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Sparks is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1971 by brothers Ron (keyboards) and Russell Mael (vocals), renamed from Halfnelson, formed in 1968.


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Palais Theatre
Melbourne, Australia

Sparks: The Band that Defies Expectations

Think of the name Sparks and you'll remember a band that has consistently defied expectations, blurring the boundaries between musical genres since their emergence in 1971. With an unconventional blend of rock, new wave, glam and synthpop - not to mention art-rock experimentalism - they've fearlessly pushed musical boundaries over the past four decades. Rarely do we find an artist still actively creating music with such a trailblazing level of artistic integrity; but despite their unorthodoxy in style and sound, Sparks have continued to pack out live shows year after year. It's testament to the fact that although this is a band who're open minded when it comes to expressing themselves musically, there remains something delightfully familiar at its core. As always with genre defying musicians there will be those who criticise as well as praise what makes up their eclectic back catalogue; let's take a look at both perspectives today!

Think of the name Sparks and you'll remember a band that has consistently blazed its own trail, with a distinctive blend of rock, new wave, glam, and synthpop that defies easy categorization. Since their emergence in 1971, they've fearlessly pushed musical boundaries, unafraid to experiment with different genres and sounds. And yet, despite their unorthodox approach, Sparks has continued to captivate audiences for decades, packing out live shows year after year. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at this trailblazing band, examining both the criticisms and praises surrounding their eclectic back catalogue.

Sparks' music has always been a mixture of the familiar and the downright peculiar. They were among the pioneers of synthpop in the late 1970s, producing such classics as This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us and Beat the Clock. However, they're also known for their art-rock experimentalism, which has led to some challenging and idiosyncratic albums over the years. Some critics have accused the band of being too cerebral and inaccessible, failing to connect emotionally with their audiences and becoming too self-indulgent.

However, there are others who describe Sparks' music as intelligent, witty, and endlessly imaginative. Throughout their career, they've always been unpredictable, constantly reinventing themselves and never content to rest on their laurels. They've collaborated with a diverse range of artists, such as Franz Ferdinand, Giorgio Moroder, and Faith No More, illustrating their continued relevance and adaptability. As one journalist put it, Sparks' music is never dull, calculated, or unadventurous.

One key aspect of Sparks' music is their ever-changing lineup. Brothers Ron and Russell Mael have been the driving force behind the band since day one, but they've worked with a number of different musicians over the years. This has led to some inconsistency in their output, with some albums being hailed as classics and others dismissed as lesser efforts. However, it also demonstrates their openness to collaboration and their willingness to experiment with different styles and approaches.

Despite their occasional missteps, Sparks has always been a vital and influential presence in the world of music. They've inspired countless artists across different genres, and their music continues to attract a devoted following. They're a band that defies easy definition or categorization, but that's exactly what makes them so special. As one fan put it, Sparks' music is like nothing else out there. You never know what you're going to get, but you know it's going to be something amazing.

Sparks is a band that defies expectations and pushes musical boundaries in unexpected ways. While their eclectic back catalogue may not be to everyone's taste, their willingness to experiment and their endless creativity ensures that they remain relevant and influential. Whether you're a diehard fan or simply appreciate their boundary-pushing music, there's no denying the unique appeal of this legendary band. Let's raise a toast to their continued success!
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1 - When Do I Get to Sing 'My Way'
2 - Barbecutie
3 - The Number One Song In Heaven
4 - Falling In Love With Myself Again
5 - Thank God It's Not Christmas
6 - Why Did You Make Me Care?
7 - Tattoo
8 - Battlefield
9 - One Step at a Time
10 - No Air
11 - By Your Side
12 - Marijuana
13 - S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)
14 - Freeze
15 - Next to You
16 - Now You Tell Me
17 - This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
18 - Amateur Hour
19 - Here In Heaven
20 - Talent Is An Asset
21 - Angst In My Pants
22 - Tryouts For The Human Race
23 - Beat The Clock
24 - Complaints
25 - Equator
26 - In My Family
27 - Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
28 - Something For The Girl With Everything
29 - Sherlock Holmes
30 - Lost And Found
31 - Reinforcements
32 - At Home At Work At Play
33 - Achoo
34 - Girl From Germany
35 - Wonder Girl
36 - Perfume
37 - B.c.
38 - I Predict
39 - Eaten By The Monster Of Love
40 - When I'm With You
41 - Don't Leave Me Alone With Her
42 - Dick Around
43 - La Dolce Vita
44 - Hasta Manana, Monsieur
45 - Good Morning
46 - Thanks But No Thanks
47 - Intro
48 - Academy Award Performance
49 - Bon Voyage
50 - My Other Voice
51 - Who Don't Like Kids
52 - Get In The Swing
53 - Happy Hunting Ground
54 - Lighten Up, Morrissey
55 - Edith Piaf (said It Better Than Me)
56 - Hospitality On Parade
57 - Strange Animal
58 - (she Got Me) Pregnant
59 - Metaphor
60 - (no More) Mr. Nice Guys
61 - The Very Next Fight
62 - I Bought The Mississippi River
63 - In The Future
64 - Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is
65 - Propaganda
66 - We Go Dancing
67 - You Were Meant For Me
68 - Veronica Lake
69 - Cool Places (with Jane Wiedlin)


2023-10-26 h: 19:00
Palais Theatre
Melbourne, Australia
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2023-10-29 h: 11:00
Murlawirrapurka and Ityamai-itpina/rymill and King Rodney Parks
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Murlawirrapurka and Ityamai-itpina/rymill and King Rodney Parks
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Murlawirrapurka and Ityamai-itpina/rymill and King Rodney Parks
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Sydney Opera House
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