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Dead Prez


Dead Prez, stylized as dead prez, is a hip hop duo from the United States, composed of stic.man and M-1, formed in 1996 in New York City.
Dead Prez: The Revolutionary Hip-Hop Group that is Redefining Protest Music
There is no denying that music reflects the society and its social, cultural, and economic values. The rise of hip-hop in the late 70s and early 80s surprised the music world with its raw, edgy, and political lyrics that spoke to the marginalised black youth, and Dead Prez was one of the groups that emerged from this movement. The group, consisting of two members, M-1 and Stic.man, is known for its revolutionary and thought-provoking lyrics that rouse political consciousness and activism. In this article, we will delve into their musical biography, best songs, music genre, famous concerts, and a critic of their work.
Musical Biography: Dead Prez, an American hip-hop duo, was formed in 1996 by two rap artists, M-1 and Stic.man, from Tallahassee, Florida. They relocated to New York City in 1998 and released their first album, Let's Get Free, in 2000 on Loud Records. The album earned critical acclaim for its revolutionary lyrics that addressed social and political issues such as police brutality, capitalism, and white supremacy. Their style of music is influenced by their Black Panther ideology and revolutionary leaders such as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Huey P. Newton.
Best Songs: Dead Prez's discography boasts of several chart-topping and critically acclaimed songs. Some of their best songs are Hip-Hop, Mind Sex, It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop, and They Schools. Hip-Hop is an ode to the culture of hip-hop that highlights its impact on black culture and identity. Mind Sex, a slow, rhythmic song, explores the emotional and spiritual connection between lovers. It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop is a remix of the original song that calls for a revolution against the music industry's commercialisation. They Schools criticises the public education system's inadequacy in teaching black history and culture.
Music Genre: Dead Prez is known for its socially conscious, politically charged, and revolutionary lyrics that are influenced by hip-hop, funk, and soul music. Their music genre is often classified as conscious hip-hop or political hip-hop. Their music is a fusion of beats, lyrics, and rhythms that reflect the struggle and resistance of the black community against oppression and injustice.
Famous Concerts: Dead Prez has toured extensively and performed at several notable concerts and festivals such as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Rock the Bells, and the Occupy Wall Street Concert. In 2017, they performed at the Afropunk Festival, a platform for black musicians and artists. Their energetic and engaging performances are known to captivate audiences and ignite political consciousness.
Critique: Dead Prez's music is often criticised for its radical and confrontational lyrics that challenge the mainstream ideologies and systems. Some critics have accused them of promoting violence and rebellion, but their music is a call for political consciousness and activism. Their lyrics expose and address the injustices and oppression that black people face in society, and their revolutionary ideologies offer a new form of resistance against the systematic suppression of minorities.
Dead Prez is undoubtedly one of the most influential and iconic hip-hop groups of our time. Their music is a celebration of the black culture, identity, and the revolution against oppression. Their powerful lyrics and engaging performances have inspired a generation of activists and revolutionaries to fight for political consciousness and justice. As we celebrate and honour their contribution to the world of hip-hop, we must continue to uphold their values and ideologies that represent the struggle and resistance of the black community.
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Dead Prez: The Musical Biography of a Conscious Hip-Hop Duo

Dead Prez, the American hip-hop duo, is known for their socially conscious and politically charged lyrics. Composed of stic.man and M-1, Dead Prez started to make music in the mid-1990s. Their music is not only refreshing and thought-provoking but is also influential for its ability to inspire change. In this article, we will look at the beginnings of Dead Prez, their most popular albums, famous songs, and their musical style and influences.


Dead Prez was formed in 1996 in Tallahassee, Florida, by two hip-hop enthusiasts stic.man and M-1. They started writing poetry and songs at an early age and were greatly influenced by their urban surroundings. Their lyrical themes centered around fighting against social injustice, police brutality, and unfairly economic policies. The duo then moved to New York City in 1998, one of the central hubs of hip-hop culture, to hone their craft and be closer to industry opportunities. This move proved pivotal in establishing their career.


Dead Prez's debut studio album Let's Get Free in 2000 is what put them on the map. The album received critical acclaim and deemed one of the best political hip-hop albums of the year. It played a significant role in shaping political thought, focusing on themes of racism, capitalism, and imperialism. The album had a significant impact on hip-hop culture at the time and influenced future artists to write socially conscious tracks. Their work influenced the formation of politically charged movements like Black Lives Matter and Indigenous People's Rights.


Dead Prez is known for songs that address social issues while delivering a powerful message. Songs like Hip Hop, Police State, and Mind Sex resonate with people, emphasizing human rights, social activism, and change. The group's most popular song is It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop, which gained popularity after being used by DJs, rappers, and activists at political and social rallies.

