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311 (pronounced three-eleven) is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was formed in 1988 by vocalist-guitarist Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Jim Watson (who would later be replaced by Tim Mahoney), bassist Aaron P-Nut Wills and drummer Chad Sexton. 311 is a career artist that has been making music for years! Their upbeat tempos and distinct sound inspire fans around the world. Everybody can hum their most famous single Down. But even the hardcore 311 lover might not realize the depth and beauty of their other songs. With freshing content adding up over the years, they have established a loyal fan base while those more recent to their music couldn't help but be overwhelmingly surprised to know just how broad and impactful their set of top hits are. So if you're ready to fall in love with an underrated group then look no further. Tune into 311's best songs for videos and music so tasty any listener would easily get hooked!


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A Critical Look at 311: A Definitive Playlist

Ahh, 311 – the band that we all know and love and quite possibly hate just a little bit. Whether you were tapping your toes to All Mixed Up in middle school or tuning out some of their more… controversial hits during high school (ahem, Love Song), it's hard to deny their significance within the music world. But as much as I'm sure many of us feel like 311 is an unbreakable part of our musical memories, today we will be providing a critical ear for some of their selections – so get ready for a definitive playlist filled with both good vibes (and occasionally less-than-good vibrations).

Ahh, 311 – a band that has stood the test of time, but not without a fair share of controversies and setbacks. While they are undoubtedly a beloved part of our musical memories, it's important as listeners to take a critical ear to their selections and analyze their impact on the music world. Today, we'll be diving into a definitive playlist filled with both good vibes and occasional less-than-good vibrations. Let's get started!

1. All Mixed Up - 311's breakout hit is undeniably catchy and upbeat, with its infectious chorus and melodic guitar riff. However, upon closer inspection, the lyrics veer into vague and nonsensical territory, leaving the listener wondering what the song is even about. Is it a love song? An anthem for nonconformity? It's hard to tell. While it's a classic, All Mixed Up ultimately falls short in terms of meaningful lyricism.

2. Amber - This popular ballad is often cited as one of 311's best songs, and for good reason. Its gentle guitar melody and romantic lyrics make it a nostalgic, dreamy listen. That being said, it also suffers from the same vagueness as All Mixed Up, relying more on mood and tone than actual substance. It's a pleasant song, but not a particularly memorable one in terms of message.

3. Love Song - Perhaps one of 311's most notorious hits, Love Song is a cover of The Cure's original track. While some listeners may love the band's interpretation, others may find it a bit contrived and forced. Furthermore, the song's lyrics have been criticized as being overly simplistic and lacking the emotional depth of The Cure's version. Ultimately, Love Song is a divisive track that has sparked plenty of debate among 311 fans.

4. Beautiful Disaster - This high-energy track is a fan favorite, with its driving beat and passionate vocals. However, some have argued that the song's lyrics are a bit clichéd and juvenile, with lines like Life's too short to be afraid of the dark coming across as overly simplistic. While the song's energy and enthusiasm are certainly infectious, it's not exactly a shining example of 311's best songwriting.

5. Don't Tread on Me - This politically charged track showcases 311 at their most confrontational, taking aim at the government and societal issues. However, some critics have pointed out that the song's message can come across as simplistic and one-dimensional, with little nuance or complexity. While it's certainly a bold statement, Don't Tread on Me ultimately falls short in terms of fully fleshed-out commentary.

Despite some of its flaws, 311 remains an important player in the music world, with its enthusiastic fanbase and signature sound. However, taking a closer look at their songs can reveal both strengths and weaknesses, from their ear-catching melodies to their sometimes lacking lyricism. While it's important to appreciate and celebrate the band's accomplishments, it's also crucial to engage with their music on a critical level, in order to fully understand its impact on the industry and on our own personal musical experiences.
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1 - Sunset In July
2 - Amber
3 - Love Song
4 - Down
5 - Beautiful Disaster
6 - All Mixed Up
7 - Come Original
8 - I'll Be Here Awhile
9 - Flowing
10 - Creatures (For a While)
11 - Transistor
12 - Homebrew
13 - Champagne
14 - Do You Right
15 - First Straw
16 - Random
17 - You Wouldn't Believe
18 - Purpose
19 - Hive
20 - Misdirected Hostility
21 - How Do You Feel?
22 - Loco
23 - Feels So Good
24 - Speak Easy
25 - Prisoner
26 - Sweet
27 - Uncalm
28 - Omaha Stylee
29 - You Get Worked
30 - Freeze Time
31 - Sick Tight
32 - Brodels
33 - Guns (are For Pussies)
34 - Large In The Margin
35 - Frolic Room
36 - Eons
37 - Reconsider Everything
38 - I Told Myself
39 - Full Ride
40 - Crack The Code
41 - Freak Out
42 - Hostile Apostle
43 - Hydroponic
44 - Hey You
45 - Don't Tread on Me
46 - It's Alright
47 - I'll Be Here Awhile
48 - Don't Stay Home
49 - You Wouldn't Believe
50 - Beyond The Gray Sky
51 - Jackolantern's Weather
52 - From Chaos
53 - Use Of Time
54 - Applied Science
55 - Sever
2009: Uplifter
2003: Evolver
2001: From Chaos
1997: Transistor
1995: 311
1994: Grassroots
1993: Music
1991: Unity
1990: Dammit


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