2015: Twenty+
2009: No Regrets
2002: A41
1999: On and On
1994: All-4-One
1994: All-4-one


2023-10-08 h: 17:30
Rady Shell, Jacobs Park
San Diego, US
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