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Are you familliar with the musical history of Sylvan Esso? They have been making amazing songs and albums that have got so much recognition over the years. From lush melodies to intellectual lyrics, it's difficult to narrow down their best work. Whether you prefer their indie vibe or dance sound, there's an album from Sylvan Esso that you're sure to love.
Discover the Magic of Sylvan Esso - From its Roots to the Best Performances
Every music lover worth their salt must have come across the name Sylvan Esso in their listening journey. Their unique blend of indie-pop and electro-folk is a refreshing take on modern music. Comprising of Amelia Meath as the vocalist and Nick Sanborn as the instrumentalist, Sylvan Esso has become a well-respected name in the music industry. In this article, we'll dive deep into their musical biography, the genre they belong in, some of their best songs, famous concerts, and reviews.
Musical Biography:
Before forming their band in 2013, Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn were individual musicians doing their thing. Meath came from the indie-folk band Mountain Man, whereas Sanborn was an electro-folk artist. They met when Sanborn went to see Mountain Man perform and both instantly clicked, discovering that they could create something unique together. Their band name came as a result of the words' Sylvan,' meaning 'from the forest,' and 'Esso,' being a homophone of 'Yes, so.' Thus Sylvan Esso was born.
Music Genre:
Sylvan Esso is a blend of different genres, with influences ranging from electro-pop, indie-pop, and folk to electronic and acoustic sounds. Their music is mainly characterized by upbeat and energizing rhythms, Amelia Meath's melodic and infectious vocals, and Nick Sanborn's fantastic instrumentation, which is just a perfect match.
Best Songs:
Sylvan Esso has a wide array of great songs, but some have undoubtedly stood out, such as 'Coffee,' 'Hey Mami,' 'Die Young,' and their most recent single, 'Ferris Wheel.' 'Coffee' was their breakthrough hit, with catchy rhythms, soaring melodies, and euphoric beats. It has become a fan favorite and a go-to song at their concerts. 'Hey Mami' is another fan favorite, with an infectious chorus that will keep you moving. 'Die Young' explores themes of youth, living life to the fullest, and the fleeting nature of existence. It combines melancholic lyrics with upbeat rhythms.
Famous Concerts:
Sylvan Esso has toured all around the world, and their live performances are a treat. In 2014, they performed at New York's Terminal 5 with an exciting light show that left the audience mesmerized. In 2015, they gave an electrifying performance at the Coachella festival, which gathered thousands of fans. Their set at Lollapalooza Chile in 2016 was also highly acclaimed, with the band bringing their A-game.
Sylvan Esso's music has received widespread critical acclaim, with music critics praising the band's talent, energy, and unique style. The Guardian 's Ben Beaumont-Thomas described their second album, What Now, as an exhilarating album that takes familiar pop sounds and curdles them in exciting new ways. Pitchfork 's Laura Snapes praised their music for its caustic observations on society.
Sylvan Esso's music is a blend of different genres, characterized by infectious beats, soaring melodies, and energetic rhythms. The band has become a well-respected name in the music industry, touring the world and giving electrifying performances. Their music is a refreshing take on modern pop, and their unique style has won them critical acclaim from music critics. Whether you're a long-time fan or listening to them for the first time, Sylvan Esso's music is a treat for your ears and soul.
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The Musical Journey of Sylvan Esso: From Humble Beginnings to Chart-Topping Success

If you're a fan of indie pop and electronic music, you've probably heard of Sylvan Esso. This American duo, consisting of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn, has garnered widespread critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase over the past few years. But how did they get here? In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the musical biography of Sylvan Esso, tracing their origins, biggest hits, and most beloved albums. Whether you're a longtime fan or just discovering their music, you're sure to find something to love about this fascinating duo.

Sylvan Esso got started in 2013, when Meath and Sanborn met while playing at the same music festival. Meath was performing as part of her folk trio, Mountain Man, while Sanborn was playing with his experimental electronic project, Made of Oak. The two quickly hit it off and began collaborating on a new project that blended Meath's powerful vocals with Sanborn's eclectic beats and melodies.

Their debut album, which was self-titled, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, with Pitchfork calling it a near-perfect album and the New York Times declaring it one of the year's best records. The album featured popular tracks like Coffee, Hey Mami and Dreamy Bruises. Sylvan Esso's sound is captivating, and the duo's eclectic mix of pop and electronic music, as well as their fusion of Sanborn's experimental sounds and Meath's strong, emotive vocals, made for a fresh and exciting musical experience.

Their second album, What Now, was released in 2017 and was equally if not more successful than the first. What Now climbed its way to the top of the charts, thanks in part to its most popular single Radio, and earned the duo a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2018. The album continued to explore the group's signature sound, with catchy, anthemic hooks and deeply felt lyrics about our modern world. Die Young, for instance, is a mournful meditation on mortality and growing old, while Kick Jump Twist is a dance-a-thon bop.

Sylvan Esso has since released several other popular hits, including PARAD(w/m)E, Ferris Wheel, and Rooftop Dancing, all of which prominently feature Sanborn's distinctive production work and Meath's stirring, evocative vocals bursting with confidence and emotion. They've also collaborated with fellow musicians such as Flock of Dimes and Lido Pimienta, further showcasing their versatility as artists. The duo's music is hard to ignore because of the emotions they bring into their songwriting, their instruments, and their energy.

