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Seether is a South African rock band founded in 1999 in Pretoria. The band was originally formed under the name Saron Gas until renaming it to Seether in 2002. Seether is a rock band from South Africa that specializes in hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative metal music. The group has released multiple studio albums with popular tracks like Broken”, Fake It”, and Remedy. Their sound combines elements of hauntingly emotive music and an accessible melody. Fans love tunes like Gasoline due to its infectious singalong chorus. The band knows how to create those powerful catch phrases that stick with you immediately after listening. Their singles have continued to garner success in countries around the world ever since their start in 1999. Seether remains one of the most recognizable names in hard rock today due to their soulful songs and killer guitar riffs that get stuck your head forever!
Seether: A Rock Band That Continues to Captivate Music Listeners
Seether, a South African rock band, has been entertaining and captivating music lovers for over 20 years. The band has a unique sound that is hard to miss, and their impactful lyrics have struck a chord with fans all around the world. Seether is not just a band, but a phenomenon that continues to shine in the music industry. In this article, we'll delve deeper into their biography, genre, famous concerts, best songs, and a critic that will inspire you to listen to them more intently.
Seether was formed back in 1999 in Pretoria, South Africa by Shaun Morgan. The band was initially called Saron Gas, but they changed their name after being signed by a Major American record label, Wind-Up Records, in 2002. Seether's initial lineup included Shaun Morgan (vocals/guitar), Dale Stewart (bass), and John Humphrey (drums). The band gained massive popularity after their debut album, Disclaimer (2002), which featured the hit single, Fine Again. The band's success continued with Karma And Effect (2005), Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (2007), Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray (2011), and Poison the Parish (2017).
Music Genre:
Seether's music genre can be classified as hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative metal. Their music can be characterized as heavy with a raw, melodic aesthetic that has resonated with fans across the globe. Seether's music has always had a unique style and sound that sets them apart from other rock bands. The band's iconic brooding sound with lyrics that speak to the soul has been enduring to this day.
Famous Concerts:
Seether has performed at several famous concerts and events, leaving a lasting impact on their audience. One of their most famous concerts was at the Austin City Limits festival in 2014, where they performed some of their iconic hits like Remedy, Country Song, and Fake It. Seether has also played alongside rock legends like Evanescence and Red Hot Chilli Peppers for the Rock am Ring festival in Germany. The band has also played at the famous Download Festival in the UK, where they gave a memorable performance to the roaring audience.
Best songs:
Seether has graced us with several iconic songs throughout their career. The band's music has left an imprint on rock music history, including hits like Fake It, Broken, Remedy, Gasoline, Fine Again, Rise Above This, and Careless Whisper to name a few. With a mixture of raw energy, captivating lyrics, and a hauntingly beautiful melody, their music continues to pull at the heartstrings of fans across the world
Seether's music has received critical acclaim throughout their career. Music critics have praised them for their uncompromising style and meaningful lyrics. Critics believe that Seether's music has never been about following the trends of the current music industry but has always remained true to their unique style and sound. They are known for their hard-hitting lyrics and have been praised for their exploration of darker themes in their music.
Seether is a band that has left an impact on the rock music industry that is hard to ignore. Their music has always been a mixture of raw energy, mesmerizing melodies, and deep lyrics that speak right to the soul. Their unique sound and style have resonated with fans across the world and continue to influence young emerging bands to date. Seether's biography, genre, famous concerts, and best songs have left us with a treasure trove of exquisite music that will continue to captivate music listeners for generations to come.


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The Musical Biography of Seether: From Small Beginnings to Worldwide Success

Seether has been a household name in the rock/metal genre for more than two decades now. This South African rock band started out in the late 90s, releasing their first few records independently before signing with Wind-up Records in the early 2000s. From then on, the band has released numerous albums that have received worldwide praise, with many songs becoming instant rock anthems. In this post, we'll talk about the early beginnings of Seether, their most famous albums, their most successful songs, and their musical style and influences.

Shaun Morgan, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Seether, formed the band in 1999 with other musicians in South Africa. Their name was inspired by the Veruca Salt song Seether, one of Morgan's favorite bands. The band released their first album, Fragile, independently in 2000, followed by Disclaimer in 2002. Their third album, Karma and Effect, was released in 2005 and reached number 8 on the US Billboard 200 charts. This album spawned some of Seether's most successful singles, such as Remedy, Truth, and The Gift. Remedy even managed to reach the number one spot on the US Mainstream Rock charts.

Seether's fourth album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, was released in 2007, which became their most successful album to date. The album topped the South African charts, reached number nine on the US Billboard 200 charts, and produced some of Seether's all-time hits such as Fake It, Rise Above This, and Breakdown. These three tracks alone have a combined total of over 200 million streams on Spotify.

Seether's most recent album, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum, was released in 2020. The album features a more experimental sound, incorporating elements of electronic and industrial music. The album's lead single, Dangerous, has been well-received by fans and has garnered over 38 million streams on Spotify.

As for Seether's musical style and influences, the band is known for their heavy, grunge-inspired sound and angsty lyrics that tackle themes such as depression, addiction, and personal struggles. The band has cited Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden as their main influences, and their music can often be compared to these bands. However, Seether also incorporates acoustic ballads and softer tracks in their albums that showcase their diversity and range as a band.

