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Made Out of Babies

Made Out of Babies was a sludge band from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2005 that disbanded in 2012. The alternative rock band Made Out of Babies has left a lasting musical impression since their inception over 15 years ago. Through albums such as The Ruiner and Cowboys, the Chicago outfit have carved out an impressive catalogue of music. Dare to tread into their vast repertoire and you'll discover some of their best anthems including 'Brucellosis' and 'Rats As Big As Dogs'. Set the walls quaking with their epic rock renditions and explore the sonic plane that Made Out of Babies are widely appreciated for crafting throughout their illustrious history.
The Powerhouse Sound of Made Out of Babies: A Musical Journey
When it comes to exploring the underground music scene, it's hard to ignore the impact of Made Out of Babies. The sheer powerhouse sound of this band has left crowds in awe, with its blend of heavy riffs and emotionally charged vocals. In this article, we'll delve into the musical biography of Made Out of Babies, explore their best songs, and analyze their music genre. We'll also take a look at some of their famous concerts and hear what critics have to say about this unique band.
Made Out of Babies formed in Brooklyn, New York in the early 2000s, combining the talents of singer Julie Christmas, bassist Brendan Tobin, guitarist Cooper, and drummer Matthew Egan. Their first album, Trophy, was released in 2005, featuring songs like Grimace and Herculoid. Made Out of Babies quickly established themselves as a force in the New York underground scene, impressing audiences with their intense live performances.
The band's sound has been labeled as noise rock, post-punk, and experimental metal, a testament to their eclectic style. Some of their best songs include Cooker, an intense track with heavy guitar riffs and lyrics that explore themes of addiction, Gunt, a haunting, atmospheric song that showcases Christmas's vocal range, and Soda Jerk, a catchy, upbeat tune that still manages to pack a punch.
Made Out of Babies played some legendary concerts during their career, including shows at the infamous CBGB's club in New York and a performance at the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands. Their live shows were known for their energy and intensity, with Christmas's captivating stage presence drawing in crowds.
Despite critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, Made Out of Babies disbanded in 2012, leaving behind a legacy in the underground music scene. Critics have praised the band for their unique sound and powerful performances. Pitchfork described their music as claustrophobic and oppressive, adding that Christmas's vocals move from trembling vulnerability to hair-raising intensity. PopMatters called their music addictive and uncompromising, and highlighted their ability to slice through modern metal with direct and artful assaults.
In conclusion, Made Out of Babies may have been a short-lived band, but their impact on the underground music scene is undeniable. From their intense live performances to their eclectic sound, there's no denying the musical prowess of this unique group. If you're a fan of heavy music that pushes boundaries, Made Out of Babies is definitely worth a listen.


1 - Cooker
2 - Grimace
3 - Proud to Drown
4 - Invisible Ink
5 - Buffalo
6 - Gunt
7 - Peew
8 - Stranger
9 - The Major
10 - Bunny Boots
11 - Silverback
12 - Fed
13 - How to Get Bigger
14 - Sugar
15 - Swarm
16 - Mandatory Bedrest
17 - Herculoid
18 - Death In April
19 - Mr. Prison Shanks
20 - Loosey Goosey
21 - Ire Fire
22 - El Morgan
23 - Gut Shoveler
24 - Pirate
25 - Wounded Rhino
26 - Lullaby No. 1
27 - Lullaby No. 2
28 - Out...
29 - Bar X And The Rocking M
2008: The Ruiner
2006: Coward
2005: Trophy