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El General (born Edgardo Franco) is a Panamanian Reggae artist considered by some to be one of the Fathers of Reggaeton.
El General: The King of Reggae en Español
It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and turn up the music! Today, we will be talking about one of the most iconic reggae en español artists of all time, El General. This Panamanian artist brought Latin American audiences to their feet with his upbeat lyrics and catchy beats throughout the 1990s. With over 30 years in the music industry, El General's legacy still lives on today. Keep reading to learn about his impressive musical history, genre, famous concerts, and top hits.
El General was born on September 27, 1964, as Edgardo Franco. His musical career began at a young age, and he later adopted the stage name El General. He began in the reggae genre, mixing it with elements of salsa, merengue, and hip-hop to create a fresh new sound. His music celebrated the Latin American culture and the Panamanian way of life, with lyrics that were relatable, fun, and dance-worthy.
Known for his high-energy performances, El General wasn't just a musician but also an entertainer. One of his most famous concerts was in 1991, at the Festival de la Juventud Latinoamericana (Latin American Youth Festival) held in Havana, Cuba. It was a milestone event that brought together thousands of Hispanic youth from all over the world. El General's performance was unforgettable, and he left the stage to a thunderous applause.
El General's popularity skyrocketed, and he became a pioneer in the reggaeton genre that is still widely popular today. His debut album Tu Pun Pun was released in 1991 and was an instant hit. Some of his best songs include Rica y Apretadita, Muévelo, No Me Trates de Engañar, and Caramelo. These hit songs were a favorite in Latin American clubs and continue to be popular today, with their infectious rhythms and memorable lyrics.
In the wake of El General's success, many artists were inspired to follow in his footsteps and create their own reggae en español music. However, his unique style and talented performances set him apart from his competitors. El General was a true artist and a master of his craft.
As with any artist, criticism was also received. His style was criticized for being too repetitive and his lyrical content deemed too simplistic. Yet, El General's impact on the Latin American music scene cannot be denied. He broke down barriers and brought new life to a genre that had been dominated by English-speaking artists. With his upbeat music and infectious personality, El General played a significant role in shaping the reggaeton genre.
El General was an artist that left a lasting impact on the music industry and the Latin American community. He brought new life to the reggae genre and inspired countless artists to follow in his footsteps. Although he received some criticism during his career, El General's music will be remembered for its lively rhythms, infectious beats, and relatable themes. Whether you're a die-hard reggae fan or new to the genre, listening to the music of El General is sure to put a smile on your face and get you grooving to the beat.
1 - Teves Buena
2 - Funkete
3 - Muevelo
4 - Pu Tun Tun
5 - Rica y Apretadita
6 - Caramelo
7 - El Funkete
8 - El Pare
9 - El Gusanito
10 - Tu Pun Pun
11 - Robi-rob's Boriqua Anthem
12 - Tu Pum Pum
13 - Son Bow
14 - Jingle Belele