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Murda V Tha Don

Bringing Back the G Funk Era.



Interview with Murda V Tha Don: emerging rapper talks about his G-funk music

Hi Murda V, let’s talk about you and about your sound.

How did you start your experience in the hip-hop culture?
I was involved in hip hop my whole life. I started rapping in high school in the 11th grade doing freestyles with my friends.

What do you think about the other contemporary cultures?
Do you find some features in common with your music?
Hip hop is life so you can relate rap with everything. All races and cultures. Everyone can relate to my music.

Is there some aspect of hip-hop culture that you disagree with?
I love all forms of hip hop. I respect anymore that can make a living in this competitive rap game.

How much does it influence your life?
This hip hop game is life. I'll be doing this rap shit until I'm dead.

Which are your inspirations, the artists you refer to?
2pac, too short, master p, DJ Quick, N.W.A

You have just published a new album, Bo$$ Playa Lifestyle. What can you tell us about this new project?
I'm trying to bring back the music I grew up listening to in the hood. Nothing but the original old school 90's G Funk.

This is your third studio album. How has your style and your themes changed starting from The Only Way I Love, Living a High Life and your last record, Bo$$ Playa Lifestyle?
On my latest album boss playa lifestyle, I did my best to make this album more lyrical and tried to get more direct on what I'm trying to get across.

You often refer to hustling in your lyrics. How is this theme important in your songs?
Everyone man woman and child have a hustle. I know as long as I make that the point we should have some sort of relation.

How has it been working with different producers?
It's been great, every producer I've worked with help me perfect my style and gives me direction for the next song.

What artistic plans do you have in the future?
I want to a album with all cardo beats. I love his beats and I've been a fan of his ever since I went solo

Your next concerts?
I don't have any yet. I've been looking for a road manger or a club owner that will allow me to be paid for performances
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1 - Give Me Love
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4 - Killing Them Hoes
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6 - The Way I Like It
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8 - Doubling Up
9 - Inside & Out
10 - I'm In Control
11 - Intro
12 - It's Turned On
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