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Hot Cross was a post-hardcore band from Philadelphia. They were signed to Hope Division Records - Equal Vision Records.
Hot Cross: The Musical Evolution of a Legendary Band
Hot Cross is a name that has been synonymous with the punk and hardcore music scene since the early 2000s. The band's unique sound and distinct style made them stand out from the scene, and their music continues to inspire fans to this day. With a solid lineup of talented musicians and a wealth of exceptional music in their discography, Hot Cross has become a landmark in the world of punk and hardcore music. In this article, we're going to dive into the musical biography of Hot Cross, taking a closer look at their best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic of their legendary sound.
Beginning in 2000 in Philadelphia, Hot Cross formed from the ashes of various local bands that shared a vision of creating something unique and groundbreaking. The band featured Josh Jakubowski on guitar and vocals, Matt Smith on guitar, Billy Werner on bass, and Greg Drudy on drums, and quickly gained recognition for their emotive and intricate approach to punk rock. Originally signed to Level-Plane Records, the band released two EPs before releasing their first full-length album, A New Set of Lungs, in 2003. The album showcased the band's ability to blend complex guitar work and intelligent lyrics, creating a sound that was both technical and emotionally powerful.
After releasing A New Set of Lungs, Hot Cross quickly became known for their intense live shows, earning them a devoted following throughout the punk and hardcore community. The band's second full-length album, Risk Revival, released in 2007, demonstrated their growth and evolution as musicians, incorporating elements of post-rock and progressive metal into their sound. The album received critical acclaim and solidified Hot Cross's reputation as one of the most interesting and innovative bands in the scene.
Throughout their career, Hot Cross has never been afraid to experiment with their sound, incorporating elements of various genres into their music without sacrificing their punk roots. Their lyrical themes have often focused on introspection, personal growth, and the struggle to cope with the complexities of life. Their ability to reflect on the intimate struggles of everyday life and turn those emotions into powerful and affecting music is one of the reasons why Hot Cross continues to be so beloved by fans of the genre.
Some of the band's best songs include Solanka, Better a Corpse Than a Nun, and Finance Fuels the Sickness at Heart. These popular tracks showcase the depth and variety of Hot Cross's sound, combining intricate guitar work, driving percussion, and emotionally charged lyrics. These songs are a testament to the band's talent and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the punk and hardcore genre.
Hot Cross has played countless shows throughout their career, but one of their most famous performances was at the annual Krazy Fest in Louisville, Kentucky in 2003. The band's set was regarded as one of the most dynamic and intense performances of the festival and further cemented their status as a must-see live act.
Finally, a critic of Hot Cross could not ignore the band's ability to create emotional and complex music that was the perfect representation of the struggles and triumphs of everyday life. Hot Cross stands out because their music deals with complex themes and structures, weaving in different styles and genres on the basis of a punk-rock mentality and sound.
Hot Cross is a band that has continuously pushed the boundaries of punk rock, blending it with various genres to create a sound that is entirely unique. Their lyrics are emotionally charged and relatable, and their captivating live shows have earned them a dedicated following throughout the scene. Hot Cross's ability to innovate and evolve while staying true to their roots makes them a legendary band that will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations of punk and hardcore fans to come.
1 - The Holy Shroud
2 - Turncoat Revolution
3 - Exits And Trails
4 - Cardiac Silence
5 - Fire The Foundations
6 - Silence is Failure
7 - Resent Resist Rebuild
8 - Kill The Name
9 - A Tale for the Ages
10 - Fatefully
11 - Existence
12 - Rejoinder
13 - Fortune Teller
14 - Scrape Wisdom
15 - Blame Truth
16 - Patience and Prudence
17 - Dissertation: 14
18 - Pretty Picture Of A Broken Face
19 - A Weekend Spent Askance
20 - In Memory Of Morvern
21 - Frozen By Tragedy
22 - Figure Eight
23 - Requiescat
24 - Born On The Cusp
25 - Better A Corpse Than A Nun
26 - Throw Collars To The Wind
27 - Between Minutes And Miles
28 - Solanka
29 - History Fell In The Heart Broke Open
30 - Tacoma
31 - Consonants
32 - Finger Redux
33 - Two Cripples Dancing
34 - Lend Me Your Brain (i'm Building An Idiot)
35 - Prepare/repair
36 - The Eye Is A Tricky Machine
2003: Cryonics