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702 (pronounced Seven-O-Two), named after the area code of their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, was an American platinum-selling R&B trio. Welcome to 702! We’re an energetic music artist ready to bring the funk to your day. Our dynamic sound fuses together a captivating mix of R&B, jazz and hip hop tunes. Soulful harmonies emerge from the melodic beats, accompanied by razor sharp rap verse. At 702, we warmly invite listeners everywhere to join in on our captivating journey of pure vibes and raw spirit. Let us soundtrack your new journey – one with no limits and full of fun!
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Recently added songs of 702:
Where My Girls At? - Honey Dijon Remix
You Don't Know
Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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702 songs are forever

702 is a 90s R&B group that continues to bring joy to the hearts of music fans around the world. This beloved trio consists of sisters Kameelah Williams, Irish Grinstead, and LeMisha Grinstead who first debuted in 1996 with their classic single Where My Girls At?. Their debut album No Doubt produced a number of hit singles, including the aforementioned classic and fan-favorite Get It Together featuring Missy Elliott. Both songs remain staples of 90s R&B radio to this day.

The trio has released several albums over the years, all filled with soulful jams that can make even the most hardened listener melt. One of their best live concerts was at Summer Jam in 2001 where they performed many of their hits to an enthusiastic crowd. In addition to their already impressive discography, 702 released a comeback album in 2018 titled Star after almost two decades away from recording music together.

702's positive energy and melodic vibes have made them one of the most beloved groups from the 90s era and beyond. Every time one of their songs comes on, it's sure to send any listener back in time with nostalgic memories.

From classic hits like Where My Girls At and Get It Together all the way up to their 2018 comeback album Star, 702 continues to be a favorite among music lovers. Their legacy will live on for years to come as fans everywhere can enjoy their incredible tunes, both old and new. So throw on some 702 and get ready for a musical journey through time! -702 songs are forever!-
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1 - Steelo Remix
2 - Where My Girls At
3 - Get It Together
4 - You Don't Know
5 - Steelo
6 - I Still Love You
7 - Gotta Leave
8 - You'll Just Never Know
9 - Feelings
10 - Finally
11 - No Doubt
12 - Trouble
13 - Seven
14 - All I Want
15 - Places
16 - Tell Your Girl
17 - You Don't Know (enigma Dubz Mix)
18 - Come & Knock On My Door
19 - Better Day (ghetto Girl)
20 - Word Iz Bond
21 - "2" Interlude
22 - Not Gonna
23 - Jealousy
24 - Round & Round
25 - Get Down Like Dat
26 - Stringing Me Along
27 - "0" Interlude
28 - "7" Interlude
29 - No Way
30 - Betcha She
31 - Reality
32 - Finding My Way
33 - Certified
34 - Show You My Love
35 - What More Can He Do
36 - Star
37 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
38 - You Don't Know
39 - Where My Girls At? - Honey Dijon Remix
2003: Star
1999: 702
1996: No Doubt


2023-08-25 h: 17:30
Garden Amphitheatre
Los Angeles (LA), US
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2023-11-25 h: 20:30
Arena Theatre
Houston, US
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