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Foster The People

Foster the People is an American indie pop band formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009. The group is composed of Mark Foster (vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion), Jacob Cubbie Fink (bass and backing voca Foster The People have long been heralded as some of the most beloved musicians around. From emotional power ballads to bass heavy dance bangers, their sound is as varied and unique as it is consistently epic! Their signature sound has earned them legions of devoted fans both at home and across the globe. Whether they're captivating crowds with arena-worthy hits or creating smaller, magical moments in dive bars, Foster The People always bring the best music and unforgettable memories. They are a testament to what can be achieved when true talent blends together with passion and purpose. There's no doubt they have become indispensable members of today's music pantheon!
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Houdini (rac Mix)
The Things We Do



Foster The People: An Honest Look at Their Hits, Misses, and Overlooked Gems

Foster The People have been pushing the boundaries of modern indie music with their unique blend of hip-hop, alternative rock and pop since they emerged onto the scene in 2010. Over the years, they have developed a quite distinctive sound that has earned them critical acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Now it’s time to evaluate some of Foster The People's greatest achievements as well as areas where they can still improve in order to remain relevant among today’s rapidly shifting music landscape. In this article we are going to take an honest look at what makes Foster The People the success story that they are: examining some of their hits, misses, and overlooked gems so you can make your own informed conclusion about whether or not you should give them another listen!

If you're a fan of indie music, you're probably familiar with Foster The People. This American band has been making waves in the music world since they entered the scene in 2010. Their unique blend of hip-hop, alternative rock, and pop is both catchy and thought-provoking. Foster The People has been critically acclaimed by fans and industry professionals alike. While they've had some great hits over the years, they've also had some misses and overlooked gems. In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at what makes Foster The People the success story they are, and what keeps them relevant in today's music landscape.

Foster The People's biggest hit to date is undoubtedly Pumped Up Kicks. This song became an instant classic, and it's easy to see why. Its catchy melody and clever lyrics make it hard to resist singing along. It also deals with a heavy subject matter - school shootings - in a nuanced and thought-provoking way. Pumped Up Kicks helped put Foster The People on the map, and it's still a fan favorite to this day.

Another one of Foster The People's hits is Houdini. This song is a bit less heavy than Pumped Up Kicks, but it's still as catchy. Its upbeat tempo and sing-along chorus make it an instant party favorite. Its music video, which features the band escaping from a straitjacket, is also worth a watch.

One of Foster The People's lesser-known tracks is Are You What You Want To Be?. This song is from their sophomore album, Supermodel, which was a bit of a departure from the sound that fans had come to expect from the band. Are You What You Want To Be? is a standout track on the album, and it showcases Foster The People's experimental side. The song's lyrics are introspective, and they urge the listener to question what they really want out of life.

Foster The People's most recent album, Sacred Hearts Club, has its hits and misses. One standout track is Pay The Man. This song is a bit more experimental than the band's previous work, but it's still catchy and fun to listen to. It features a variety of instruments and sounds, and it shows that Foster The People is still willing to take risks with their music.

While Foster The People is a successful band with a dedicated fan base, there are still areas where they can improve. For starters, some of their songs can feel a bit repetitive. While their music is undeniably catchy, after listening to a few of their tracks back-to-back, they can start to blend together. Additionally, some of their experimentation on their most recent album fell flat - some tracks felt disjointed and lacked the cohesion that made their older work so great.

Foster The People is a band that has made a significant mark on the music industry. They've had some incredible hits over the years, and they've developed a unique sound that's all their own. However, they've also had some misses and overlooked gems. By taking an honest look at Foster The People's past work, we can see what makes them great, and what they can improve upon. Overall, Foster The People is a band that's still worth listening to, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.
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1 - Houdini
2 - Pumped Up Kicks
3 - Coming of Age
4 - Helena Beat
5 - Best Friend
6 - Call It What You Want
7 - Are You What You Want to Be?
8 - I Would Do Anything for You
9 - Waste
10 - Miss You
11 - Life on the Nickel
12 - Warrant
13 - Ask Yourself
14 - Pseudologia Fantastica
15 - Nevermind
16 - Love
17 - Houdini
18 - Sit Next To Me
19 - Worst Nites
20 - Style
21 - Don't Stop (color On The Walls)
22 - Imagination
23 - A Beginner's Guide To Destroying The Moon
24 - Fire Escape
25 - The Truth
26 - The Angelic Welcome Of Mr. Jones
27 - Goats In Trees
28 - Color On The Walls (don't Stop)
29 - Pay The Man
30 - Doing It For The Money
31 - Lotus Eater
32 - Shc
33 - Broken Jaw
34 - Lamb's Wool
35 - I Love My Friends
36 - Pick U Up
37 - Static Space Lover
38 - Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero
39 - Sit Next To Me - Stereotypes Remix
40 - Ruby
41 - Loyal Like Sid & Nancy
42 - Harden The Paint
43 - Orange Dream
44 - The Things We Do
45 - Iii
46 - Houdini (rac Mix)
2014: Supermodel
2011: Torches