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Andrés Calamaro

Andrés Calamaro (born Andrés Calamaro Masel, August 22, 1961), is an Argentine musician, composer and Latin Grammy winner.

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La Espuma De Las Orillas
Ok Perdón

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The Wild Hi-jinks of Andrés Calamaro: A Look at Latin Pop's Favorite Troublemaker

Andrés Calamaro can be credited with writing some of the catchiest, heart-melting lyrics in Latin pop music history. But as much as we love his songs and admire his creativity, let's face it - the man has earned himself quite a reputation for being a bit of a troublemaker! From running away from red carpets to feuding with fellow musicians on social media, Andrés Calamaro isn't exactly known for following the rules... So come take a ride down memory lane and explore all the wild hi-jinks that this Argentine legend has pulled through the years!

Andrés Calamaro is no ordinary Latin pop star. He is a man who has built a reputation for himself as something of a wild card - a maverick who likes to break the rules and do things his own way, even if that means ruffling a few feathers along the way. But for all his antics and shenanigans, there's no denying that Calamaro is a musical genius, responsible for some of the most beloved and iconic songs in Latin pop music history. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the wild hi-jinks that this Argentine legend has pulled through the years - the good, the bad, and the downright outrageous.

When it comes to the antics of Andrés Calamaro, there is certainly no shortage of material to choose from. Let's start with one of the more light-hearted moments from his career - the time he ran away from the red carpet at the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards. As he was walking down the carpet, Calamaro suddenly veered off course and made a break for it, running down the middle of the street as photographers and fans looked on in disbelief. It was a moment of pure comedy and a reminder that Calamaro doesn't take himself too seriously.

Of course, not all of Calamaro's antics have been quite so harmless. In 2009, he was arrested for driving under the influence in Argentina, an incident that landed him in hot water with both fans and critics alike. And in 2017, he caused a stir on social media when he engaged in a bitter feud with fellow musician Coti Sorokin, hurling insults and accusations back and forth in a very public and unseemly manner.

But for all his bad behavior, there's no denying that Calamaro is a musical genius whose body of work speaks for itself. Songs like Flaca and Sin Documentos are beloved by fans all over the world, and his contributions to Latin pop music cannot be overstated. Even when he's causing trouble, Calamaro is a force to be reckoned with, a larger-than-life figure who refuses to be tamed or constrained by anyone or anything.

One of the most fascinating things about Calamaro is that he seems to thrive on controversy and drama, using it as fuel to further his creative fire. Whether it's getting kicked out of a concert for smoking on stage or picking fights with other musicians on Twitter, there's always a sense that Calamaro is pushing boundaries and testing limits - not just for the sake of being a troublemaker, but because he truly believes in the power of music to challenge and provoke.

In the end, Andrés Calamaro is a complicated and multi-faceted figure, one who will always be remembered as much for his wild hi-jinks as for his incredible musical talent. While some may view his behavior as immature or irresponsible, others see it as a testament to his individuality and refusal to conform to the expectations of others. Either way, there's no doubt that Calamaro has left an indelible mark on Latin pop music, and his legacy as one of the most unique and unconventional figures in the industry is secure.
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1 - Estadio Azteca
2 - Flaca
3 - Te Quiero Igual
4 - Loco
5 - La Parte De Adelante
6 - Media Verónica
7 - Mil Horas
8 - Cuando Te Conocí
9 - Crímenes Perfectos
10 - Algo Contigo
11 - Paloma
12 - Alta Suciedad
13 - Crimenes Perfectos
14 - El Salmón
15 - Tuyo Siempre
16 - Clonazepán Y Circo
17 - Pasemos A Otro Tema
18 - Maradona
19 - Cartas Sin Marcar
20 - Todo Lo Demás
21 - Donde Manda Marinero
22 - Me Arde
23 - Elvis Está Vivo
24 - Soy Tuyo
25 - Los Chicos
26 - Carnaval De Brasil
27 - Mi Gin Tonic
28 - Los Aviones
29 - No Se Puede Vivir Del Amor
30 - Por Una Cabeza
31 - Más Duele
32 - La Libertad
33 - Por Mirarte
34 - El Cantante
35 - El Tercio De Los Sueños
36 - Para No Olvidar
37 - Volver
38 - Comida China
39 - Las Oportunidades
40 - Cada Una De Tus Cosas
41 - Cuando No Estás
42 - Mi Enfermedad
43 - Nos Volveremos A Ver
44 - Jugar Con Fuego
45 - Corazon En Venta
46 - Ok Perdón
47 - La Espuma De Las Orillas
48 - Nostalgias


2023-06-10 h: 20:30
Noches del Botánico
Madrid, Spain
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