Style and Influences

Dead Prez is heavily inspired by music icons like Tupac Shakur, Public Enemy, and Rakim. Their music features revolutionary content and conscious thought but is delivered with a hard-hitting approach that is backed by a steady flow of smooth, effortless rhyming. Unlike other rappers who focus on materialistic and hedonistic content, Dead Prez's emphasis is on changing the world for the better by leveraging the power of hip-hop.

Dead Prez's music is a testament to the fact that art can inspire, motivate, and bring about change. The duo is one of the few hip-hop artists whose music is not just for creating buzz but for making a real difference in the world. Their music offers a unique perspective on social issues and shows how powerful a force for change hip-hop can be. Dead Prez isn’t just a name, it's a promise – the promise of empowered, revolutionary hip-hop that addresses the issues of our time and is here to stay.

Dead Prez's music is a testament to the fact that art can inspire, motivate, and bring about change. The duo is one of the few hip-hop artists whose music is not just for creating buzz but for making a real difference in the world. Their music offers a unique perspective on social issues and shows how powerful a force for change hip-hop can be. Dead Prez isn’t just a name, it's a promise – the promise of empowered, revolutionary hip-hop that addresses the issues of our time and is here to stay.
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Why Dead Prez is the Brilliant Duo We All Need

Ever heard of Dead Prez? If you're a fan of hip-hop or rap music, chances are that you have. Debuting in 1999 with their album Let's Get Free, this multi-talented duo composed of stic and M-1 has taken the music industry by storm. But there’s no need for an introduction; anyone listening to even one song from any of their albums knows just how much fire they bring! As great as they are though, it’s hard to deny that Dead Prez aren’t without flaws – lyrically speaking, anyway. However, while we can all poke fun at some of the cringe-worthy lines for days on end (especially those dialectical essays!), let’s take an honest look into what makes them such brilliant musicians overall!

When it comes to hip-hop and rap music, there are certain iconic names that we all know, like Tupac, Nas, and Biggie. However, one duo that should never be overlooked is Dead Prez. The dynamic combination of stic and M-1 debuted in 1999 with their album Let's Get Free, and have been shaking up the industry ever since. Their fire tracks and thought-provoking lyrics have earned them an army of loyal fans, but as with any artist, there are moments of weakness. While some mock their dialectical essays and the occasional cringe-worthy line, it's worth diving deeper into what makes Dead Prez such a brilliant musical duo.

The first thing that sets Dead Prez apart is their unwavering commitment to their beliefs and message. Their songs often tackle issues like racism, police brutality, and social injustice head-on. They don't shy away from difficult topics, and instead, use their platform to bring attention to important issues that need to be addressed. This is evident in songs like Know Your Enemy and They Schools. They use their music to educate their audiences, and that's something truly admirable.

Another factor that makes Dead Prez exceptional is their musicianship. Their tracks are always innovative, with mixing in live instruments alongside electronic sounds. Their beats are intricate and layered, and they're not afraid to switch things up and try something new. Listen to any song from their 2017 album, The Shooter's Soundtrack, and you'll see what we mean. They're not satisfied with playing it safe, and that dedication to pushing boundaries is what makes them stand out in a sea of music.

When it comes to lyrics, Dead Prez can be both brilliant and cringe-worthy at times. But even with their misses, it's impossible to deny that their hits are powerful. Lines like It's bigger than Hip-Hop and Our music is a sword we use to strike the chords show just how much they understand the importance of their genre. They live and breathe hip-hop, and that passion is evident in every track they produce.

In addition to their musical and lyrical talent, Dead Prez also deserves commendation for their perseverance. Their message isn't always easy or popular, but they've never backed down in the face of controversy. They've faced their fair share of criticism and backlash, including being dropped by record labels and banned from performing, but they've kept going. Their resilience and unwavering commitment to their message are truly admirable.

There's no denying that Dead Prez is one of the most important and influential hip-hop duos in music history. While they may not be perfect, their commitment to their message and their willingness to push boundaries is what makes them so brilliant. They're not afraid to tackle difficult topics through their music, and they consistently prove themselves to be true innovators in the industry. For anyone looking for an artist who doesn't shy away from the truth, Dead Prez is the perfect choice.
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1 - Hip-hop
2 - Police State
3 - Mind Sex
4 - Be Healthy
5 - I'm a African
6 - We Want Freedom
7 - Behind Enemy Lines
8 - Happiness
9 - Wolves
10 - Psychology
11 - Animal In Man
12 - Hell Yeah
13 - Assassination
14 - Propaganda
15 - It's Bigger Than Hip-hop
16 - I'm A African
17 - Discipline
18 - You'll Find A Way
19 - 'they' Schools
20 - I Have A Dream, Too
21 - Way Of Life
22 - W-4
23 - Fucked Up
24 - Radio Freq
25 - D.o.w.n.
26 - Last Days Reloaded
27 - 50 In The Clip
28 - Hell Yeah (pimp The System)
29 - Turn Off The Radio
30 - Intro
31 - Fuck The Law
32 - Hood News
33 - Hip-hop (rbg Mix)


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