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Taio Cruz

Jacob Taio Cruz (born 23 April 1985), known professionally as Taio Cruz (Portuguese: [?taj.ju ?k?uj?]), is a British singer-songwriter, record producer, occasional rapper and entrepreneur. Taio Cruz is a multi-award winning singer and songwriter with a career spanning three albums and countless awards. Known predominantly for his distinctive R&B sound, Cruz has been labeled as the new king of pop in many reviews. His radio hits have busted the charts of multiple countries including, 'Break Your Heart' and 'Dynamite.' Additionally, alongside hip hop artist Luciana, Taio released 'Come On Girl,' which quickly soared to number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2007. Not to mention, his mega hit 'Hangover' with Flo Rida became a global success and was among the most played singles at clubs and radio stations that year! The list of hit songs from producer and performer, Taio Cruz keeps growing more stellar each day.
The Musical Journey of Taio Cruz: A Look into His Best Performances, Genre, and Top Songs
Music has always been a part of our lives, and discovering new artists and genres has always been a great motivator to continue our musical journey. One such artist that grabbed my attention was Taio Cruz. His unique fusion of pop and R&B and his talent for producing catchy tunes made him an instant hit in the music industry. In this blog post, we'll dive into his biography, music genre, best songs, famous concerts, and a bit of a critique.
Taio Cruz was born on April 23, 1985, in London, England. He began his musical career as a songwriter in his teenage years, working with artists such as Britney Spears, Ludacris, and Justin Timberlake. It wasn't long before he started producing his own music. In 2006, he released his debut album, 'Departure,' which drew attention from music lovers and critics alike. His subsequent albums, Rockstarr, TY.O, and The Rokstarr Collection cemented his position in the music industry.
Music Genre
Taio's music is a blend of various styles, including R&B, pop, electronic, and dance. His music is rooted in R&B, but he adds his unique spin to create memorable hooks and melodies. His music is upbeat, positive, and optimistic, making it perfect for cheerful occasions.
Best Songs
Taio Cruz has produced some absolute bangers over the years. His first hit was Break Your Heart, which features Ludacris, followed by the club anthem Dynamite. Other notable songs include Higher, featuring Australian singer Kylie Minogue, Troublemaker, featuring Flo Rida, and Hangover, featuring American rapper, singer, and songwriter, Flo Rida. These songs are guaranteed to get you up and dancing.
Famous Concerts
Taio Cruz has performed at various concerts worldwide, including the O2 Arena in London and the MTV Europe Music Awards. One of his most memorable performances was at the 2009 Brit Awards, where he performed Break Your Heart in front of a star-studded audience that included Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, and Lily Allen.
While Taio Cruz's music is undeniably catchy and upbeat, some critics argue that it lacks emotional depth. His music is designed to be commercially successful and make people dance, but it doesn't necessarily evoke deep feelings. Critics have also noted that his lyrics can be repetitive, making his music predictable.
Taio Cruz is an artist that has made a significant impact on the music industry. He is known for his catchy hooks and upbeat music, which can make even the most reserved listener want to get up and dance. His blend of R&B, pop, electronic, and dance has undoubtedly won him fans worldwide. While some may criticize his lack of emotional depth and repetitive lyrics, there's no denying that Taio Cruz's music can instantly brighten up your day.


1 - Dynamite
2 - Break Your Heart
3 - Hangover
4 - Higher
5 - Troublemaker
6 - There She Goes
7 - Dirty Picture
8 - I Can Be
9 - No Other One
10 - I Just Wanna Know
11 - Falling in Love
12 - Moving On
13 - Take Me Back
14 - She's Like A Star
15 - I'll Never Love Again
16 - Telling The World
17 - Come On Girl
18 - World In Our Hands
19 - Forever Love
20 - Fly Away
21 - Feel Again
22 - Driving Me Crazy
23 - Best Girl
24 - Do What You Like
25 - So Cold
26 - Never Gonna Get Us
27 - Only You
28 - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love
29 - Keep Going
30 - Shotcaller
31 - Can't Say Go
32 - Dynamite (mixin Marc Remix Radio Edit)
33 - Break Your Heart (remix)
34 - Make It Last Forever
35 - Tattoo
36 - Higher (feat. Travie Mccoy)
37 - Feel Again (bonus Track)
2011: TY.O
2009: Rokstarr
2008: Departure