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T Rex

T. Rex were a British rock band, formed in 1967 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Marc Bolan. The band formed as Tyrannosaurus Rex, releasing four underground acoustic albums under the name. Tyrannosaurus Rex, more recognizable as T Rex, has established itself as one of the most iconic bands to ever come out of Britain amongst music aficionados. Led by enigmatic vocalist and songwriter Marc Bolan, the quartet experienced a level success unlike any other rock band before or since. From the colossal crunch of 'Jeepster' to the tambourine funk of 'Get it On', T Rex have produced some of the 70s' biggest hits with their rock 'n' roller showmanship, taking inspiration from glam, folk and straight up rock. With an influence so consistently evoked over four decades later by writers and bands worldwide, guaranteed that ‘T Rex Aural Delight’ is something low in calories and high in substance that listeners can really sink their teeth into!



Examining the Good and Bad of T Rex’s Legendary Music

T Rex is a legendary band that has made a lasting impact on the music industry, but like all powerful forces in life, there's always something critic and something good to be said about their work. From their soulful tunes to their stylish genre-blending compositions, T Rex has consistently pushed the boundaries of what defines the sounds of popular music. This blog post will give true listeners an inside look at both sides – exploring both what critics deem unworthy in T Rex’s catalog as well as acknowledging the undeniable brilliance behind many of their classic offerings. So settle in for some real talk about one of rock ‘n’ roll’s biggest icons – it’ll no doubt be riveting!

For music lovers, T Rex is a band that needs no introduction. They are arguably one of the most influential rock bands of all time, with a legacy that continues to shape music today. T Rex has had a massive impact on the music industry, but like all great things, there are positive and negative aspects to their work. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the good and the bad of T Rex’s music, exploring both the criticisms and the moments of brilliance that make them such a legendary band.

Critics of T Rex often point out that some of their music is too simplistic. That’s certainly true for some of their more straightforward rock songs, but it’s important to remember that simplicity can also be a strength. Bolan had a deep understanding of melody and how it could communicate emotion, and this was evident in many of his songs, such as “Get It On.” In addition, T Rex’s unique sound—which often blended different genres like rock, pop and glam—was innovative and helped to influence many different styles of music.

Another criticism of T Rex is that many of their songs have a similar sound. While it’s true that Bolan had a distinctive style, some of his work was more experimental than others. For instance, Electric Warrior was a groundbreaking album that showcased a wide range of styles and sounds, from the heavy rock riffs of “Jeepster” to the delicate acoustic guitars of “Cosmic Dancer.” Similarly, tracks like “Mambo Sun” and “Life’s A Gas” are distinctly different from T Rex’s more well-known hits, showing that Bolan was capable of more than just one style.

One of the things that critics often overlook is the sheer impact that T Rex has had on music. From their glam rock image to their catchy melodies, they were pioneers in many ways. Their music influenced successive generations of musicians, and their sound can be heard in countless songs to this day. In addition, Bolan’s lyrics often had a poetic quality that made them stand out from other songs of the era. His evocative imagery and wordplay helped to elevate T Rex’s music beyond mere entertainment.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about the good and bad of T Rex’s music without mentioning their biggest hit: “Bang a Gong (Get It On).” This song has been criticized for its simplistic structure and repetitive chorus, but it’s hard to deny the sheer power and catchiness of the song. Its driving beat and infectious guitar riff have made it a staple of classic rock radio, and its influence can be heard in many other songs over the years. In addition, it showcases Bolan’s gift for creating memorable hooks and earworms.

In the end, T Rex remains one of the most legendary bands in rock history. While their music is not without its faults, it’s clear that they made a lasting impact on music that continues to this day. From Bolan’s talent for melody to his distinctive poetic lyrics and unique genre-blending, T Rex’s music is undeniably innovative and ahead of its time. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to their work, there’s no denying their impact on music and culture. T Rex remains an influential band today, and their music will continue to be appreciated for generations to come.
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1 - Cosmic Dancer
2 - 20th Century Boy
3 - Mambo Sun
4 - Metal Guru
5 - Monolith
6 - Hot Love
7 - Jeepster
8 - Children Of The Revolution
9 - Bang A Gong (get It On)
10 - Teenage Dream
11 - I Love To Boogie
12 - Telegram Sam
13 - Life's A Gas
14 - Ride A White Swan
15 - Planet Queen
16 - Lean Woman Blues
17 - The Motivator
18 - Girl
19 - Rip Off
20 - Debora
21 - Ballrooms Of Mars
22 - Solid Gold Easy Action
23 - The Slider
24 - Mystic Lady
25 - Spaceball Ricochet
26 - Rock On
27 - Buick Mackane
28 - Chariot Choogle
29 - Baby Strange
30 - Born To Boogie
31 - Baby Boomerang
32 - New York City
33 - Bang A Gong (get It On) - Remastered Version
34 - Light Of Love
35 - Rabbit Fighter
36 - Main Man
37 - Life Is Strange
38 - One Inch Rock
39 - 20th Century Boy - 2012 Remaster
40 - Lady
41 - Diamond Meadows
42 - The Groover
43 - Laser Love
44 - Raw Ramp
45 - Hot Love - A Side
46 - Dandy In The Underworld
47 - Truck On (tyke)
48 - Get It On