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Birdy Nam Nam: A Journey Through the Beats
Birdy Nam Nam may not be a familiar name to most, but this French foursome has made waves in the music scene with their unique blend of electronic music, hip-hop, and turntablism. With a name inspired by a line from the movie The Party, Birdy Nam Nam is made up of four friends who started out as DJs in 2002 and eventually formed a band. Their music has been described as future jazz and abstract hip-hop, and it's not hard to see why. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Birdy Nam Nam's musical biography, their best songs, their music genre, notable concerts, and what the critics have to say about them.
Birdy Nam Nam's journey began in 2002 when four friends - DJ Pone, DJ Need, Little Mike, and Crazy B - decided to form a band and explore their love for turntablism. Before forming the band, they were DJs in various nightclubs in Paris, and their experience served as a solid foundation for their music. Their first album, released in 2005, was a mashup of various genres, including hip-hop, jazz, and breakbeat. The album was titled Birdy Nam Nam and was well-received by the French music scene.
One of Birdy Nam Nam's best songs is The Parachute Ending, which was released in 2011. The song features sample-heavy beats that blend perfectly with the ethereal vocals, creating a haunting and mesmerizing experience. The song's music video is also a visual masterpiece, featuring a woman floating through the air with a white parachute in tow. Abbesses is another fan-favorite, with its upbeat tempo and vibrant blend of horns, turntablism, and vocals. The song's title was inspired by the Abbesses Station in the Paris Metro, which is also depicted in the song's music video.
Birdy Nam Nam's music genre is a mix of electronic music, hip-hop, and turntablism. Their songs often feature intricate beats created using record scratches and loops, layered with electronic music, and hip hop-inspired rhymes or vocals. Their music is best described as experimental, with a unique sound that merges old-school turntablism with modern electronic music.
Birdy Nam Nam has also performed at some notable concerts, including the 2006 DMC World DJ Championship, where they won the world championship title. They have also performed at the 2009 Coachella Music Festival, supporting Deadmau5, and at the 2014 Montreal Jazz Festival, where they performed at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in Place des Arts.
What do the critics have to say about Birdy Nam Nam? The Guardian described their music as futuristic swing, while Resident Advisor referred to them as jazz-infused turntablists. Their unique sound has won them acclaim from various music critics, with many praising their ability to blend different genres seamlessly. Overall, Birdy Nam Nam's music has been described as both experimental and accessible, making it appeal to a broad audience.
Birdy Nam Nam's music is a blend of different genres that creates a unique sound that's both experimental and accessible. From their start as Parisian DJs to becoming world champions, Birdy Nam Nam has carved a space for themselves in the music scene with their turntablist roots and modern electronic and hip-hop sounds. With multiple albums under their belt, they continue to explore new musical avenues and push the boundaries of what's possible with their turntables and samples. For music listeners who are looking for something fresh and exciting, Birdy Nam Nam is a band worth checking out.

The Musical Journey of Birdy Nam Nam

Music knows no boundaries, and Birdy Nam Nam is a living embodiment of this truism. This French DJ band comprised of four members has been enchanting the world with their genre-bending beats since their inception in 2002. Birdy Nam Nam's music can be best described as a dazzling blend of hip hop, breakbeat, and electro. But, there's more to this band than just their eclectic style of music. Let's take a closer look at the musical journey of Birdy Nam Nam.

The Beginning of Birdy Nam Nam:

Birdy Nam Nam came into existence in 2002 when four French DJs - DJ Need, DJ Little Mike, DJ Pone, and DJ Crazy B - decided to collaborate and create magic together. The band was named after a snippet of dialogue from the 1968 film 'The Party'. They started gaining attention with their live performances, where they used vinyl, turntables, and other electronic equipment to create a unique sound. Eventually, they won the DMC World DJ Championship in 2002, and it was just the beginning of their musical journey.

Famous Albums and Songs:

Birdy Nam Nam has released four studio albums to date, and each one of them is a masterpiece that transcends genres. Their debut album was self-titled and released in 2006. It received critical acclaim and was followed by more successful albums like 'Manual for Successful Rioting' (2009), 'Defiant Order' (2011), and 'Dance or Die' (2019). The band's popularity skyrocketed with their song 'The Parachute Ending', which was used in the opening credits of the 2012 movie 'The Intouchables'.

Music Style and Influences:

Birdy Nam Nam's music is a fusion of different genres. They draw inspiration from funk, jazz, classical music, and even Indian music. Their love for turntablism is evident in their music, and they use it to create soundscapes that are unique and mesmerizing. The band has collaborated with many well-known musicians, including Skrillex, Justice, and A-Trak, and they have a reputation for creating high-energy live performances that leave their audiences spellbound.

Birdy Nam Nam is a band that has taken the world by storm with their music. With their genre-bending style, they have managed to push the boundaries of music and create something that is truly unique. They have won many accolades, but the band's biggest achievement is the impact that they have had on their listeners. Birdy Nam Nam has inspired many young musicians to experiment with their music, and their influence can be felt in the music scene even today. So, if you haven't heard their music yet, do yourself a favor and check them out. You won't be disappointed!
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1 - Kind Of Laid Back
2 - Transition
3 - New Birth
4 - Escape
5 - We Drummin'
6 - Engineer Fear
7 - Jazz It At Home
8 - Rainstorming
9 - Defiant Order
10 - Migration
11 - Too Much Skunk Tonight
12 - Jaded Future
13 - Red Dawn Rising
14 - Worried
15 - Bonne Nouvelle
16 - Ready For War, Ready For Whut?
17 - War Paint
18 - Space Cadet Apology
19 - Homosexuality
20 - Written In The Sand
21 - Manual For Successful Rioting
22 - Big City Knights
23 - Black Bird Cloud
24 - (the Golden Era Of) El Cobra Discoteca
25 - From Here To There
26 - Melancholy At The Sports Bar
27 - Il Y A Un Cauchemard Dans Mon Placard
28 - Goin' In
29 - Parache
30 - Too Much Skunk Tonight!
31 - From Here To There (bonus Track)
32 - Body, Mind, Spirit
33 - Goin' In - Skrillex "goin' Down" Mix
34 - L'interlude De Qualité
35 - Body, Mind, Spirit...
36 - Abesses - Beat Torrent Remix
37 - Goin' In - Skrillex "goin' Hard" Mix
38 - Love Your Enemy (kill Your Friend)
39 - The Parachute Ending
40 - Trans Boulogne Express
41 - Abbesses