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Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy is a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band, originally a supergroup, from Halmstad, formed in 1996. Arch Enemy are an amazing career music artist that have produced some of the most popular and beloved songs! Their hard work and superior vocal talent have made them legendary within the music industry. From rising to fame with hits like 'We Will Rise' to displaying their incredible range on tracks like 'Nemesis', Arch Enemy deftly navigate genres, never ceasing to impress their dedicated fanbase. It is our pleasure to recognize that this band has truly broken into mainstream success, even earning various Billboard milestones over the course of their recording career! Check out some of their best tunes today – you won't be disappointed!



The Good and Not So Good of Arch Enemy

Ah, Arch Enemy. The heavy metal band that has become a figurehead for skull-shattering guitar riffs and guttural scream vocals for the last two decades. While they have won over masses of fans around the globe, some have taken their affinity for Arch Enemy to downright ridiculous levels - emblazoning their logo on every piece of clothing (and even inked on some less desirable areas) just to show how much they love them! We know it's all out of love, but as a fan myself I feel obligated to be honest: There are many things that we can criticize about Arch Enemy personally...so let's dive right into what makes this band so good - and not so good!

As a dedicated fan of Arch Enemy, I know that sometimes it can be difficult to listen objectively to our favorite bands. We want to love everything about them, and sometimes that means brushing past any flaws or issues that might exist. But in the spirit of honesty and critical thinking, let's take a closer look at what makes Arch Enemy such a force in the heavy metal world - and what could use a bit of improvement.

First, let's discuss the good. Arch Enemy's instrumental prowess is undeniable. Guitarists Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis are masters of their craft, creating soaring solos and crushing riffs that have become the trademark of the band's sound. Drummer Daniel Erlandsson and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo provide a solid backbone for the music, their rhythms anchoring the complex melodies that Amott and Loomis create. And of course, vocalist Alissa White-Gluz's screams and growls are simply awe-inspiring. Her range and power are unmatched in the genre, and she has become a true icon for female metal vocalists around the world.

But, as much as we love Arch Enemy's musical talent, there are some criticisms that must be addressed. First and foremost is the lack of diversity in their sound. While they have experimented with different styles and influences over the years, their core sound has remained largely the same - and that can make their albums start to sound repetitive. Additionally, some have criticized the band for relying too heavily on flashy solos and technical skill, while neglecting songwriting and emotional depth. While these criticisms may not be universally shared, they are certainly valid points to consider.

Another issue that has come up around Arch Enemy is their branding. It's true that the band's logo has become iconic in the metal community, but some fans take their love for the band to uncomfortable levels. Getting an Arch Enemy tattoo is one thing, but putting their logo on everything from your car to your underwear seems a bit excessive. Of course, this is not the band's fault, but it's worth noting that some of their fans may be taking things a bit too far.

Finally, let's consider Arch Enemy's legacy. As a band that has been around for over two decades, they have certainly made their mark on the metal world. But some fans worry that they may be slipping into irrelevance. While they continue to tour and release albums, their fanbase seems to be shrinking, and some critics feel that their recent work hasn't lived up to the standards set by their earlier albums. Of course, it's impossible to predict the future of any band, but it's worth keeping an eye on how Arch Enemy will continue to evolve in the years to come.

As with any beloved band, Arch Enemy has both its strengths and weaknesses. While we can all agree on the incredible musicianship and immense talent of the band members, it's important to also acknowledge the areas where they could improve. By doing so, we can continue to appreciate them as the incredible force in heavy metal that they are, while also challenging them to push the boundaries of their own sound and creativity. So, let's continue to rock out to Arch Enemy's signature sound, while also keeping our critical thinking hats on.
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1 - Revolution Begins
2 - We Will Rise
3 - Yesterday Is Dead and Gone
4 - As the Pages Burn
5 - Nemesis
6 - You Will Know My Name
7 - Never Forgive, Never Forget
8 - No More Regrets
9 - Stolen Life
10 - Tempore Nihil Sanat (Prelude in F minor)
11 - Time is Black
12 - Graveyard of Dreams
13 - My Apocalypse
14 - Dead Eyes See No Future
15 - Enter The Machine
16 - Taking Back My Soul
17 - Carry The Cross
18 - Burning Angel
19 - Enemy Within
20 - Silent Wars
21 - Ravenous
22 - Skeleton Dance
23 - End of the Line
24 - Hybrids Of Steel
25 - Machtkampf
26 - I Will Live Again
27 - Mechanic God Creation
28 - Instinct
29 - War Eternal
30 - Leader Of The Rats
31 - Slaves Of Yesterday
32 - Dead Bury Their Dead
33 - The Last Enemy
34 - Exist To Exit
35 - Heart Of Darkness
36 - Despicable Heroes
37 - Dehumanization
38 - Rise Of The Tyrant
39 - Bury Me An Angel
40 - Blood On Your Hands
41 - The Immortal
42 - Dark Insanity
43 - In This Shallow Grave
44 - Savage Messiah
45 - The Day You Died
46 - Marching On A Dead End Road
47 - Saints And Sinners
48 - Diva Satanica
49 - Night Falls Fast
50 - Silverwing
51 - Beast Of Man
52 - Behind The Smile
53 - Dead Inside
54 - Pilgrim
55 - Web Of Lies
56 - Vultures
57 - Snow Bound
58 - First Day In Hell
59 - Arch Enemy
60 - The World Is Yours
61 - Deceiver, Deceiver
62 - In The Eye Of The Storm
63 - Sunset Over The Empire
64 - The Watcher
65 - Poisoned Arrow
66 - Bridge Of Destiny
2022: Deceivers
1998: Stigmata