In terms of musical influences, Sylvan Esso counts a wide range of artists from Prince to Bjork, Feist, and MGMT among many others. You can hear their experimental and energetic approach audible throughout all their songs. Sanborn has mentioned that his musical style is inspired by a desire to blend the electronic and organic and traditional sounds together, while Meath has talked about the importance of storytelling in her work.

As we've seen, Sylvan Esso's success as a musical duo is no surprise given their penchant for infectious hooks, creative sound mixing, and intimate lyrics that draw listeners in. As they continue to create music, it'll be exciting to see what new sounds and styles they explore, and it's clear that we'll continue to get lost in their world. Sylvan Esso is a testament to the power of collaboration, experimentation, and commitment to making music that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. So go ahead, hit play, and let Sylvan Esso take you on a musical journey you won't soon forget.

As we've seen, Sylvan Esso's success as a musical duo is no surprise given their penchant for infectious hooks, creative sound mixing, and intimate lyrics that draw listeners in. As they continue to create music, it'll be exciting to see what new sounds and styles they explore, and it's clear that we'll continue to get lost in their world. Sylvan Esso is a testament to the power of collaboration, experimentation, and commitment to making music that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. So go ahead, hit play, and let Sylvan Esso take you on a musical journey you won't soon forget.
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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Working with Sylvan Esso for Your Next Playlist or Concert

Sylvan Esso is an American electronic music duo who has been getting a lot of attention lately. Their creative and diverse sound draws in listeners from all walks of life, making them one to watch in this rapidly-evolving music industry. Coming out with new tracks seemingly every day, their momentum doesn't appear likely to slow down anytime soon. However, the dynamic duo isn't without its fair share of criticism; many traditional music aficionados say that Sylvan Esso's lyrics lack meaningful substance while accusing them of being overly reliant upon catchy hooks and beats. While there may be some truth to those claims, it should also be said that Sylvan Esso produces some high quality songs full of distinct energy and emotion that can easily capture any listener’s ear--and heart! In this post we'll explore both points of view by taking a look at the pros and cons of working with Sylvan Esso as you create your own playlist or concert.

In recent years, electronic music has become more and more popular among music lovers. Sylvan Esso, an American electronic music duo, has been gaining significant attention thanks to their unique and diverse sound. With music that's both catchy yet emotionally raw, Sylvan Esso is a group that's hard to ignore. However, like any popular artist, they are not without their critics. Many traditional music aficionados claim that their lyrics lack substance, and that they rely too heavily on catchy hooks and beats. But is there any truth behind these criticisms? And if you're looking to create a playlist that will impress any music lover out there, should you add Sylvan Esso to your list? In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of working with Sylvan Esso.


One of the most significant advantages of working with Sylvan Esso is the duo's incredible talent. Nick Sanborn and Amelia Meath, the duo behind Sylvan Esso, are both very talented musicians. They've proven this not only through their powerful live performances but also through their excellent studio productions. Their sound is a mix of electronic and indie-pop music, which makes their music all the more interesting and unique.

Another great advantage of working with Sylvan Esso is their ability to create music that sticks in the head. As mentioned earlier, the duo's sound is very catchy, making their songs repeat-worthy. With their infectious hooks and incredibly danceable beats, it's easy to understand why their music has skyrocketed in popularity.


While Sylvan Esso's catchy and upbeat sound is a huge draw for many, others have criticized their lyrics as being somewhat shallow. Some critics argue that the duo's emphasis on catchy hooks and beats comes at the expense of creating thoughtful, meaningful lyrics. While this criticism is not without merit, it's also important to realize that not all music needs to be deep and emotionally complex. Sometimes, music can simply be fun and enjoyable.

Another criticism of Sylvan Esso is their over-reliance on electronic sounds. Some traditional music lovers may prefer more classic instrumentation, and find that Sylvan Esso's electronic-heavy sound just doesn't do it for them. However, it's important to remember that music is an art form, and like any art form, it's subject to one's personal preferences. Some people may prefer no electronic music, while others may prefer an exclusively electronic sound. It all depends on your personal taste.

In conclusion, the decision of whether or not to add Sylvan Esso to your playlist or concert lineup ultimately comes down to personal preference. With catchy beats and infectious hooks, Sylvan Esso is an undeniable talent in the electronic music world. However, if you're looking for music with deep, thought-provoking lyrics, Sylvan Esso may not be your cup of tea. It's important to remember that music is subjective, and what one person loves, another may hate. So, next time you're creating a playlist or planning a concert, take some time to consider Sylvan Esso. You may just find that their unique sound is just what you were looking for.
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1 - Coffee
2 - Hey Mami
3 - Play It Right
4 - H.s.k.t.
5 - Could I Be
6 - Uncatena
7 - Dress
8 - Dreamy Bruises
9 - Wolf
10 - Die Young
11 - Radio
12 - Funeral Singers
13 - Ferris Wheel
14 - Come Down
15 - Slack Jaw
16 - Kick Jump Twist
17 - The Glow
18 - Signal
19 - Rooftop Dancing
20 - Sound
21 - Song
22 - Parad(w/m)e
23 - Rewind
24 - Frequency
25 - Ring
26 - What If
27 - Numb
28 - Runaway
29 - Slack Jaw - Echo Mountain Sessions
30 - Make It Easy
31 - Dress - Live
32 - Everything Is Free
33 - Ferris Wheel - Maya Jane Coles Remix
34 - Die Young - Echo Mountain Sessions
2020: Free Love
2017: What Now


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