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Tycho's music combines ambient sounds, jazz influence, energetic rhythms and lush melodies. His songs have garnered worldwide attention from fans across multiple musical styles, widely praised for its masterful display of textures and melodies. From deep synth manuevers to driven guitar stomps and heavenly ambience loops anchored by elegant percussion grooves, Tycho effortlessly displays his expertise. It is this versatile sound that keeps fans flocking from all angles back to the tunes of Tycho again and again. Whether it be the introspective 'Dictaphone’s Lament' or the upbeat vibes of 'Division,' the artistry behind the compositions of Tycho leaves a lasting impression to echo his song titles: Lapse” and Epoch”.
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Pink & Blue
Run Away

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The Tycho Legacy: Exploring the Success, Criticisms, and Impact of Chillwave's Favorite Act

It's hard to deny Tycho has had a huge influence on the music industry – from his chill, dreamy soundscapes, to his expertly crafted full live performances and whole-hearted approach throughout his career. But with great success comes criticism. From leftfield musicians who criticize the lack of raw emotions in his work, to mainstream fans commenting on a perceived lack of soul or too much reliance on computers. Today we dig deep into Tycho's legacy to find out what works and what doesn't for one of electronic music’s most beloved acts.

Tycho is one of the brightest names in the contemporary electronic music scene. Since their debut album Dive in 2011, Tycho has created a loyal fanbase with their dreamy, chill soundscapes that trigger emotions in the listener. However, while Tycho has garnered critical acclaim and top of the chart successes, they have also faced their own share of criticisms. Some critics cite that their music lacks raw emotions, that their reliance on computers takes away from their performances, and that their music doesn't have soul. So, let's dive deep into Tycho's legacy, explore what works and what doesn't for this beloved act, and see how they have influenced the music industry.

Tycho's music is known for being relaxing and transportive, taking the listeners to otherworldly dimensions. But some argue that their music lacks emotion, that it is just an arrangement of beats and loops. However, what's interesting is that even if their music doesn't have traditional verse-chorus structure, it tells its own story- a story of emotions, experiences, and feelings that are expressed through ambient textures and soundscapes.

One of the criticisms Tycho faces is their reliance on computers. They get flack for not having a full live band, therefore their shows may come off as a pre-made setlist with no ability to adjust to the crowd or the atmosphere. However, Scott Hansen, the man behind Tycho, has spent time to meticulously craft his live set. Since 2014, Tycho has played with a three-piece band and has evolved their live shows into an experience that goes beyond just the music. Tycho's live performance features stunning visuals, lasers, and lights that make the performance an immersive experience.

Furthermore, many critics say that Tycho's music doesn't have soul. But the opposite is true- their music inspires, heals, and reflects emotion. Tycho's music is full of textures, feelings, and vibes that can make you cry, contemplate, and imagine. While it may not have the aggressive, upfront emotions found in mainstream electronic music, Tycho's music is an invitation to feel something.

Another argument against Tycho is that their music hasn't evolved over time. It's true their sound hasn't drastically changed since their debut album, but that's not wholly a bad thing. Tycho has perfected their sound and style over the years – they know what works and have kept their foundation strong. While not straying too far from their signature sound, Tycho's recent works, like Weather, their 2019 album, even show experimentation with more upbeat and vocal-driven tracks.

In the end, it's hard to deny Tycho's significant impact on the music industry. Their legacy has been defined by their dreamy, chill soundscapes, and their live shows that take you to another dimension. Even if Tycho has faced criticisms about their lack of raw emotion, reliance on computers, and a lack of evolution, they have managed to create a unique sound that has influenced the electronic music scene. They have shown that electronic music doesn't have to be aggressive, but it can still make you feel something. Tycho has created a powerful fraternity of music listeners that appreciate such music because it provides an escape from reality, allowing listeners to feel deep emotions that the music mediates. In a world where there is a lot of noise and chaos, it's good to have a Tycho moment where you can unwind, relax, and let the music take you to another world.
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1 - A Walk
2 - Hours
3 - Coastal Brake
4 - Daydream
5 - Past Is Prologue
6 - Adrift
7 - Sunrise Projector
8 - Melanine
9 - Cloud Generator
10 - Epigram
11 - Dictaphone's Lament
12 - Ascension
13 - From Home
14 - The Disconnect
15 - Elegy
16 - Montana
17 - Send And Receive
18 - L
19 - Pbs
20 - Spectre
21 - See
22 - Dye
23 - Brother
24 - A Circular Reeducation
25 - Apogee
26 - Send And Receive (chachi Jones Remix)
27 - Overlook
28 - Lapse
29 - You Should Be More Like Your Brother
30 - Systems
31 - Pbs / Kae
32 - From Home (mux Mool Remix)
33 - Coastal Brake (lusine Remix)
34 - Awake
35 - Dive
36 - Epoch
37 - Plains
38 - Division
39 - The Daydream
40 - Horizon
41 - Receiver
42 - Glider
43 - Dictaphone’s Lament
44 - Continuum
45 - Rings
46 - Field
47 - Easy
48 - Awake - Com Truise Remix
49 - Weather
50 - Slack
51 - Outer Sunset
52 - Source
53 - Local
54 - See - Beacon Remix
55 - Weather (nitemoves Remix)
56 - Japan (chilltrax Mix)
57 - Into The Woods
58 - Run Away
59 - Pink & Blue
60 - Jetty
2020: Simulcast
2019: Weather
2016: Epoch
2014: Awake
2011: Dive


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The Bellwether
Los Angeles (LA), US
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