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Temple Of The Dog


Temple of the Dog was an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. It was conceived by vocalist Chris Cornell of Soundgarden as a tribute to his friend, the late Andrew Wood, lead singer of Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone. Temple Of The Dog is an iconic hard rock band, initially formed in 1990. Comprised of popular members, like Vedder and Cornell from Pearl Jam, the group was widely acclaimed for delivering stunning tracks fused with engaging lyrical content. Their debut single 'Hunger strike' quickly shot to the top on Seattle's rock charts as music aficionados everywhere coalesced over its lyrical strength and musical excellence. Other memorable tracks such as 'Say Hello To Heaven' only furthered the resilience of the Temple Of The Dog’s sound that seemed positively derivative of so many exceptional artists within the region at that time. No doubt the band's chart success with their idiosyncratic songwriting and passion for comfort in mainstream settings forged a strong identity fo these classic composers who continuously strive to bring forward some of the best songs and music fans have ever been blessed with.
Reliving the Best of Grunge: Temple of the Dog
The '90s were dominated by a rebellious musical wave known as grunge. The genre emerged from Seattle into the mainstream music scene during the decade and stood out for its raw, angst-filled sound. One of the influential bands among grunge pioneers was Temple of the Dog - a supergroup that formed in 1990. This band featured members of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Mother Love Bone, among others. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the musical biography of Temple of the Dog, its best songs, and its impact on grunge music as a whole.
The Origins of Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog formed out of the tragic death of Mother Love Bone's lead singer, Andrew Wood, who died of a drug overdose. Wood's close friend and Soundgarden lead singer, Chris Cornell, organized a tribute album to him. This album eventually formed the basis of Temple of the Dog's self-titled debut album, released in 1991. The project saw members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Mother Love Bone come together to create a masterpiece.
The Sound of Temple of the Dog
The sound of Temple of the Dog is an amalgamation of rock, grunge, and elements of heavy metal. The album boasts of tracks with soaring guitar riffs, thundering drum beats, and soulful vocals. With songs such as Hunger Strike and Say Hello 2 Heaven, the band created a music template that would set the standard for future grunge bands. The band also experimented with blues influences, which can be heard on tracks like Wooden Jesus.
The Best Songs of Temple of the Dog
The self-titled album has several standout tracks, but two songs have eclipsed the others in popularity. Hunger Strike is a fan favorite that features Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell's harmonizing into a chorus that will stay in your head for days. Say Hello 2 Heaven is another haunting track that showcases Cornell's vocal range and guitar skills. It's a track that has stood the test of time and still gives listeners chills.
Famous Concerts and Critics
Temple of the Dog had a limited number of live performances during their peak years, but their fan base remains loyal even today. In 2016, the band went on a brief 10-city tour to mark the 25th anniversary of their eponymous debut album. Although they only played a handful of shows, they were widely hailed as one of the decade's most influential bands. Critics loved the reunion, lauding the band members' raw energy and once-in-a-lifetime performance.
Temple of the Dog continues to enjoy a legion of followers, proving how timeless their music is. The band has inspired countless musicians and continues to serve as a benchmark for the grunge genre. Their music has been a source of solace for many fans who identify with the raw emotion present in all their songs. The band may have formed out of a tragedy, but its music has left a lasting legacy that lives on.
Temple of the Dog continues to enjoy a legion of followers, proving how timeless their music is. The band has inspired countless musicians and continues to serve as a benchmark for the grunge genre. Their music has been a source of solace for many fans who identify with the raw emotion present in all their songs. The band may have formed out of a tragedy, but its music has left a lasting legacy that lives on.

Why Temple of the Dog Deserves a Second Listen

Temple of the Dog is arguably one of the most overlooked bands in music history. While their short lived career didn't produce a huge number of hits, there’s no denying that they were incredibly talented and impactful on both alternative rock and grunge movements. Their 1991 self-titled album was comprised solely of beautiful ballads and powerful anthems to emerge from Seattle during this era, leaving behind only five songs but a lasting legacy that still resonates with many fans today. Despite largely flying under the radar, here are some reasons why we should give Temple Of The Dog another listen - something critical about them along with some great aspects about why they remain special decades later.

It's easy to overlook the impact of a band that was only around for one album. But in the case of Temple of the Dog, this would be a grave mistake. Their self-titled album, released in 1991, was a heart-wrenching tribute to a beloved friend who had passed away. And while their short-lived career didn't garner the same attention as other grunge bands of the era, there’s no denying that they were a talented and impactful group. In this blog post, we’ll dive into why Temple of the Dog is one of the most overlooked bands in music history, and why they deserve another listen.

First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge the deep emotionality that infuses Temple of the Dog’s music. The band was formed in response to the death of Andrew Wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone, who was Chris Cornell's close friend and former roommate. In response to his passing, the members of Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden came together to make music that honored Wood's memory. As a result, their eponymous album is a raw and visceral expression of grief, with tracks like Hunger Strike and Say Hello 2 Heaven acting as emotional anchors for the record. In a time when grunge was often characterized by aggression and angst, Temple of the Dog stood out for its vulnerability and sincerity.

Another key aspect of Temple of the Dog's legacy is their experimentation with genre. Though they were often lumped in with the grunge movement, their music drew on a wide range of influences, including classic rock, blues, and soul. This is perhaps most evident in the album's closing track, All Night Thing, which features a jazzy piano riff and a slow, sultry groove. It’s this willingness to push beyond the boundaries of grunge that makes Temple of the Dog such an interesting and dynamic band to listen to.

Of course, it's impossible to talk about Temple of the Dog without mentioning their star power. The band featured some of the most talented and influential musicians of the time, including Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave), Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam, Mad Season). Their collaborative effort resulted in a sound that was both familiar and yet completely different from their individual projects. And while they only released one album, their influence on the world of alternative rock and grunge has been long-lasting.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to give Temple of the Dog another listen is to honor the memory of Andrew Wood. His passing was a devastating loss for the Seattle music community, and the album that Temple of the Dog produced in his memory acts as a powerful tribute to his life and legacy. Listening to their music is a way to keep his memory alive, and to appreciate the impact that he had on the musicians who knew and loved him.

Temple of the Dog may not have had the same commercial success as some of their contemporaries, but their impact on the world of music cannot be overstated. Their self-titled album was a beautiful tribute to a lost friend, and remains a potent expression of grief and love to this day. From their genre-bending experimentation to their impressive roster of musicians, there are plenty of reasons to give Temple of the Dog another listen. And if you do, you'll find that their music still resonates with the same power and emotion that it did over 30 years ago.
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1 - Say Hello 2 Heaven
2 - Hunger Strike
3 - Reach Down
4 - All Night Thing
5 - Four Walled World
6 - Pushin' Forward Back
7 - Your Savior
8 - Call Me A Dog
9 - Times Of Trouble
10 - Wooden Jesus
11 - Say Hello to Heaven
12 - Black Cat
13 - Pushin' Forward Back
14 - Your Saviour
15 - Say Hello 2 Heaven - 25th Anniversary Mix
16 - Call Me A Dog - 25th Anniversary Mix
17 - Temple Of The Dog