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Crobot: The Heavy Metal Band That Will Rock Your World
If you’re a fan of heavy metal, then you definitely must have heard of Crobot. This American band has been creating a name in the industry for quite some time now, and it’s no wonder why. Crobot has a unique sound that includes a combination of funk, blues, and of course, heavy metal. Today, we’ll look into the musical biography, best songs, and famous concerts of this talented band.
Crobot was formed in 2011 by Brandon Yeagley and Chris Bishop. The band origined from Pennsylvania and was initially composed of 4 members. Crobot’s musical style was influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Wolfmother, and Soundgarden, producing an intense, groovy sound that captivates the audience. They released their first album entitled Something Supernatural in 2014, which was critically acclaimed and received positive feedback.
One of Crobot’s best songs would be Nowhere to Hide, which shows their incredible guitar riffs and powerful vocals from lead singer Brandon Yeagley. The song Legend of the Spaceborne Killer also stands out with its smooth bass lines and infectious groove. Crobot's music is best characterized by heavy riffs and upbeat percussions blended with hypnotic vocals that will make you headbang and move your feet.
Crobot has performed in several live concerts throughout the years, showcasing their energetic and engaging musical performance. One of their most famous concerts was at the Hellfest, one of the biggest metal festivals in France. They also played at the Download Festival, which featured other iconic bands like Muse, Kiss, and Metallica. Their live shows are known to be a complete experience and will have you left with goosebumps.
Critic reviews of Crobot overwhelmingly sing praises of their electrifying sound and exceptional energy. The band has been recognized by prominent music publications, such as Loudwire and Classic Rock Magazine. Loudwire even described Crobot as a pure rock n’ roll sound, live music, and unpredictable.
Crobot is a band that can put the heavy in heavy metal, and this surely resonates with fans of the genre. Their unique sound, coupled with their electrifying live performances, brings an interesting twist to the usual heavy metal sound. They may not be the most well-known band in the industry, but they’re definitely worth listening to. Crobot’s music has a way of making you appreciate heavy metal like never before.


1 - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer
2 - La Mano De Lucifer
3 - Skull Of Geronimo
4 - Night Of The Sacrifice
5 - Cloud Spiller
6 - Fly On The Wall
7 - Chupacabra
8 - Wizards
9 - Queen Of The Light
10 - Not For Sale
11 - Tap Dancin' On A Tightrope
12 - Plague Of The Mammoths
13 - Weigh Me Down
14 - Full Moon Howl
15 - Back At The Blackwoods
16 - Leave The Key
17 - Orphan
18 - Let Me In
19 - Burn
20 - Keep Me Down
21 - Gasoline
22 - The Necromancer
23 - Low Life
24 - Nowhere To Hide
25 - "gasoline" (motherbrain)
26 - Crobot
27 - Play It Cool
28 - Set You Free
29 - Golden