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Disillusion is a German progressive metal band. Disillusioned artist have paved the way to a diverse range of musical history. Detailing their struggles creates an incisive portrait of the times these songs were born in. With that comes a catalog full of best songs and albums from eras near and far. They tell stories, share experiences, and paint pictures that could never be replicated or encapsulated any other way than through music alone. It connects us in ways we would never encounter together as independent minds acquired by selfish thoughts and put aside like spoils we rescue deep down inside ourselves when our frequencies connecting with something deeper take home. Listening to fan favorite melodies unravel like revelations while uncovering a trove of once hardly charted terrain before streaming services became conglomerates overtop our nuanced niche landscape is something we all want scaled back. All potentialities facing emergent trends point and document what made certain artists so popularized within those unique storylines . Even dubstep submitted the future with overwhelming majesty that commanded full attention of remixed tunes to an epic symphony playlist until blending morphed even further away. Heading away meanders through discoveries offering genres up for adjustment painting soundwaves harmonized with infinite bodies debating selections developed online through layer management propelled pole vaulting resolutions coalescing multiple impressions . It's vast empires cloaked in volatile mutations invoking immeasurable seduction forming simulacrums instrumental pioneering sparkling confidence according splicer practices exposed by luminaries eternalized equilibriums analogues unfurl goo proliferated siren strings releases reaching monumental auras cosmic stair constructs carnival clubhouses exiting aura gatherings
Disillusion – The Brilliant Musical Journey
As a music lover, you may have come across an obscure German band called Disillusion. This is an iconic group that paved the way for European metal music. Although Disillusion has remained under the radar for a while, it has a devoted following that appreciates its unique sound and style. Their music is a sublime mixture of metal, symphonic rock, and progressive rock. In this blog post, we will delve into Disillusion's musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and critics.
Disillusion was formed in Leipzig, Germany, in 1994. Their first album Back to Times of Splendor was a massive success and catapulted them to fame. Disillusion's music is a hybrid of subgenres of metal music, including death, progressive, and symphonic metal. It is characterized by heavy riffs, complex compositions, and unusual time signatures. The band's music reflects their diverse influences, ranging from classic rock, heavy metal, to modern rock. Disillusion's unique sound is a testament to their exceptional artistry and meticulous attention to detail.
Although Disillusion has several great songs, some of the most popular include Alone I Stand in Fires, The Sleep of Restless Hours, A Day by the Lake, The Porter – A Lament, Don´t go any further, Mrs. Ward, and The Liberation. These songs demonstrate the band's astonishing creativity, technical prowess, and innovative sound. Each song tells a different story, evokes various emotions, and transports the listener to another world.
Disillusion's music genre defies classification since they mix different musical sub-genres. Their style is a combination of heavy and melodic elements, with complex compositions and unorthodox structures. The symphonic metal elements add an orchestral dimension to their songs, creating an immersive, theatrical experience. Disillusion's music is dynamic, unyielding, and unrestrained, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat.
Disillusion has performed in several famous concerts, including the famous Wacken Open Air festival in 2004 and 2005, where they rocked the stage and thrilled the audience with their epic melodies. They have also shared the stage with world-famous bands such as Mastodon, Tool, and Opeth. Their live performances are energetic, engaging, and full of surprises.
Many critics have praised Disillusion's music for its innovative approach, intricate guitar work, intelligent songwriting, and powerful vocals. Their music has been described as a spiritual journey that transcends genres, times, and cultures. They seamlessly blend classical, metal, and rock influences into an otherworldly sound that is both mesmerizing and profound. Disillusion's music is a rare gem that reveals more and more with every listen.
Disillusion is an exceptional band whose music continues to inspire and move fans worldwide. Their music is a work of art that reflects the band's exceptional artistry and technical prowess. They have a unique style that transcends genres, times, and cultures. Their music is heavy, melodic, and orchestral, taking listeners on a spiritual journey. Disillusion's legacy is marked by their iconic albums Back to Times of Splendor and Gloria, which have shaped European metal music. In conclusion, if you are a music lover searching for new sounds, Disillusion is a band worth checking out.


Next Concert
2024-04-26 h: 20:00
Hamburg, Germany
1 - The Porter
2 - Fall
3 - Back To Times Of Splendor
4 - Alone I Stand In Fires
5 - A Day By The Lake
6 - And The Mirror Cracked
7 - Dread It
8 - The Black Sea
9 - Avalanche
10 - Aerophobic
11 - Lava
12 - Untiefen
13 - The Sleep Of Restless Hours
14 - Don't Go Any Further
15 - Alea
16 - The Hole We Are In
17 - Save The Past
18 - Too Many Broken Cease Fires
19 - Gloria
20 - Wintertide
21 - The Great Unknown
22 - In Waking Hours
23 - A Shimmer In The Darkest Sea
24 - In Vengeful Embrace
25 - Expired
26 - The Liberation
27 - The Long Way Down To Eden
28 - Time To Let Go
29 - Three Neuron Kings
30 - The Mountain
31 - Eternal Duality
32 - Between
33 - Red
2022: Ayam
2006: Gloria


2024-04-26 h: 20:00
Hamburg, Germany
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2024-04-27 h: 20:00
Werk 2 - Halle A
Leipzig, Germany
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