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Hidden Citizens


Discovering Hidden Citizens: A Musical Journey Through Their Best Songs
If you haven't heard of Hidden Citizens before, then you're in for a treat. This American music group has been creating some of the most awe-inspiring and cinematic music by blending symphonic, electronic, and pop genres. With a passion for storytelling, Hidden Citizens has been releasing epic soundtracks that are tailor-made for movies or TV shows. The group has been active since 2014 and has already made a massive impact on the music world. So, in this article, we will take a musical journey through Hidden Citizens' biography, genre, best songs, famous concerts, and critics to understand why this band deserves more recognition.
Hidden Citizens: A Musical Biography
Hidden Citizens consists of two incredibly talented music producers, David Levy and Marlene Tsuchii. Their journey started as professional composers who would create music for trailers, commercials, and TV shows. However, they soon realized that they could create something much more profound, and Hidden Citizens was born. Their first album, Release the Pressure, gained popularity in 2014 and established their unique sound. Hidden Citizens continued to release albums such as Revivals and Empire while maintaining their cinematic and symphonic style. The group has also collaborated with various singers and musicians, such as Ranya and Roger Manvell.
Hidden Citizens: Genre
Hidden Citizens draws its inspiration from many genres, such as symphonic, electronic, and pop music. Their music is recognizable by its grand orchestral arrangements, electronic beats, and catchy pop hooks. While staying true to their roots, Hidden Citizens has pushed their sound into uncharted territory by experimenting with different music genres. They have even released a Christmas album, A Very Merry Black Mass, which showcases their diverse range as music composers.
Best Songs
It's hard to choose the best songs from Hidden Citizens because each of their compositions is a unique masterpiece. However, some songs stand out as classics. I Ran (So Far Away) featuring Kevin Keller is a cover of the classic A Flock of Seagulls song. Hidden Citizens' version brings new life to the song with a grand, cinematic sound. Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground) featuring Ranya is another epic composition that showcases Hidden Citizens' expertise in creating heart-thumping soundtracks. Paint It Black featuring Annamarie Tendler is also worth mentioning because of its haunting vocals and intense electronic beats.
Famous Concerts
Hidden Citizens' music is the perfect backdrop for any live event. While there isn't an extensive list of their live concerts, they have performed at a few notable shows. In 2019, Hidden Citizens had their first live event at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. This performance featured singer Roger Manvell, and it was a massive success. The group also performed at the 2020 Golden Trailer Awards, where they showcased their talent for making music that tells a story.
Hidden Citizens has been praised by both fans and critics for their cinematic and symphonic sound. LA Weekly has described their music as mood music created for a world that doesn't exist yet. Meanwhile, IndiePulse Music said that their music is a symphonic journey through fantasy and imagination. Hidden Citizens' music has proved to be highly adaptable, as it has featured on various movie trailers and TV shows. Their soundtracks have become iconic, and their music has amassed millions of streams on Spotify.
In conclusion, Hidden Citizens is a music group that music enthusiasts must discover. They layer soundscapes and compositions to create soundtracks that are reminiscent of movies, video games, and TV shows. Their range of music composition is diverse and has something for every music lover. From symphonic to electronic, Hidden Citizens has proven that they are one of the most tremendous musical groups out there. We hope that this musical journey through their biography, genre, famous songs, concerts, and critic appreciation has given you a glimpse of this music group's brilliance.
Next Concert
2024-09-06 h: 19:00
Chattanooga, US
1 - Land of Confusion
2 - Somebody's Watching Me
3 - Down Come The Rain
4 - Silent Running (epic Trailer Version)
5 - Never Stop
6 - Ride Of The Valkyries - Epic Trailer Version
7 - Don't Speak
8 - Let Me Out
9 - Shots Fired
10 - Built In Our Bones
11 - Out Of Time
12 - I Ran
13 - Take Over
14 - Casualty
15 - Here We Stand
16 - Heroes Fall
17 - Stay Alive
18 - Too Far Gone
19 - All For One
20 - Für Elise - Epic Trailer Version
21 - Immortalized
22 - Paint It Black - Epic Trailer Version
23 - Land Of Confusion - Epic Trailer Version
24 - Silent Running - Epic Trailer Version
25 - Nothing Is As It Seems
26 - The One To Survive
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Chattanooga, US
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