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Articolo 31: The Story of Italy's Favorite Hip-Hop Duo
When it comes to Italian hip-hop, no artist shines brighter than Articolo 31. With over two decades of music, this dynamic duo has captured the hearts of millions with their genre-blending sound and bold lyrics. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the history of Articolo 31, exploring their musical biography, best songs, and the impact they've had on the Italian music scene. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
Born in the early 90s, Articolo 31 was formed by J-Ax and DJ Jad, two friends from Milan with a passion for hip-hop. Their debut album, Strade di città, was released in 1993 and signaled the beginning of a new era for Italian rap. The album was an instant hit and spawned several successful singles, including Ohi Maria and Tranqi Funky. It wasn't long before Articolo 31 became a household name in Italy, and their unique blend of rap, funk, and pop made them stand out in the crowded music scene.
Over the years, Articolo 31 continued to push musical boundaries and explore new sounds. Their 1996 album Messaggio dal live was a groundbreaking release that combined live instrumentation with rap, resulting in a dynamic and energetic sound that captured the essence of their live performances. The album featured hits like La fidanzata and Come una pietra scalciata and solidified their reputation as one of Italy's most innovative musical acts.
As the years went on, Articolo 31 continued to release chart-topping albums and hit singles. Their 2002 album Domani smetto was a critical and commercial success, featuring some of their most memorable songs, including Domani Smetto and Spirale Ovale. The album showcased their ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles and create something truly unique and special.
No discussion of Articolo 31 would be complete without mentioning their live performances. The duo has played some of the biggest and most memorable concerts in Italian history, including the Live 8 concert in Rome in 2005. Their ability to connect with audiences and create an electric atmosphere is unmatched, and their live shows are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Finally, we come to the critics. It's impossible to talk about Articolo 31 without mentioning the controversy that has surrounded their music. Some have criticized their lyrics as being vulgar or offensive, while others have praised their willingness to tackle taboo subjects. Regardless of your opinion, there's no denying the impact that Articolo 31 has had on Italian music and culture.
In conclusion, Articolo 31 is a musical powerhouse that has left an indelible mark on Italian hip-hop. Their genre-blending sound, unforgettable live performances, and willingness to take risks have made them one of Italy's most beloved musical acts. Whether you're a longtime fan or just discovering their music for the first time, there's no denying the impact that Articolo 31 has had on the world of music. Thank you, J-Ax and DJ Jad, for two decades of incredible music. We can't wait to see what the future holds.
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The Musical Biography of Articolo 31: From Humble Beginnings to Legendary Success

Throughout the history of Italian music and culture, few names stand out quite so much as Articolo 31. This legendary artist has been a mainstay of the scene for decades, offering up an incredible selection of albums, songs, and live performances that have captured the hearts and minds of countless fans around the world. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the musical biography of Articolo 31, from his humble beginnings to his rise to fame, and the many unforgettable songs that marked his incredible career.

Articolo 31, also known as J-Ax and DJ Jad, is a two-man group that was formed in 1990 in Milan, Italy. The two members, J-Ax and DJ Jad, first started creating music as teenagers, and quickly gained a reputation for their unique style and approach to hip-hop. In 1992, Articolo 31 released their first album, Strade di città, which was an instant success and positioned the group as a major force in the Italian hip-hop scene.

In the years that followed, Articolo 31 released a series of hit albums, including Messaggio dal cielo, Nessuno, and Domani smetto, which all showcased the duo's incredible talent for blending different musical styles and creating unforgettable hooks and beats. Some of their most famous songs from these albums include Così e così, Pere, and Domani smetto, which are still considered classics in Italian hip-hop circles today.

As Articolo 31 continued to gain popularity, they also began to experiment with new sounds and genres. They incorporated elements of rock, pop, and electronic music into their work, and collaborated with a range of other artists and musicians to create some truly groundbreaking songs. Some of their most famous collaborations include La mia ragazza mena with Club Dogo and Non è mai abbastanza with Modà.

Throughout their career, Articolo 31 remained true to their unique vision of hip-hop and music in general. They spoke out against social injustice, portrayed complex and honest characters in their lyrics, and used their platform to promote positive social change. Their music resonated with people across different age groups, backgrounds, and cultures, and helped to establish Italian hip-hop as a vital and important genre.

The story of Articolo 31 is one of triumph, resilience, and creativity. This iconic group has left an indelible mark on the Italian music scene, and continues to inspire countless people around the world. Whether you're a long-time fan of the duo or are just discovering their music for the first time, there's no denying the power and emotion that they bring to every song and performance. Articolo 31 will always be remembered as one of the greatest groups in Italian music history, and their legacy will continue to live on for many years to come.
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1 - La Mia Ragazza Mena
2 - Domani Smetto
3 - L'italiano Medio
4 - Spirale Ovale
5 - Senza Dubbio
6 - Gente Che Spera
7 - Domani
8 - Volume
9 - Cara Mia Ex
10 - Tranqi Funky
11 - La Fidanzata
12 - Tocca Qui
13 - Sputate Al Re
14 - Bestie Mutanti
15 - Fuck You
16 - Il Funkytarro
17 - A Pugni Col Mondo
18 - Voglio Una Lurida
19 - Ohi Maria
20 - Commodore 64 Vs Pc
21 - 1972
22 - 2030
23 - Noi No
24 - Pere
25 - Nato Sbagliato
26 - Maria Maria
27 - Caravita
28 - Due Su Due
29 - Guapa Loca
30 - Milano Milano
31 - Senza Regole
32 - Soldi Soldi Soldi
33 - Tu Mi Fai Cantare
34 - Aria
35 - Così E Cosà
36 - Gigugin
37 - Non è Un Film
38 - La Canzone Del Dito
39 - I Consigli Di Un Pirla
40 - Un'altra Cosa Che Ho Perso
41 - Tocca A Me
42 - L'ultima Bomba In Città
43 - L'altra Metà
44 - L'impresa Eccezionale
45 - Così Com'è
46 - Un Bel Viaggio (Sanremo 2023)
47 - Classico
1999: Xché Sì
1998: Nessuno


2024-10-09 h: 21:00
Unipol Forum
Milan, Italy
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