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Apparat is the stage name for Sascha Ring, a German electronic musician living in Berlin and previous co-owner of Shitkatapult records. Apparat is a music artist that has been making waves in his career. His best songs create an atmosphere of creative euphoria, taking the listener to a place of musical wonder and joy. Whether it's the cosmic rhythm of ‘Goodbye' or the thought-evoking melodies of ‘Kiateschtape’, Apparat knows how to draw out genuine emotions from his music. Fans and critics alike can't stop admiring his unique brand of synthesis paired with captivating lyrics. Apparat has taken the world by storm with his best songs and we can't wait to see what other magical pieces he brings forth in 2021!
Apparat: A Musician with an Electrifying Life
Music has a universal language, and every musician has a unique story to tell. Apparat is one such musician whose music has touched countless hearts worldwide. With his pulsating beats and electrifying sounds, Apparat has made a name for himself in the music industry. In this article, we will explore the life and music of this talented artist. We will discuss his biography, best songs, music genre and some of his famous concerts to give a comprehensive view of this amazing musician.
Biography of Apparat
Apparat, whose real name is Sascha Ring, was born in 1978 in the German city of Quedlinburg. Apparat entered the electronic music scene in the early 2000s and has since then made significant contributions to the genre. Apparat's music has been the subject of numerous remixes and collaborations, and it has won a host of international awards. The talent and creativity of this artist have been praised by music critics worldwide.
Apparat's Musical Style
Apparat's music is categorized under various genres such as ambient techno, IDM, and glitch. His music is channeled through subtle rhythms, mysterious melodies, and glitchy samples. Apparat's music has a cinematic feel and a deeper emotional intensity that takes the listener on a musical journey. His collaborations with other artists are equally impressive, with his haunting melodies and rhythms resonating with fans from different music genres.
Best Songs of Apparat
Apparat's discography spans over two decades, with over seven studio albums, numerous singles, and EPs. Among his best-known songs are Goodbye, Arcadia, and Song of Los. These songs have received massive airplay in radio stations across the world. Each song in his discography has a unique sound and emotion that Apparat adeptly portrays through his music. Fans of the artist appreciate his music not only for its sound but also for the meaning behind each song.
Famous Concerts
Famous Concerts
Apparat has performed in numerous concerts around the world. One of his most memorable concerts was at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, where he performed his ambient pieces to a mesmerized audience. Another notable concert was at the Roskilde Festival, where he headlined a stage of over 60,000 screaming fans. Apparat's concerts are known for their high energy, pulsating beats, and the overall experience that he brings to his fans.
Critic on Apparat
Apparat's music has been the subject of intense critical acclaim. Critics have praised him for his unique sounds and rhythms, which are combined with emotional depth, cinematic textures, and an overall atmosphere that this genre has never seen before. Apparat's sound continues to evolve, with each album, he leaves a legacy that will live on for years to come.
Apparat is a musician whose music has set the standard for electronic music around the world. He is a master of sound, emotion, and atmosphere, creating a vast musical world in which his listeners are transported. Through this article, we have explored the artist's biography, music genre, best songs, famous concerts, and critic opinions. Apparat continues to inspire and excite fans worldwide, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about this artist, and perhaps you will be inspired to give his music a listen.
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Making Sense of Apparat's Gobbling Goblets

Say what you will about Apparat's music. He may be the go-to choice for obscure indie scene hipsters, and his songs might have a few too many synth-y patches for some listeners' tastes, but there's no denyin' one thing: Apparat sure knows how to turn an utterly ridiculous phrase into an easy mantra that anyone can sing along with after hearing it just once. Unfortunately, our last experience of this particular brand of silliness was when he released the epic audio disaster known as Gobbling Goblets. Unless you've managed to unearth it out of its secret hiding spots across the web (seriously don't -it'll give you nightmares), here are a few things you should know before launching yourself into trying to decipher the madness behind Apparat's every yodeling verse.

Apparat is a musician known for his obscure indie music and unique sound. However, one of his releases, Gobbling Goblets, was met with mixed reviews. Some consider it an audio disaster, while others find it fascinating. If you're one of those people who haven't heard it yet, hold off on trying to find it online just yet. In this blog post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about Gobbling Goblets and try to make sense of it all.

First of all, it's essential to understand that Gobbling Goblets is a departure from Apparat's usual music style. The song is experimental, bordering on weird, and has drawn comparisons to the music of Aphex Twin and Autechre. The track features disjointed beats, layered loops, and strange instrumentation, making it incredibly difficult to categorize.

One of the most striking things about Gobbling Goblets is its use of vocals. The song begins with what sounds like guttural noises and throat singing, followed by Apparat's voice coming in and out of focus. The artist uses his voice as another instrument, adding to the bizarre and dreamlike quality of the track.

According to Apparat, the idea for Gobbling Goblets came to him when he was working on a different project. He stumbled upon a synth patch that reminded him of a gobbling turkey, and the rest, as they say, is history. The artist has always been interested in the idea of creating something that was both familiar and peculiar at the same time. Gobbling Goblets is the perfect example of this.

Some people might argue that Gobbling Goblets isn't music at all. Still, it's crucial to remember that art is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Apparat has always been unafraid to push boundaries and experiment with sound, and this song is a prime example of that. It might not be for everyone, but it's undoubtedly a unique and artistic expression.

In conclusion, Gobbling Goblets is undoubtedly one of Apparat's more experimental tracks. It's not for everyone and might even be considered strange by some. Still, it's a fascinating piece of art that showcases the artist's willingness to explore new sounds and push boundaries. For those willing to give it a chance, Gobbling Goblets might open up a whole new world of experimental music. Whether you think it's an audio disaster or an avant-garde masterpiece, there's one thing we can all agree on - It's certainly not forgettable.
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1 - Limelight
2 - Arcadia
3 - Useless Information
4 - Not A Number
5 - Black Water
6 - You Don't Know Me
7 - Hailin From the Edge
8 - Goodbye (feat. Soap&Skin)
9 - Birds
10 - Song of Los
11 - Holdon
12 - Ash/Black Veil
13 - Headup
14 - Like Porcelain
15 - Circles
16 - Escape
17 - A Bang In The Void
18 - Wooden
19 - Granular Bastard
20 - Contradiction
21 - Steinholz
22 - Interrupt
23 - Schallstrom
24 - Cerro Largo
25 - A Violent Sky
26 - Repeat Till Overload
27 - Steady Uprising
28 - 44
29 - Interlude
30 - Negra Modelo
31 - Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
32 - Komponent
33 - Silizium
34 - Goodbye (feat. Soap&skin)
35 - Sweet Unrest
36 - Candil De La Calle
37 - Over And Over
38 - The Soft Voices Die
39 - Your House Is My World
40 - Dawan
41 - Caronte
42 - Fractales Pt.1
43 - Lighton
44 - Arcadia (telefon Tel Aviv Remix)
45 - Goodbye
46 - Warm Signal
47 - K&f Thema
48 - Blank Page
49 - Interrupt Ii
50 - Tod


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