Seether has come a long way since their early beginnings in South Africa. With numerous albums and hit songs under their belts, they have solidified their place in the rock/metal genre. Their music reflects their personal struggles and experiences, which allows fans to connect to their music on a deeper level. It's impressive to see how the band has evolved musically over the years, experimenting with different sounds and genres. Undoubtedly, Seether has left a lasting impact on the music industry and will continue to rock on for many years to come.
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The Two Sides to Seether's Music: An Overview

As one of the most popular names in modern rock music, Seether has long been a critical staple among fans and critics alike. The band's creative style, layered soundscapes, and powerful delivery have made it unforgettable for many listeners around the world. But just like everything else in life – there are two sides to every coin. While Seether is widely praised for their inventive craftsmanship that speaks to millions, some of their work falls into more forgettable territory as well. In this post, we'll explore both the positive aspects and criticisms situated within their music career – providing an insightful overview on all things Seether!

When it comes to modern rock music, it's hard to overlook Seether. Since its inception in 1999, the South African band has managed to carve out a unique niche in the industry – known for its heavy, layered soundscapes, emotive lyrics, and memorable melodies. With chart-topping hits like Broken and Fake It, Seether has become an influential voice in the world of rock. Despite its success, however, the band's music remains a topic of debate among fans and critics alike. Some rave about their creativity and artistry, while others point out the occasionally forgettable quality of their work. In this post, we'll take a closer look at Seether's music, from both the positive and critical perspectives, to provide you with a fuller picture of the band's career.

Seether's music has always been marked by a unique blend of hard rock riffs and poignant, introspective lyrics. Their early work, such as the haunting Broken featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence, cemented their reputation as experts in crafting memorable melodies that explore the depths of human emotion. Lead singer Shaun Morgan's powerful yet vulnerable vocals only added to the allure of Seether's music. Criticisms of the early work of Seether are sparse, but some have stated that their songs were a bit too simplistic and generic.

In 2005, Seether released the album Karma and Effect, which showcased a greater depth of musicianship. With songs like the hard-hitting Remedy and the melodic Truth, the band's sound became more textured and layered. The album also saw Seether's lyricism take a more overtly political turn, with songs such as American tackling issues of government corruption and social justice. Critics were quick to praise the band's more complex sound and subject matter, citing the album as Seether's most impressive work to date. However, some fans missed the simplicity of the band's earlier work.

Seether's next few albums saw a bit of a shift in direction for the band. While they still maintained their hard-hitting rock aesthetic, the band began to explore new sounds – incorporating elements of grunge, punk, and even pop into their music. The experimentation was well received by some fans, who appreciated the band's willingness to try new things and push boundaries. However, critics were divided on the success of these efforts. Some praised the band's ability to evolve while staying true to their core sound, while others felt that the band was losing sight of what made them great in the first place.

Looking back at Seether's extensive discography, it's clear that the band's musical trajectory has been marked by both highs and lows. While some of their work may have fallen into generic territory, there's no denying the impact that Seether has had on the rock music landscape. From their haunting melodies to their hard-hitting riffs, Seether's music continues to captivate fans around the world. Whether you're a diehard Seether aficionado or a casual listener, there's something to appreciate in the band's extensive body of work.

In conclusion, Seether's music offers a unique blend of emotional depth and hard-hitting rock that has solidified their place as one of the most influential voices in modern rock. While the band's extensive discography has seen its share of highs and lows, there's no denying the impact that they've had on the music world. From their early simplicity to their later experimentation, Seether remains a force to be reckoned with – and well worth a listen for any fan of rock music.
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1 - Fine Again
2 - Remedy
3 - Rise Above This
4 - Fake It
5 - Words As Weapons
6 - Careless Whisper
7 - Country Song
8 - Breakdown
9 - Truth
10 - Broken
11 - Gasoline
12 - Driven Under
13 - The Gift
14 - Fallen
15 - Sympathetic
16 - Walk Away from the Sun
17 - Because of Me
18 - Fade Away
19 - 69 Tea
20 - Like Suicide
21 - No Resolution
22 - Tonight
23 - Same Damn Life
24 - Betray And Degrade
25 - Let You Down
26 - Eyes Of The Devil
27 - No Jesus Christ
28 - Fmlyhm
29 - Diseased
30 - Never Leave
31 - Burrito
32 - Needles
33 - Given
34 - Fuck It
35 - Don't Believe
36 - Hang On
37 - World Falls Away
38 - Waste
39 - 6 Gun Quota
40 - Plastic Man
41 - Tongue
42 - I'm The One
43 - Your Bore
44 - Pride
45 - Simplest Mistake
46 - Pig
47 - Sold Me
48 - Cigarettes
49 - Got It Made
50 - Out Of My Way
51 - Nobody Praying For Me
52 - Love Her
53 - Bruised And Bloodied
54 - Misunderstood
55 - Can't Go Wrong
56 - Dead And Done
57 - Nothing Left
58 - Watch Me Drown
59 - Dangerous
60 - Deliver Me
61 - Pride Before The Fall
62 - Wasteland
63 - Innocence
64 - Seether
65 - What Would You Do
66 - Leech
67 - What Would You Do? Featuring Gavin Rossdale
68 - Stoke The Fire
69 - Will It Ever End
70 - Safe To Say I've Had Enough
71 - See You At The Bottom
72 - Feast Or Famine
73 - Wasteland (alternative Version


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