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Round One

Round One's roster of sought after artists is an impressive display, exploring centuries of musical history. From their debut single onward, classic hits and defining albums have left their mark on listeners all around the world. Blending tried and true chord progressions with trendsetting lyrics has proven to be a timeless recipe for numerous best songs from this acclaimed roster in the genres of Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and many more. As time passes by there exists that classic genre of music which successfully stand the test of time; Gold records forever representing a firm reminder of both musical diversity at Round One, as well as admiration throughout various generations.
The Rise of Round One: A Look into the Musical Biography, Best Songs, and Critic of the Band
Before the dawn of electronic dance music, Round One pioneered the way for the genre we know and love today. Comprised of Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, the German duo introduced techno, house, and funk into the mainstream scene during the 1990s. With their unconventional sound, they quickly gained popularity and have since become a cult classic for any music enthusiast. In this article, we’ll delve into the musical biography of Round One, explore their best songs, and get a glimpse into the band’s best concerts and critics.
Round One emerged during the late 80s and early 90s, the same era where dance music was thriving. Inspired by the likes of Kraftwerk and Afrika Bambaataa, they started producing tracks that were ahead of their time, marked with a deep, soulful bassline, prominent percussions, and a hint of jazz. They signed under the Basic Channel, a Berlin-based record label, and produced hits like I’m Your Brother and Theme, which ultimately became their signature sound.
Some of their best songs include Musica, a lively 10-minute track that showcases their skills as musicians, with pulsating bass, subtle keys, and catchy vocals. Bittersweet is another stand-out track, featuring a hypnotic synth melody, layered with echoing percussion. Theme is another crowd-favorite, well-known for its rolling bassline and snappy beat, perfect for any dancefloor.
Round One is known for their impressive live performances, often advertised by word-of-mouth. They played several shows throughout Europe, mesmerizing their audience with their unique beats and exceptional sound quality. One of their famous concerts was at the legendary London club, Fabric, in 2002. The venue was packed, and Round One did not disappoint. Their set was filled with energy, and the crowd couldn’t help but move to their thumping beats.
Critics have praised Round One for their unique sound and contribution to the electronic music scene. Resident Advisor, an online publication that specializes in electronic music, gave their album, The Arrival, a high score, noting their proficiency in producing dance music that’s both complex and diverse. They’ve also been compared to influential acts, such as Underground Resistance and New Order, known for their contribution to developing electronic music.
In conclusion, Round One has paved the way for the underground dance scene to emerge. Their pioneering sound is still celebrated and loved by many to this day. Their music genre has inspired a whole genre with techno and house music having become part of status quo dance music, which is an achievement that only few artists have achieved. They've proven that originality prevails in the music industry, and their music is sure to stand the test of time.


1 - I'm Your Brother
2 - I'm Your Brother (Quadrant dub II)
3 - In Zaire
4 - I'm Your Brother
5 - I'm Your Brother (club Version)
6 - I'm Your Brother (chicago's Twisted Mix)