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Guru Josh

Paul Walden (born 6 June 1964), commonly known as Guru Josh, is a Jersey musician currently performing under his own stage name as Guru Josh.



The Musical Biography of Guru Josh: A Legacy in EDM

When it comes to electronic dance music, few artists have left a mark as indelible as Guru Josh. This UK native got his start in the early 90s, carving out a unique niche for himself in the world of house and techno. But it wasn't just his sound that made him a legend - it was his boundless creativity and larger-than-life persona. In this musical biography, we'll take a closer look at the life, career, and influence of Guru Josh.

Blog Body: Born Paul Walden in Jersey, UK, Guru Josh fell in love with music at a young age. He taught himself to play guitar, drums, and piano, and began experimenting with electronic sounds in his late teens. After a stint in the Royal Navy, he moved to London and started DJing at underground raves and clubs. He quickly built a reputation as a charismatic and innovative performer, known for his energetic sets and signature track Infinity. The single, released in 1989, became a massive hit across Europe, reaching the top 5 in the UK and earning Platinum status in Germany. It remains one of the most iconic anthems of the early rave era.

Guru Josh's success with Infinity paved the way for a string of popular albums and singles. His music blended elements of house, trance, and techno, creating a sound that was instantly recognizable and accessible to audiences around the world. Some of his most famous hits include Whose Law (Is it Anyway?), Freaky Dreamer, and Holographic Dreams. He also collaborated with other notable EDM artists like Paul Oakenfold and Ferry Corsten, cementing his status as a driving force in the industry.

But Guru Josh was more than just a musician - he was an innovator, constantly pushing the boundaries of live performance and production. He was one of the first artists to incorporate live instruments and vocals into his DJ sets, creating a unique blend of electronica and live performance. He also experimented with interactive video and lighting effects, creating immersive experiences for audiences. He was a true showman, known for his flamboyant style and larger-than-life presence on stage.

Through it all, it was clear that Guru Josh had a deep love of music and a commitment to creativity. He drew inspiration from a wide range of sources, including classical music, jazz, and rock. He was also influenced by the energy and spirit of the rave scene, which he saw as a beacon of positivity and connectedness. His music embodied these values, offering listeners a chance to escape and connect through dance and celebration.

Conclusion: Guru Josh's legacy in electronic dance music is undeniable. He was a pioneer, breaking new ground in both sound and style. His music continues to inspire generations of EDM fans and artists alike. But perhaps what truly sets Guru Josh apart is the passion and energy he brought to his craft. He was more than a musician - he was a true artist, dedicated to pushing the limits of what was possible. As we look back on his life and career, we can only be grateful for the electrifying legacy he left behind.
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Exploring Guru Josh's Controversial Music Style

Guru Josh has been making waves in the music industry since his breakout single Infinity dominated the charts back in 1989. While his signature sound and lively energy have earned him a die-hard fan base, some critics have argued that his musical style and formulaic melodies can be lacklustre at times. However, it's undeniable that Guru Josh brings something unique to the table; an infectious blend of funk and house grooves that delivers unforgettable party bangers each time! In this blog post, we'll explore both sides of Guru Josh's work - from its often overlooked appeal to its potential oversights - sharing insights about one of dance music's most iconic figures.

If you're a fan of the dance music scene, then Guru Josh is a name that you're likely familiar with. With hits like Infinity and Whose Law (Is It Anyway)?, he's been a constant presence on the charts since the late '80s, delivering some of the catchiest and most infectious dance tracks around. But, as with any artist, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Some fans and critics have argued that Guru Josh's music can be formulaic and lacking in depth, while others point out his signature sound as being truly unique, a perfect blend of funk and house. In this blog post, we're going to explore both sides of the coin and uncover what makes Guru Josh so influential in the dance music world.

Let's start with the positive side of things. Guru Josh's music is an infectious mix of house and funk. His signature sound is created by combining energetic beats with funky basslines and catchy melodies, resulting in tracks that are tailor-made for the dancefloor. Listening to tracks like Infinity and Whose Law (Is It Anyway)? induce a feeling of nostalgia for many listeners who remember them as classic club bangers. In essence, Guru Josh created music that made people want to dance and have fun, and that's something that should never be underestimated.

However, detractors of Guru Josh's style argue that his music can be formulaic and repetitive. His songs can often hinge on a few recurring themes, and this can make some of his tracks feel somewhat uninspired. While those who love his work argue that this adds to the consistency of his sound and lets you know what to expect from his music. Regardless of where you fall on the debate, it's hard to argue that Guru Josh's music is anything less than catchy and upbeat. His hits bring people together on the dance floor and create a unique energy that's hard to replicate.

Another point of controversy is Guru Josh's tendency to remix his own tracks. Many fans believe that this is a lazy move on his part and that it hampers the potential for his creativity. However, the other side of the argument is that remixing allows Guru Josh to explore different styles and sounds in his music while still maintaining his signature sound. It's a balancing act between delivering on the expectations of his fanbase while also keeping his music fresh and new.

One final point is that Guru Josh's music has been somewhat overlooked in recent years, despite his early breakout success. While other dance music producers come and go, Guru Josh's music has stood the test of time. It has become one of the staples of the club scene, and it's difficult to imagine a party without hearing his hits. This is a testament to his ability to create music that transcends genres and time periods. It's easy to see why he's still held in such high regard by many dance music enthusiasts.

There's no denying that Guru Josh's music is somewhat controversial. Some feel that it lacks depth and creativity, while others argue that it's one of the most infectious and fun sounds in the dance world. Whichever side of the argument you fall on, it's hard to argue that his music has had a lasting impact on the scene. Guru Josh created music that made people want to dance, and that's always something worth celebrating. He has become a stalwart of the club scene, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon. Regardless of whether you're a fan of his work or not, there's no denying the impact that Guru Josh has had on the dance music industry.
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8 - Crying in the Rain
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11 - Warehouse Requiem
12 - Lift Up Your Arms
13 - The Wanderer
14 - Infinity 2012 - Loverush Uk! Radio Edit
15 - E-minor Dim 7
16 - Crave It
17 - Infinity (1990's Time For The Guru)
18 - Ray Of Sunshine (official Video) - Stan Serkin Radio Edit
1990: Infinity